Breathtaking Tent Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

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A wedding tent evokes a timeless and ultra-glam feel all year round. From the romantic and soothing lighting to the florals and installations, you get to enjoy the whimsical joys of outdoor wedding celebrations.


Now, if you think that tents are basic and drab, you couldn’t be more wrong. An outdoor wedding tent comes in a variation of sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your needs. They are functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing for your outdoor affair. And regardless of your wedding theme or season, we are here to help you pull off a stylish wedding in a tent. So for the ultimate décor inspo, go through this collection of tent wedding ideas.

People Often Ask

How do you decorate a tent for a wedding?

Hanging flowers and greenery, ribbons and tulle, balloons and paper lanterns – all this is useful in decorating a wedding tent.


Classic Wedding Tent Designs

Timeless elegance is what is provided by classical tenting styles such as pole tent and frame tent. This atmosphere is ideal to hold classical weddings. The rigidity of the classic tents allows for a great decoration ground since they are all-purpose in nature. Their everlasting charm and versatility render them perfect for couples in search of a classic setting for their wedding celebrations.


Luxurious Wedding Tents That WOW

A wedding outdoor tent screams luxury when the décor is meticulous and paired to perfection with gold touches. Dig in with gold chandeliers, lanterns, and strings lights to offer enclosure and intimacy. Go the whole nine yards with dramatic ceiling installations, draperies, and candles to transform your space into a unique setting. Set the entryway of your tent for the wedding with a water fountain and steel arch to create that luxurious feel. Lights can also hang over the arch or porch for amazing effects. If you want to add some glam to your wedding, employ chair sashes, gold place cards, napkins, and flatware. Throw in some blue, ivory, and grey centerpieces, candles, holders, and hanging installations.


Elegant Wedding Reception Under Big Tent

To bring a big wedding tent to life, maximize space with a vibrant yet natural color palette. Make your reception venue whimsical by hanging an assortment of floral garland overhead. To impress some vibrant mood and dimension, incorporate fabrics and twinkle lights all over the tent. Tea lights, candles, Edison bulbs, twinkles, and varying lengths of candles can change the game. Now, add some color and fun by draping many traditional ribbons around the beams. Then you can create an ethereal focal point with a wall of flowers in this “wall-less” venue. This floral wall can also serve as a backdrop for swoon-worthy photos. For a large wedding tent, throw in some tonal paper lanterns, garland-rimmed chandeliers, and tall trees to dazzle your guests.


Unforgettable Bohemian Wedding Celebrations Under Tents

The bohemian couple wants whimsical and nature-inspired accents in their outdoor wedding tent. So, hang a floral installation or a floral arch across your reception and head table. You can incorporate blooms, succulents, feathers, and greenery for the perfect mix to draw the eye up. Consider chandeliers, drapes, and above all, a clear tent wedding reception. The wild spirit associated with clear tents will suit a wanderlust spirit as the open sides will blend whit the décor. Stun everyone with draped pillars of flowers, desert-hued rugs, brass accents, feathers, vines, and foliage at the entrance. Opt for high centerpieces with textured balloon lights to create a cozy ambiance. Keep everything else simple in an array of colors that suit your palette.

Lovely Rustic Receptions Under Wedding Tent

For an unforgettable rustic touch, replicate the outdoors in your wedding tent with birch and lanterns. Use the trees as beams for support while leaving the paper lanterns hanging. Upgrade your crystal chandeliers into a jaw-dropping beauty by wrapping them in trailing leaves in bed with floral halos. Take care of the floor by creating a tiled color-blocked surface. For a befitting entrance, consider a burlap or macramé entryway flanked by pots of cacti on both sides. Merge floating greenery and bare light bulbs to create a natural rustic aesthetic. Throw in some candle shelves and hanging shelf flowers to nail the look.


Beautiful Tent Ideas For Modern Wedding

Whether you hold your wedding in the backyard or a park, opt for a clear or glass tent wedding. These tents are ideal because they maximize the connection to the landscape, essential for outdoor weddings. Asides from their aesthetic appeal, they also protect guests from the elements and bring décor into focus. Bring in some magnolia trees and spread them throughout the tent. Extend this to the entryway by waving in vines, ivy, greenery, and magnolia leaves as hanging wreaths. Create curtains around the walls with a pastel or neutral tone and match, with deep colored chairs and table settings. Add twinkles and sparkling lights that complement the low centerpieces and clear flutes. Overall, you have a soft ambiance.

Fresh Playful Ideas For Tent Wedding

Create a playful and lighthearted atmosphere with your tent design for weddings, especially for casual weddings. Free up table space by opting for an elevated floral design and eliminating the centerpieces. Switch single seating chairs for oversized ottomans and couches to create a cozy feel. Throw in coffee tables and accent pendants, and chandeliers to complete the home décor look. Line the entryway with heavy drapes in colorful tones and create a customized dance floor with the couples’ monogrammed initials. Add a rustic touch by placing wooden swings at a corner or the center of the floor as décor. Bring in twinkling and string lights, candles, votives, and hanging florals for a relaxed ambiance.


White Wedding Decor Ideas Under Tents

Drape garlands of clematis, astilbe flowers, moss, and white delphinium on a bistro chair for a resulting romantic look. Dress the tables with white linens, runners, and bud vases. Add up some delicate arrangement of a white pillar and taper candles. To create an intimate atmosphere, drape white fabric overhead and light the tent with string lights. Line the tables with mismatched ceramic urns and bowls filled with ferns and Lysimachus. For table settings, use ivory velvet napkins topped with white chargers and flatware to add luxurious texture to an all-white space.

Tent Decor Ideas For Romantic Wedding

Create a romantic ambiance with ivy-covered chandeliers while lining the tables with garlands of ranunculus blooms. Make the look cohesive by considering candlesticks and ceramic china at each place setting. Wrap the tent beams or bones with fern garlands from top to bottom, and drop a Moroccan or Turkish rug on the dance floor. Hang up vines and wrap greens around candelabras lightened by votives, especially for sunset weddings. Opt for a simple tablescape and a mismatch of hanging gold and pewter lanterns. Mark the tables of your tent with hanging orb candles and overhead woven lamps.


Wedding Tent Decorated With Natural Greenery

Start at the entrance with a sailcloth tent filled with fresh greenery and lush florals to set a natural tone. Install bunched-up greenery at the uppermost parts of your tenet and let them rain down while drawing then eyes up. Create a dramatic spectacle by incorporating tall earthy pampas grass centerpieces. Match these centerpieces with floating Edison bulbs and gauzy pink drapes. Create a relaxed atmosphere by adding some neutral rattan light fixtures and an illuminated tree centerpiece. Finish this look with a row of suspended candles above tables to give a whimsical touch.

Lighting Ideas For Wedding Under Tent

While lights are functional for illumination, they are also decorative and ornamental. If you are feeling festive, herald the holidays with draped ceiling white fabrics with embedded backlighting. Consider soft and cozy lighting with mini café lights for the sides and top of the tent. To give a dreamy elegance, wear your string-lighted beams and center poles with sleeves of sheer fabrics. Chandeliers can also be used on center poles when paired with supplemental perimeter globe lighting. Arrange par lights to highlight the bar area, buffet, and dance floor in different colors. But if you want a vintage, elegant look for the outdoor tents, Edison bulb lighting is perfect.

Blush Elegant Wedding Reception Under Tent

For everything romantic and elegant, your picture palette must contain shades of blush. Build a flower wall with blush and pink roses, ranunculus, dahlia, carnation, peonies, and hydrangeas. Drape the tent with blush tulle, silk, or chiffon from the ceiling to the ground. Create a cozy ambiance with tall blush bloom centerpieces, pink and blush candles in transparent orbs. Or install floating pink bulbs of blush chandelier in gold casings. You can also choose blush stationery for your place cards and the menu with silverware and blush napkins. Mix and match between pink and blush table runners and linens, then finish with ivory and blush lounge chairs.

White Tent Ideas With Greenery

Build details at the entrance of your tent with potted greenery for a nature-inspired look. Or you can take it to the next level by lining the entryway with greenery garlands or wooden planters. To add a vibrant touch, bunch up greens plus dried flowers and decorate the cocktail bar with them. Fill the ceilings with dense greens to give a jungle feel. Plus it helps create an illusion of enlarged tents and adds depth to the venue. Line and cover the walls with ivy and roses while fastening green to linen napkins. Pair these arrangements whit green napkin rings, crystal glassware, Lucite candle holders, greenery table runner, and traditional silverware.

Garden Wedding Tent Ideas

Add color and beauty to your natural surroundings through tented gardens. Design your tent with luscious green vegetation and bright flowers that bring the outdoors in harmony with the indoors. For panoramic views open the walls or make them transparent. Garden tents add enchantment to your outdoor occasion making it a dream come true for your wedding days.

Unique Wedding Tent Ideas

Engage your guests with custom tent designs for an unforgettable wedding. Try to innovate using off-beat materials such as draped fabrics, bamboo, or recycled components to construct outstanding structures. Create an art installation with your tent displaying your character and love story. Such design concepts of tents for weddings can turn your wedding into a memorable and unique event.

Clear Tent Wedding

Adding magic to your wedding celebration could be achieved by choosing a clear tent. These tents are open sided, letting in natural light during the day and offering stunning views of the night sky. Make sure you make your guests comfortable with your environment by having climatic control features and avoiding over-bearing decor, letting your environment speak for itself. These tents offer one of-a-kind, romantic ambience which would add an exceptional charm to any wedding.

Wedding Tent Rental

Renting a wedding tent requires thorough planning. Take into account the elements such as the dimensions of the tent, the site, the weather that is expected. Use reliable rental firms offering the setup and the breakdown services. Speak with rental specialists about your budget and specific needs, and they will help you find the dream tent for your unforgettable wedding.

Set up a wedding tent that is protective, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing to your guests. Opt for décor that best describes your theme and maximizes the outdoor beauty. We’ve given you tons of inspo whit our collection of décor ideas for a tent wedding. They are budget-friendly and easy t DIY regardless of your wedding theme or season.