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7 Trending Wedding Themes For 2018


Is 2018 is the year you’re planning the happiest day in your life? That is something! A bride-to-be is a role that every woman dreams about. Those glorious moments will stay with you for good, reminding how lucky and happy you’ve been on that big day. Let’s decide on which wedding themes will suit you the most and be in line with your detailed wedding checklist. We have several wedding themes ideas on how to fill up your big day with joyful colors and love.

First, check our wedding themes guide infographic:

1. Vintage Wedding Themes

Eventually, every bride-to-be has asked herself a question – how to get married. But a task of looking incredible is vital! Vintage is one of the most used wedding themes. Here is your chance to improvise, to create, to play with colors and decor. Whenever your wedding is, the vintage wedding is always chic.

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Vintage Winter Wedding

Don’t think that range of winter wedding themes stop on green and red. How about a splendid mix of rich black, bright bronze and romantic forest green?
Another option of elegant wedding themes is gold and light blue. Beautify it with the bright decorations and just think how gorgeous you’ll look at them.

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Spring Wedding In Vintage Style

Closer to the Nature

Spring is lush and fabulous, so are you! If you’re choosing the best wedding themes for spring ceremony, think perhaps about greenery and neutral shadows. It will make up a really fresh and warm atmosphere.

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Mauve and lilac

If you feel like a splash of colors, brightness, and romance, we offer you a combination of lilac, mauve, and butter yellow. If you doubt it will be OK with your bridesmaids, don’t be uncertain, these colors are perfect both for ms or mrs. Like other examples of themes, this unusual combo will give you a perfect harmony and softness. Try using some floral prints and decor to add natural style.

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Summer Vintage Wedding

Here are the best solutions of wedding themes for summer. And we believe that they will help you to make your wedding even hotter and brighter than the summer itself. If your wedding timelines day of the event is ready, then come on, let’s have a look at the following popular wedding themes.

Rustic charm

Well, that’s the charming wedding theme which is a great idea for a future family. Warm and cozy colors, a great range of decor, floral elements, and ornaments. This style is perfect for a garden wedding in a beautiful weather. Use candles when it gets dark, add some pearls to your look and you’ll see, that’s going to be unforgettable.

Source: purpletreephotography via Instagram

Fresh and Young

This is probably a perfect wedding theme for a backyard wedding. Try salmon pink with mint and seafoam green. Sounds really refreshing! Be ready to mix up these pastel colors with some glaring crafts, napkins, flowers. This style is for tender ladies, but definitely not for fade ones! Diversify your wedding planner checklist with some unexpected humor and fun!

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Wedding on a beach

Having a ceremony on a beach, near sea or ocean is one of the unique wedding themes. For this occasion, the perfect wedding theme is light and relaxing one. Mix tones of emerald, aqua or cinnamon to be in a perfect harmony with nature around you.

Source: skaggs photography

Dusty rose

This classic combination of dusty rose with different shadows of green is among the most elegant and romantic wedding styles. With vintage decorations like lantern, chandelier, or maybe an old violin decorated with flowers, you may fall into the warm harbor of elegance and romance.

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Fall Vintage-Inspired Wedding

Autumn is undoubtedly the most colorful and rich season. There is always something special and vibrating in an autumn wedding, so here is the list of various fall wedding themes. Off we go!

Rich Copper

This unusual imitation of gold, copper and its shadows offer many variations and space for fantasy. For instance, let’s mingle copper, aqua, and rust. Not to be too muddy, so to speak, use some inclusions like aqua or mint.

Source: troymeiklephoto via Instagram


Use this fabulous color as a foundation for different palettes. The wedding theme in burgundy and navy colors will look absolutely luxury and sophisticated. Use white or gold decorations, try some patterns to dazzle your sweetheart.

Another beloved wedding style is a blend of orange and cream. Amazing solution for small and cozy wedding and it will look perfect with scarlet.

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2. Boho Chic

This bohemian wedding is like a chapter of an enchanted love story. This theme embraces free spirit, as well as true natural beauty and harmony. Even after name change, you will remain a sorceress of your husband’s life. Boho Chic makes it easy to combine different ideas, to improvise with colors, decorations etc. Bohemian wedding style typically goes with “flowy” fabrics, natural and pastel colors. Brides usually choose rustic color cast, shadows of indigo (lilac, lavender,red violet, pearl purple), warm tints like mustard, orange, going alone with aqua, mint and emerald. Speaking about hairstyle, flowers, braids and waves are the most popular choice in any type of wedding themes. Decorate your wedding with dream catchers, boho rugs, lights and wildflowers.

Boho Chic wedding style is a first choice for a creative and open-minded couple.

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3. Classic Wedding Themes

Classic is timeless. This wedding style is an essence of elegance, tradition and aristocracy. But it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. While choosing a color palette, be ready to say no to neon and vibrant colors. Start with pastel, like ivory, beige, gray, black or white. Then, if you feel like a bit of drama, add some red to patterns or surroundings. The most popular colors in a classic wedding are quite reserved palettes. Those are, as we noticed, white and ivory, shades of black, red and dark green.

We also give you some advice for a perfect classical look suggested by leading designers and stylists. Depending on the place, think of the dress code in terms of formality. Try not to be too strict with your style and gown.Use pearls, sashes, laces, maybe gloves.

Be careful with the style of decor. Ask yourself if it’s going to be trendy and beautiful in 15 or 20 years. Some classical parts of decor as good quality china, table linens, vows will suit perfectly to a classic wedding style.

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4. Trendy Colors 2018

Well, if you want to follow the latest trends and innovations, here is a list of what wedding themes are going to be in sight.

The first color trend to consider is a combination of lilac and lavender. This tender and feminine palette offer many options for decor, stationery, invites, etc. So, you’ll definitely find the right one for you.

Next goes a classical wedding style of black, white and gold. Nothing is more memorable and lasting as a classic. Play with small decoration and accessories to vary with colors and shapes. Small white flower in your hairstyle might make your look lush and vivid.

The third place is after the wedding style in champagne and wine colors. Yes, it also looks quite sophisticated and classical, but there are more opportunities to improvise. Think about stylish patterns for a tablecloth and invites, and your guests will remember this wedding forever.

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