31 Best Wedding Themes For 2024 + Pro Tips

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What’s a wedding theme? It’s an idea or concept that flows throughout the events and ceremonies. This can be as simple as your favorite color or a song. Or as specific as the styles of your favorite decade or movie.


Read through some great ideas of wedding party themes and how to decide if they’re perfect for you, or, for quick navigation, you can use our list of wedding theme ideas below.

Newest Themes for 2024

Modern Minimalism

Emphasizing clean lines, simplicity, and a contemporary aesthetic, this theme, organically articulated by Emma Jordan, focuses on neutral color schemes, sleek decor, geometric shapes, and minimalist floral arrangements.

  • Theme keystones: Clean aesthetics, minimalist décor, refined simplicity.
  • Best locations: Art galleries, urban lofts, modern architectural spaces.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, elegant stationery, chic tableware.
  • Essential items: Simple florals, geometric accents, sleek furniture, monochrome palette.


Vintage Glamour

Inspired by the past, this theme showcases antique details, vintage-inspired dresses, lace, pearls, and glamorous touches like chandeliers, candelabras, and vintage furniture, according to Emma Jordan.

  • Theme keystones: Antique decor, crystal chandeliers, retro attire, vintage-inspired florals.
  • Best locations: Historic estates, ballrooms, art deco venues.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, vintage rentals, luxurious attire, floral arrangements.
  • Essential items: Vintage china, ornate mirrors, velvet accents, pearls, candlesticks.


Industrial Chic

Per Emma Jordan, this theme merges urban and industrial elements with elegance, incorporating exposed brick walls, metal accents, Edison bulb lighting, and a blend of modern and vintage decor.

  • Theme keystones: Exposed brick, metal accents, minimalist décor, industrial lighting.
  • Best locations: Warehouse venues, loft spaces, urban galleries.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, industrial-style furniture, unique lighting fixtures.
  • Essential items: Edison bulbs, metallic tableware, concrete planters, geometric centerpieces.


Extravagant Wedding Theme

The overwhelming wedding theme has gained popularity in 2024 due to its ability to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for couples and their guests. In a time where people are seeking extraordinary and unique celebrations, the overwhelming theme offers an opportunity to go beyond traditional wedding norms and create a truly extravagant and awe-inspiring event.

  • Theme keystones: Grandiose settings, ornate decorations, high-end entertainment.
  • Best locations: Luxury hotels, historic mansions, upscale ballrooms.
  • Important expenses: Designer attire, extravagant florals, gourmet catering.
  • Essential items: Crystal chandeliers, plush linens, gourmet desserts, live entertainment.

Old Money Wedding Theme

Step into a bygone era with the ‘Old Money’ wedding theme. Vintage wheels, chic allure, and a French garden vibe weave a timeless tale.

  • Theme keystones: Vintage glamor, luxurious details, refined ambiance.
  • Best locations: Historic estates, grand ballrooms, upscale country clubs.
  • Important expenses: Fine dining, lavish floral arrangements, venue rental.
  • Essential items: Antique silverware, ornate chandeliers, bespoke invitations.


Digital Luminaire Theme

This theme combines the use of captivating lighting effects and large digital screens to create a visually stunning and immersive wedding ambiance.

  • Theme keystones: LED installations, futuristic decor, interactive projections.
  • Best locations: Contemporary venues, art galleries, industrial spaces with tech amenities.
  • Important expenses: Lighting design, venue rental, tech equipment rental.
  • Essential items: LED screens, projectors, programmable light fixtures, digital art.

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Beach Wedding

The beach is a fantastic wedding theme because it merges (as mentioned above) a destination and a season. Put out any vintage wedding decoration ideas that you can imagine, mix any colors you like, and – just like the sunflowers – the sun and sand will tie it all together.

  • Theme keystones: Casual elegance, nautical touches.
  • Best locations: Coastlines, beachfront resorts.
  • Important expenses: Venue, photography, weather backup plan.
  • Essential items: Sunscreen, beach-friendly attire, seashell decorations.

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Nautical Wedding Theme

The nautical wedding theme has been around for a very long time, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The sea has always been a romantic concept offering adventure and new discoveries. These are great sentiments for a wedding.

  • Theme keystones: Anchors, navy stripes, sailor knots.
  • Best locations: Beachfront venues, yacht clubs.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, seafood catering.
  • Essential items: Nautical invitations, seashell decor, sailor-inspired attire.


Desert Chic Wedding Theme

Desert chic wedding themes take the symbolism of harshness, brutal honesty, and resilience and juxtapose it with the common emotions associated with marriage. This is unique, unexpected, beautiful, and poetic.

Meet the expert
Expertise: Owner + lead wedding officiant
I'm a Las Vegas marriage officiant who excessively uses ellipses...craves Thai iced tea, brakes for desert tortoise, and has no problems 'taking the reins'! With a love language of Acts of Service, I'm an eternal Bridesmaid for my couples.

Nothing is more peaceful than having a desert wedding at sunset, all while being centered within nature! Vast and barren landscapes are a treat that many guests have never experienced! The desert supports a variety of aesthetics very well, such as a boho theme, a contrast of black-tie glam, or even a sleek minimalist vibe. Choose your shoes wisely! Hiking boots, ballet flats, or sneakers are the best choices – hidden under your dress, of course! Also, prepare guests by giving them a weather report and expected terrain conditions with your invite. Don’t forget to grab the sunset! Be flexible with your date, but firm with the time slot, when planning your vendor team. Hire group transportation so that no one becomes separate or lost. We love having fun on a party bus!

  • Theme keystones: Warm hues, cacti accents.
  • Best locations: Arid landscapes, desert resorts.
  • Important expenses: Venue, décor, photographer.
  • Essential items: Succulents, macrame, terracotta details.

Alternative Wedding Theme

Embrace individuality with an eclectic, offbeat celebration, showcasing the couple’s distinct personality and style. From unconventional décor to unique venue choices, this theme encourages creativity and self-expression, making it perfect for couples who want to break away from tradition and make a statement on their big day.

  • Theme keystones: Non-traditional décor, unconventional venue, creative elements.
  • Best locations: Art galleries, urban rooftops, secluded forests.
  • Important expenses: Customized decorations, venue permits, unique entertainment.
  • Essential items: Offbeat centerpieces, themed attire, personalized favors.


Secret Garden-Themed Wedding

Imagine stepping into clearing the first few weeks of spring. Out of nowhere, you see table settings, canopies, parasols, and lush plant life arranged just for you. If you have a garden to host all of this, good. If you can secure a private location in the city even better! The juxtaposition of nature against brickwork and cobblestone always makes for a gorgeous photoshoot.

  • Theme keystones: Fairy lights, floral arches, natural elements.
  • Best locations: Botanical gardens, vineyards, private estates.
  • Important expenses: Floral arrangements, venue rental, lighting.
  • Essential items: Garden-inspired invitations, fairy tale ambiance, foliage decor.

Rustic Wedding Theme

Maybe fantasy isn’t quite your thing, but you’re still not into the traditional wedding concept. If that sounds about right, a modern rustic wedding theme may be just what you’re looking for! Free-spirited brides and grooms enjoy the best facets of traditional style but pull it off in carefree hippy fashion.

A rustic theme –  is one of our favorite wedding themes for fall. Planning is a piece of cake with this wedding theme. Rustic wedding theme evokes charm with natural elements and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Theme keystones: Nature-inspired décor.
  • Best locations: Barns, vineyards, or woodland settings.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, floral arrangements, and rustic decor.
  • Essential items: Wooden signs, lanterns, vintage furniture, and wildflower bouquets.


The earth, humans, and animals are at risk, and wedding activities may pose a danger. To avert it, couples now choose eco-friendly ideas for weddings as you’ll see below.

The sustainable style is becoming popular among environmentally conscious people. They opt for digital invites to eliminate the use of paper and in turn, the felling of trees. To decrease waste to the earth, couples consider recycled or reused decor. And they will go vegan to preserve animals, especially the endangered species depopulated by hunters.

  • Theme keystones: Recycled materials, organic florals, energy-efficient lighting.
  • Best locations: Outdoor gardens, LEED-certified venues, eco-friendly resorts.
  • Important expenses: Sustainable catering, carbon offsetting, ethical fashion.
  • Essential items: Biodegradable tableware, locally sourced favors, reusable décor.

Country Wedding Theme

You don’t necessarily need a movie or a period to define your pretty wedding themes when you have a great venue! A wedding in a barn screams good times and family values. If you have any doubts during your wedding planning schedules rest assured, that today’s wedding planners and vendors know how to perfectly balance the wholesomeness of country living with the exquisiteness of a royal wedding. You can have the best of both worlds.

  • Theme keystones: Rustic decor, casual attire, barn venue.
  • Best locations: Picturesque barns, charming farms, or scenic outdoor venues.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, catering for a farm-to-table experience, and rustic decor.
  • Essential items: Wooden signage, mason jar centerpieces, and burlap table runners.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

Flower tiaras, long flowing gowns, and barefoot processions are hallmarks of this style, and we love it! Just make sure to supply your guests with hand fans to keep that summer heat at bay. Handmade macrame is a keystone of the Boho style, and for good reason. Adorn your entire wedding with heavy-textured backdrops, table runners, and hanging potted plants to create a unified look for your big day.

  • Keystones: Nature-inspired, relaxed, eclectic, colorful, artistic, unconventional, carefree, romantic, vintage.
  • Best locations: Outdoor settings like gardens or barns exude bohemian charm.
  • Important expenses: Floral arrangements and vintage accents are key budget items.
  • Essential items: Dreamcatchers, macramé, and wildflower bouquets complete the boho look.

Art-Deco Wedding

The name – translated from French – comes from the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, and if you’re into elaborate designs this wedding theme is definitely for you. This art form took control of the late 20s and early 30s and maybe your wedding day come true.

There are still plenty of decorations, furniture, and designs left over from this era, and plenty more artists breathing new life into the style every day. So there’s no shortage of inspiration and availability for your big day.

  • Keystones: Geometric designs, metallic hues, opulent details, vintage glamour.
  • Best locations: Historic ballrooms, urban lofts, art deco buildings.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, vintage-inspired attire, lavish décor elements.
  • Essential items: Gilded table settings, geometric invitations, feathered centerpieces.

Wedding Festival

We don’t know about you, but we think this is simply one of the best wedding reception styles out there. Proper wedding attire is called for in this lovely outdoor setting. But, instead of oxfords and high heels, rubber boots are in order. No need to worry, today’s rubber boots come in tons of cute colors and prints. The best thing of all? The Bride MUST sport an oversized floral crown which you’ll love putting together during one of your DIY sessions.

  • Theme keystones: Colorful décor, live music, bohemian accents.
  • Best locations: Outdoor venues, farms, rustic barns.
  • Important expenses: Entertainment, food trucks, festival-style decorations.
  • Essential items: Flower crowns, DIY signage, cozy seating areas.

Fairytale Wedding Theme

Don’t we all want a whimsical fairytale wedding? Start with what elements of a fairytale wedding you like and want to hone in on and incorporate into your wedding design. You have many opportunity décor wise – ceiling treatments with whimsical hanging flowers, large green trees, play around with florals to make it very whimsical and stationery is a huge decor item as well.Narelle Janine, wedding planning expert.

  • Keystones: Magic, romance, fantasy, elegance, storytelling.
  • Best locations: Castles, gardens, forests, historic estates, ballrooms.
  • Important expenses: Venue rental, elaborate décor, costume-like attire, professional photography.
  • Essential items: Fairy lights, ornate invitations, carriage transport, floral crowns.

Glam Wedding Theme

You ever hear someone say “I feel like a Million bucks”? Well, that’s how you should feel on your big day. If you want to do this literally there’s no better way than to surround yourself with glitter and gold. This can be simple and classy with stark whites accented with gold. Or, it can make King Midas jealous with gold draped from ceiling to floor. You decide how much to sparkle.

  • Theme keystones: Sparkling details, lavish floral arrangements.
  • Best locations: Luxurious ballrooms, upscale estates.
  • Important expenses: High-end venue, premium catering.
  • Essential items: Crystal chandeliers, elegant tableware.

Fantasy Wedding Theme

Step into a world of enchantment and create a wedding that captures the magic of your favorite fairy tales. A fantasy wedding theme allows you to infuse whimsy, imagination, and a touch of otherworldly charm into your special day. Here are three tips to bring your fantasy wedding to life.

  • Theme keystones: Fairy lights, mystical props.
  • Best locations: Castle, forest glade.
  • Important expenses: Elaborate costumes, venue rental.
  • Essential items: Fairy tale invitations, themed centerpieces.


Goth is romantic by nature. It’s a callback to the 14th to 15th Century period when art and architecture shed formality and focused on emotion. Back then “Gothic” was an insult meant to mean unrefined. Today’s goth takes that as a compliment and is most commonly represented by black and dark red fabrics. Take any measure of both definitions and embrace the differences.

  • Theme keystones: Dark colors, dramatic décor, ethereal ambiance.
  • Best locations: Castles, historic mansions, gothic churches.
  • Important expenses: Unique attire, atmospheric lighting, thematic decorations.
  • Essential items: Black flowers, candelabras, ornate invitations, Gothic-inspired cake.

Forest Theme

A forest theme can be both enchanting and beautiful. A truly magical theme for a breathtaking wedding. Couples tending towards a bohemian lifestyle would love the rustic otherworld feel that comes with the forest theme. According to Narelle Janine, wedding expert, florals make a huge impact in your overall wedding décor – with a gardenesque and enchanted forest theme – play up your florals. Incorporate lots of greenery in your floral arrangements, candlelight to mimic the stars and large green trees.

  • Theme keystones: Earthy tones, fairy lights, woodland accents.
  • Best locations: Forest glades, botanical gardens, rustic barns.
  • Important expenses: Venue, floral arrangements, rustic décor.
  • Essential items: Moss, tree stumps, lanterns, floral garlands, woodland-inspired stationery.

Romantic Wedding Theme

Classic romance is a perfect theme for a wedding since all weddings are filled with beauty and romance. If you would like a classic romantic wedding theme consider hosting your event at an outdoor spot such as a garden venue, vineyard, or classic estate.

  • Theme keystones: Candlelit ambiance, floral abundance, elegant simplicity, intimate setting.
  • Best locations: Gardens, vineyards, historic estates, beachside venues.
  • Important expenses: Photography, floral arrangements, venue decor, mood lighting.
  • Essential items: Soft linens, fairy lights, roses, personalized vows, live music.

Classic Traditional Wedding Theme

Traditional wedding themes will never go out of style. There is a great feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes with doing things the way our ancestors did, and for all the right reasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own.

  • Theme keystones: Timeless elegance, heritage-inspired details.
  • Best locations: Historic churches, grand ballrooms.
  • Important expenses: Venue, formal attire, classic décor.
  • Essential items: Traditional invitations, floral arrangements, elegant table settings.

Tropical Wedding Theme

If you love the summer and ocean breeze, choose the tropical wedding theme. Transform your wedding venue into a charming tropical paradise!

  • Keystones: Colorful décor, relaxed atmosphere, lush greenery.
  • Best locations: Beach resorts, botanical gardens, tropical islands.
  • Important expenses: Floral arrangements, venue rental, travel costs.
  • Essential items: Tiki torches, palm leaves, tropical fruits, vibrant linens.

Celestial Wedding Theme

Transform your wedding into a celestial wonderland, inspired by the ethereal beauty of the cosmos. Embrace the enchantment of starry skies and celestial elements, incorporating shimmering accents, celestial-inspired decorations, and celestial-themed lighting to create a celestial ambiance.

  • Keystones: Stars, moon, galaxies.
  • Best locations: Outdoor venues, planetariums.
  • Important expenses: Lighting, starry decor.
  • Essential items: Celestial invitations, starry backdrop.

Dark Wedding Theme

A dark wedding theme, also known as Dark Academia, blends gothic and moody elements with quirky creativity. Ideal for bibliophiles, it offers a literary-inspired celebration with an eclectic twist, appealing to those seeking an unconventional yet sophisticated atmosphere.

  • Theme keystones: Rich colors, candlelight, opulent textures.
  • Best locations: Historic venues, castles, industrial spaces.
  • Important expenses: Lighting, décor rentals, floral arrangements.
  • Essential items: Black linens, dramatic centerpieces, atmospheric lighting.

Black Wedding Theme

A black wedding theme is a classy and chic option that can add an air of sophistication to various aspects of a wedding. Check out these suggestions for incorporating a black wedding theme into your special day:

  • Theme keystones: Elegant simplicity, bold accents, monochromatic palette.
  • Best locations: Industrial lofts, upscale urban venues, chic ballrooms.
  • Important expenses: Custom attire, lighting design, venue décor.
  • Essential items: Black linens, minimalist centerpieces, mood lighting.

Brides often ask:

What theme is best for wedding?

The best theme for a wedding is subjective and depends on the couple’s preferences. Popular themes include rustic, vintage, modern, beach, and botanical.

How do I find my wedding theme?

Find your wedding theme by considering your personal style, interests, and the overall atmosphere you envision. Look for inspiration in your favorite colors, seasons, and shared hobbies with your partner. Pinterest and wedding magazines can also be helpful in discovering themes that resonate with you.

What are some different wedding styles?

Wedding styles vary, including traditional, modern, rustic, vintage, bohemian, beach, and destination weddings, among others.

Now that you’ve seen a few traditional wedding themes and plenty of nontraditional examples, we’re hoping that you have a solid understanding of what kind of bride you are, and what best represents your Happily Ever After. If you’re still not 100% certain take a few days and revisit this post or move on to tons of our other ideas. We’re always here to help.