15 Disney Wedding Songs For A Magical Wedding

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Disney movies and animated films are some of the most popular vehicles of love and romance all over the world. These classics were made even more popular by their magnificent choice of soundtracks for every single film. Whether at the cinema watching one of their movies, or having fun at a Disney theme park, the music helps to bring the characters to life. Turn your wedding into a fairytale with a choice of Disney wedding songs.


While sometimes the original song would fit with your moment in time, some couples choose the instrumental versions of these songs, and they are just as good. Check out our collection below for the Disney tune that was made just for you.

15 The Best Disney Wedding Songs

  1. A Whole New World – Aladdin
    One of the most popular Disney love songs, A Whole New World is a beautiful number from the Aladdin soundtrack. A song loved by so many, dancing to this would be a perfect way to start your journey together as a couple. Because what you have created together is a truly whole new world.
    Ideal for: The couple’s first dance.
  2. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You – Lilo and Stitch
    This classic, originally by the king himself, Elvis Presley, is from the soundtrack of the much loved Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch. With its fun and upbeat tune, it’s a beautiful melody to dance to. It also brings along some romance into the room.
    Ideal for: Wedding reception.
  3. Married Life – Up
    Up had a story within it of long-lasting love, and those are the type of impressions that this chirpy instrumental brings with it. It doesn’t need any words, the tune itself is enough to communicate its message of love, romance, and the beauty of marriage.
    Ideal for: Background or entrance music for the ceremony.
  4. You’ll Be in My Heart – Tarzan
    As far as Disney love songs for weddings go, a music playlist would surely be incomplete without this great number by Phil Collins. As the soundtrack to Tarzan, “You’ll Be in My Heart” is a classic and a family favorite. A perfect tune that represents the loving and protective nature of strong relationships.
    Ideal for: Any time during the wedding reception or ceremony.
  5. Crazier – The Hannah Montana Movie
    If you’re searching for processional songs for your Disney wedding playlist, here is one you should consider. From the 2009 Hannah Montana movie, “Crazy”, Taylor Swift describes how crazy for each other a couple can be. What else could you have for each other at this point, but uncontrollable love?
    Ideal for: The bridal walk down the aisle or couple’s first dance.
  6. True Love’s Kiss – Enchanted
    A perfect tune for that moment you are pronounced husband and wife, this song from the movie, Enchanted, will have everyone standing on their feet and cheering. That moment of your first marital kiss will become a special moment not just for you both, but for everyone else that got to witness it.
    Ideal for: You may kiss the bride.
  7. Friend Like Me – Aladdin
    A fun and true Disney-style tune, “Friend like me” from Aladdin will be a lovely choice for your groomsmen and bridesmaid’s dances. An interesting choice, this song is filled with attitude and it would be nice to see the steps on the dance floor that go with it.
    Ideal for: Bridesmaid and groomsmen dances.
  8. Love is an Open Door – Frozen
    Another fan favorite, this track from Frozen is an upbeat tune, great for the after-party or the wedding reception dancefloor. Even though the Prince did not get Princess Anna in the end, it is still a great track, and you will always have your Prince beside you.
    Ideal for: The after-party or the wedding reception.
  9. Bella Notte – Lady and the Tramp
    If you have spaghetti or any type of noodle on the menu for this wedding, then recreating this scene and capturing it on film would be a must. The love between the Tramp and the lady as described in this song is one to emulate in real life.
    Ideal for: Background music at a wedding brunch or breakfast.
  10. Tale as Old as Time – Beauty and The Beast
    When creating a playlist of Disney songs for wedding, don’t forget this from Beauty and The Beast for your first dance. A tune that can bring your guests to tears, “Tale as Old as Time” is one track you would enjoy dancing to. And everyone else would be happy to watch. This iconic movie has a depth of romance that this song will transport into any wedding ceremony or reception music.
    Ideal for: Wedding ceremony or first dance.
  11. Never Knew I Needed – The Princess and the Frog
    If you are searching for Disney wedding songs for ceremonies, this song by Neyo would be great for a groom’s entrance. It would also be a good song for your first dance at the wedding reception. It is a beautiful song that describes someone not knowing they needed their partner until they had them.
    Ideal for: Groom entrance, first dance.
  12. Can You Feel the Love Tonight – The Lion King
    This is one Disney tune that should not be left out of a Disney wedding songs list. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John is a song that literally fills a room with love? All the types of feels you want at a wedding can be created by this one classic track. It is perfect for a wedding and one you would enjoy dancing the night away to.
    Ideal for: First dance or last song of the night.
  13. I See the Light – Tangled
    If you are having a Rapunzel or Tangle-themed wedding, then this will be the Disney tune to start the day with. A cute song that can bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Speaking about the love between two people. It has male and female verses, which make it perfect for describing the feelings of the couple and how their lives have been changed by their love.
    Ideal for: Before the ceremony, either when waiting for the bride, or walking down the aisle.
  14. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid
    This fun tune from The Little Mermaid can be great for your first kiss after being pronounced a couple. It is also a good idea for a first dance because of its uppity beat and romantic lyrics. Either way, this is one day you deserve to feel like Ariel in the arms of the handsome Prince Eric.
    Ideal for: First dance or first kiss.
  15. Can I Have This Dance – High School Musical 3
    Disney wedding songs can’t only be found in animated movies. This particular tune from High School Musical 3 is perfect for a first dance. Lined up as the very first song, it describes a man asking to have a dance with the love of his life. Who wouldn’t want this in their Disney wedding song playlist?
    Ideal for: First dance.

Disney movies are incomplete without suitable music. The magic introduced by most of these tunes is what keeps Disney characters and their stories in our hearts forever. It would be a genius idea to introduce this same magic to your wedding with Disney wedding songs. This is why we have carefully selected these great, timeless tunes which you can use at every point in your wedding.