28 Charming Winter Wedding Decorations

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A winter wedding can be a most magical affair. Especially if you play into the theme, weaving it into the décor and design for your big day. Add romantic and dreamy touches to your wedding reception and wedding ceremony décor. Create the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams easily. From winter wedding centerpieces to other winter wedding table décor, there are so many ways of taking advantage of this seasonal theme.


On such a wintry and frosty day, you could choose to make your day a cozy one with lit fires, winter wedding centerpieces with branches, elegant chandeliers, and candles to add to the cozy glow, and pine cones. Get the best memories and wedding photos with great winter-themed wedding centerpieces and décor that your guests will fall in love with. Here are some of our favorite winter wedding centerpiece ideas to inspire you more.

White & Red – Christmas Wedding Decoration

Choosing the right colors can no doubt help you get it right with your winter wedding theme, especially if you’d like to tie in Christmas as well. So, for Christmas wedding decoration, consider sticking with colors of white and red for that festive feel.

Try using luxurious red velvet fabric for your table runner. This would look great against a wooden table. Add white tableware to the mix and you have the perfect white and red table setting for a most beautiful Christmas wedding. Include winter wedding centerpieces of pomegranates and figs set against antique candlesticks and colored candles, and you would have created the perfect Christmas vibe for your tables.


Rustic Winter Decorations With Wood

Mixing and matching is a great way of creating a unique environment with textures that your guests can enjoy. Play with colors, décor elements of vintage and contemporary, classic and rustic, can help you achieve your aim of creating that dreamy wedding. Wood mixes and matches well with most other elements. So, consider using rustic wooden tables, paired with modern acrylic ghost chairs for that magical feel. Add fresh greenery instead of the usual winter wedding flower centerpieces, with subtle hints of blooms for bursts of color. Balance traditional elements with contemporary designs, with simplicity at the back of your mind, and you are sure to achieve your goal for the most wintry and dreamy wedding.


Decorations For A Fairytale Wedding Ceremony

Create a magical winter wonderland for your wedding ceremony with indoor or outdoor charm; adorn tables with dwarf trees, whether real or adorned columns, evoking a garden setting, and enhance the fairy tale ambiance with twinkling string or candles lights, ensuring an enchanting and unforgettable evening straight out of a Disney movie.


Best Ideas for Reception Wedding Decor

Transform your reception into a winter wonderland with elegant touches of silver and blue accents, twinkling fairy lights, and cozy faux fur details, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere for your celebration.

Winter Decoratios For Reception Hall

Dried flowers are some of the best and most popular elements to add to your winter wedding décor for that frosty feel. They can be used in almost every aspect of your wedding decoration. From the hanging installations to the wedding ceremony arch or altar, to the floral arrangements for the winter wedding centerpieces and more. If you are not a fan of dried flowers, you can alternate with dried berries that can be added to floral table runners and other aspects of winter wedding decoration.

Cozy Table Setting For Winter Wedding

Find ways of adding chic accents to your winter wedding centerpieces with winter elements such as pinecones. Though this might look minute and insignificant, there are many ways to incorporate cute pinecones into your wedding décor that would give a boost to the winter wonderland you are trying to create. Add them to your seating display by attaching each escort card for your wedding to a cute, wintry pinecone for a chic accent. This would work for a classic or even rustic wedding effortlessly.

You can have snow-covered and glistening pinecones added to a table runner of full seasonal blooms. Another option is to incorporate these snowy pinecones in a lush garland runner over a vintage wooden table. Though small, these little accents can make an impact on your big day.


Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Add a rustic vibe to your winter wedding table centerpieces with twigs and branches added to your flower arrangements. You can also choose to incorporate entire trees, or little bonsai-like creations into your centerpieces. A way to bring in nature without having to be in the outdoors. Add pine cones, lush green wreaths, and artificial snow, and you will have the perfect winter table setting for your big day.

To add a sparkle to the décor, you can add hanging crystals, tinsel, and other winter-related adornments to the branches and twigs of your all-natural winter centerpieces for weddings. Your guests are sure to enjoy this chic and festive vibe from your winter wedding landscape creation.

Winter Place Setting Decor

Craft a winter wonderland at your table with a captivating centerpiece. Glistening frosted branches emerge from a bed of soft snow, crowned with delicate silver and crystal accents, casting a subtle glow under the warm twinkle of candlelight, bringing a touch of enchantment to your winter table setting.


Wonderful Table Winter Decorations

Décor trends for winter weddings in 2022 would most likely be all about seasonal elements from seasonal blooms like evergreen, roses, silver brunia, and mums, to pinecones and dried floral arrangements, and even berries. Place these assortments of flowers, berries, greenery, and hints of pinecones in gold-plated vases atop satin linens for the most beautiful effect at your winter wedding. Sometimes the best centerpieces come from the most natural wedding elements.

Combine all of this beauty with an assortment of simple floating candles to create the most romantic vibe almost effortlessly. Get that dreamy feel without going overboard with your winter centerpiece for a wedding.

Use these winter wedding centerpiece ideas to inspire you to create your winter wonderland during this chilly season. The most magical time for a wedding, you can bring the magic to your guests with these wintry wedding details, holiday music, and creative floral arrangements. Enjoy the most special day of your life with the merriest winter décor ideas that your guests are sure to love.