Shabby & Chic Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

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Think sublime, idyllic, and stunning; they all describe the outcome of creative shabby chic vintage wedding decor ideas. This theme is fast becoming a trend because of its timeless appeal and budget-friendly options. Besides, a rustic shabby chic wedding is one of the easiest to DIY.


Mason jars and picture frames, vintage card boxes, centerpieces, and table runners, there are so many ideas available. Also, the springy soft pastel colors lend credence to the ambiance. From pale pink to peach, mint green, and touches of gold and brown among others. So if this wedding theme catches your fancy, see some amazing shabby chic wedding ideas to guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shabby chic wedding?

A shabby chic wedding is one that incorporates a softer, opulent cottage style. It uses modern items that are made to look distressed, weathered, or distressed. Hence, leaving a chic touch.

What is vintage chic?

This is the use of décor or items that depict a certain period from time past, yet with a modern touch. All vintage chic can be defined as shabby chic, but not all shabby chic is vintage.

What colors are shabby chic?

The colors are a combination of matte, neutrals/pastels, and metallics. Chalky white, clotted cream, milky coffee, antique champagne gold, metallic gunmetal, pink, purple, blue, and green, cottage green, etc.

Table Decor Ideas

Create a cozy ambiance with your shabby chic wedding table decorations. See some ideas that will interest you.


Table Setting Décor Ideas

Create texture for your table by using wicker trays or woven basket trays as placemats. Alternatively, opt for vegetables over a colorful patchwork, antique goblets, pewter flatware, spongeware, and range plates. How about using colorful brick-patterned table clothes, brass vintage plates, throw in some unusual kumquat and finish with navel orange and cornflower centerpieces.


Shabby Chic Centerpieces

Try out refreshing shabby chic wedding centerpieces by wearing lace in painted cans. Make them play host to delicate flowers like baby’s breath to bring the whole appealing look together. If you want your centerpiece to be the main focal point, go for large flowers like Viburnum with deep green leaves for contrast. Carefully curate them in a distressed white, wooden basket. To take on a vintage allure, convert an antique pitcher into a container for your rose flower centerpieces. For aesthetic pleasure, line mason jars in cheese boxes, then throw in some flowers.


Decor Ideas with Mason Jars

Shabby chic wedding decor ideas with mason jars are interesting and easy to create. Opt for snowy white Mason jars and fill them with herbs for that dreamy ambiance. You can also opt for cuboidal glass jars of various widths and heights, hand-painted, distressed, and beautified with brownish matte jute. Attack faux white roses to them. Stylishly arrange some burlap and flowers in a Mason jar for the perfect rustic shabby chic look. Going nautical? Pain ceramic mason jars in your preferred shade of blue and line them with flowers.


Table Runner Ideas

For your shabby chic vintage wedding table runners, write personalized messages, emboss monograms or your initials on burlap table runners. Alternatively, line your table with the pieces of your life together with items like mementos, photos, and collages. For something more aesthetically appealing, opt for fabrics in classic colors and hold them together with twines or ribbons so that they whimsically cascade off the tables. For charming vintage, choose bold designs like chevron lace or group paper flowers on Kraft paper. Going rustic? Add some depth and levels to the table setting with wooden planks.


Outdoor Wedding Decorations

From backdrops to floral arrangements and more, there is something for everyone. See some of the best outdoor shabby chic wedding decoration ideas.


Backdrop in a Shabby Chic Style

To create picture-worthy backdrops, repurpose white-washed weather-beaten doors, and line them with metallic pumpkins in your preferred greens. Throw in some white floral accents for an otherworldly look. For something more formal, line garlands on your painted walls with pastel-painted wooden boxes of greenery to each side. If you want a moody and enchanting look, arrange wooden tables with glass domes of greenery in varying heights on a dark background.



Flowers Decor Ideas

Vintage shabby chic wedding flower décor features a freer styling with a modern touch, without taking away the vintage, garden, or farm-like feel. This can be achieved through the assemblage of greenery, natural materials like rough-spun fabrics and wood plus juxtaposed textures. Think about the untamed garden roses combined with giant clustered hydrangeas hanging overhead at reception. How about the star-shaped ranunculus, dahlias, and wildflower combo to add life to your décor. This will create either a bright or subdued color scheme that gives an eclectic and lush look.


Wedding Sign Ideas

Inject some personalization and character into your outdoor wedding with antique wooden signs and frames. Add some extra points for quirky hanging and scrawled letters or pops of colors. Try chalkboard signs with floating letters that will surely grab your guests’ attention. Put your thoughts or initials in antique frames in hessian print and on neutral-colored canvas for a sentimental feel. For a really modern touch, acrylic signage is a beautiful alternative option.


Vintage Wedding Card Boxes

For shabby chic wedding reception ideas wedding card boxes, scout the flea market for granny vintage suitcases. They often come with lovely interiors and embellishments and can hold all your good wishes. If you are going for a fun event, use spray-painted, American-style mailboxes that can be easily DIY. For an alternative look, opt for birdcages which are low maintenance and are easy to personalize.

Chairs Decor Ideas

Do a burlap and lace combo by tying the soft fabric into an intricate bow for both ceremony and reception. For a more minimalistic look, pair lavender with a Tule to contrast and create an elegant feel. Florals like baby’s breath add subtle beauty while flower-filled mason jars hung off on the chair make bold statements.

Shabby chic vintage wedding decor ideas are inexpensive and easy to DIY, but elegant. We have put together some shabby vintage wedding decoration ideas to help you pull off your dream wedding. From chair décor to table runners, venue decors and floral arrangements, the creativity is endless. So get inspired with these shabby chic decor ideas.