Rustic Wedding Ideas – The Latest Trends You Need To See

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Barn venues, mason jars, and burlap are a few just rustic wedding ideas why the rustic wedding theme became popular but over the years this theme has only picked up speed and is still one of the hottest wedding themes around. Some couples dream about a rustic wedding in a barn while others are thinking about hosting a rustic wedding in a country field.

No matter what type of rustic wedding you are planning there are tons of beautiful rustic wedding ideas and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites. One of the reasons why rustic weddings are so popular is because the term rustic is such a large umbrella term and can be used to describe a country’s wedding, outdoor wedding, lakeside wedding, woodland wedding, and more.


Brides Often Ask

What is a rustic wedding theme?

A rustic wedding is a beautiful wedding theme to choose because it gives the couple so much flexibility with the look and feels. The classic rustic wedding theme centers around rustic wedding decorations such as birch vases, mason jars, barn wedding venues all while being surrounded by nature.

Since the rustic wedding theme has become so popular we have seen couples create a rustic look while adding the perfect amount of elegance to the wedding day. If the rustic theme is what you are looking for don’t be afraid to make the day unique to you and your style by making the day as dressed up or as dressed down as you want.

What colors go with a rustic wedding?

Since the majority of rustic weddings take place surrounded by nature it seems only natural that couples would gravitate towards wedding colors that are influenced by the setting. One of the most popular rustic wedding color combinations is Blush Pink, White & Green.

Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram we have seen this color theme skyrocket since it is neutral enough to fit almost any setting while still being elegant. A few other color combinations we love for a rustic wedding are Dusty Rose, Light Blue & Champagne along with Grey and Yellow, and followed by Sage Green and Cream.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

There are thousands of different rustic wedding invitations available to order online so you will have no trouble finding the perfect rustic wedding invitation, however, with so many options available sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. When looking for the perfect rustic wedding invitation pay special attention to the details as many rustic wedding invitations feature nature motifs which can line up perfectly with your ideal theme.

Most wedding stationery now comes in what is commonly known as an “invitation suite” which consists of a save the date card, a wedding invitation, RSVP card along with other enclosures cards which work perfectly as a rustic wedding since you can add your personalized details and design to make the invitation truly special.

Wedding invitations especially rustic wedding invitations can tell the story about what sort of day the guests should expect to experience based on the invitation style, paper, design, and details.


Rustic Wedding Invitations Materials

The sky’s the limit with what type of rustic wedding invitation you want to create but some of the most popular rustic wedding invitation materials are kraft paper, recycled paper, and cotton paper with natural edges.


Rustic Wedding Invitations Colors

One simple search for rustic wedding invitations will pull up hundreds of options and most of the rustic wedding invitations are in the beige, green, and cream family with details such as trees, lace, greenery, birch, and woodland features.


Rustic Wedding Invitations Style

We have seen rustic wedding invitations that are everything from simple and elegant to feminine and florals all within the rustic wedding style. It seems some of the most popular rustic wedding invitation styles are centered around the floral, woodsy, mountain, and nature-inspired details.

Rustic Attire Ideas

Just because you want to host a wedding in a barn or a country rustic setting does not mean you have to settle for attire that is not formal, however, if a more laid back look is your goal it can be easily achieved as well. Ladies in lovely dresses often with a print or pattern play well with the rustic setting while men love the traditional suit but sometimes adding a twist like suspenders, vest or patterned shirts make the day special.


Rustic Wedding Dresses

For brides who are hosting a rustic wedding and want to find a dress that fits with this style are in luck as many dress designers are making gowns that are perfectly elegant and rustic chic.

Gowns that are perfect for a rustic wedding often can be found with details such as lovely lace embellishments, layers of soft tulle, and dramatic beading. Newer wedding dress trends including illusion lace, open back gowns, and long sleeves are all perfect for a wedding in a rustic or country setting.

Don’t be afraid to match your elegant dress with cowboy boots, flats, or sandals to top off the look.

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Rustic Groom Attire

Today grooms have way more options than in years before for their perfect wedding day look. If you have always dreamed of a groom dressed in a tuxedo for the big day you absolutely can achieve that even in a rustic setting.

Aside from the traditional tuxedo many rustic grooms are breaking the mold a little and deciding to sport a less formal yet still elegant look. Light-colored suits, vest and dress pants, and patterned shirts are a few other looks that help to create a wedding look yet play perfectly with the rustic or country backdrop.

Many grooms will add a twist to their look by adding cowboy boots, sneakers, or loafers.


Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses

The perfect wedding day look goes beyond just the bride and groom since you want your wedding party to look the part as well. Bridesmaids have a variety of options for a rustic wedding look here are a few of our favorites.

  • One-color multi styles
    This is a big-time favorite of rustic brides and allows you to specify a specific color for a dress but allows each bridesmaid to select a different style dress that matches both their personality and shape.
  • Mis Matched Dresses
    If you want to play up more of an eclectic style for your wedding party consider having your bridesmaids select their dress without having them match in color or style.
  • Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses
    Having a rustic wedding means you can stray a little from the traditional wedding style and select a patterned bridesmaid dress. Think florals, plaids, and stripes.
  • Short Bridesmaids Dresses
    Given the location of many of the rustic wedding venues offering short bridesmaids dresses might be the best option. If you think about large fields, barns, vineyards, and estates it seems to make sense to have short bridesmaids dresses allowing for your wedding party to be comfortable.
  • Long Dresses
    If you want to have a rustic wedding and make it a formal event, you can have long bridesmaid dresses. One quick tip is if you think about long dresses you might want to have them hemmed slightly so they don’t catch on the floor of a rustic venue.

Rustic Wedding Attire For Guests

One of the most asked questions about rustic weddings is actually what should a guest wear to this type of event. It seems pretty easy to know how to dress for a more traditional wedding but when it is a rustic wedding it’s a bit more unclear.

The most important thing for a wedding guest at a rustic wedding to think about is when and when the wedding is taking place. If you are attending a wedding in a barn or a country setting you might want to make sure you have a short dress and flats since walking on grass and dirt are very difficult in heels. Many rustic weddings take place outside so as the night goes on there is a good chance you get cold so plan to have a wrap or a sweater with you as well.

As for the men who are attending a rustic wedding it is always a good idea to plan on dress pants, a dress shirt, and tie unless the invitation states otherwise. Having a jacket to match is considered a good idea but not always necessary.

Rustic Wedding Ceremony Decorations

You can host a rustic wedding anywhere so what makes a rustic wedding a rustic wedding? It’s all about the decorations! When hosting your wedding ceremony in a rustic fashion you will want to make sure you have 5 key factors: Venue, Aisle Decor, Ceremony Backdrop, Signs, and Seating.

The main features of any rustic wedding ceremony are about creating the scene. Many couples have their ceremony outdoors allowing them to create a rustic look by adding vintage doors, baskets of flowers, swags of greenery, and interesting seating. If you want to host your wedding in a place of worship and still want it to have a rustic vibe you can add decorations to the pews, drape floral swags and add greenery to the altar or ceremony location.


Rustic Wedding Venue Decor

Outdoor location, a house of worship, a barn, or a wooded spot can all make for the perfect rustic wedding ceremony. The key to pulling off the rustic look at your ceremony is to create a focal point where you will be able to exchange vows. One of the best ways to create that focal point is to arrange the seating and florals and decor so they all look towards one specific area which will be your ceremony location. Adding a birch arch, wooden doors and white drapes are just a few ways to make your ceremony location both rustic and stand.

Rustic Aisle Decor

Large baskets or pots of flowers, lanterns, tree stumps, or birch logs all can help to create a dramatic aisle. You might want to add an aisle runner and burlap works great for an outdoor location.

Ceremony Backdrop

Thanks to the popularity of rustic weddings there is now an endless amount of ceremony backdrop ideas you can create. From birch arches to floral ones to wood backdrops you can find something that matches your style and budget.

Rustic Wedding Signs

When having a rustic wedding and especially one that is outside its helpful to have some signs that not only welcome your guest but also act as information. Besides a welcome sign by the entrance to your ceremony, have one that shares how or where you would like guests to sit, where and when the ceremony will take place, and if you would like phones to be put away.

Seating Arrangement

If you think you have to stick to just having rented chairs at your ceremony you will be happy to learn there are endless possibilities for rustic wedding ceremony seating. We love it when couples decide to have benches, church pews, wood chairs, or even covered hay bales. It’s not just the type of seating that is open to your creativity but you can also arrange the seating anyway you see fit. One major trend is to have the seating be in a circle so your friends and family are all around you.

Rustic Ceremony Arches

As we have talked about it is pretty important to create a focal point for your ceremony and there is no better way to do that than by adding a rustic ceremony arch. The rustic arch can even be a great DIY project or if you would rather buy or rent one you have tons of choices.

The main point of a ceremony arch is to create a focal point and act as the backdrop for the ceremony. Many couples want to have an arch that sticks to the rustic look and feel so many are made out of wood, birch logs, flowers, or even vintage doors.

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Floral Arches

Perhaps the most traditional arch is a floral arch which consists of flowers and greenery and can either cover an entire arch or be added to an arch structure to add some beauty. You can work with your florist to have them create your floral arch which can coordinate with the other floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception.

Wood Arches

From simple wood arches to very elaborate ones we are seeing couples make their rustic wedding ceremony stand out with wooden arches. Many times a couple will add some decor items to the wood arch to “dress it up” for the wedding day. Adding drapery, flowers, greenery, or even a monogram can all make the wood arch perfect for your wedding day.


Birch Arches

Perfect for an outdoor wedding in the mountains, by a lake or in a wooded spot, the birch arch offers a wide variety of options. Many rustic wedding venues have an arch at the location which means there is a chance you don’t have to rent or buy one.

Wedding Transportation Ideas

You have to get yourself and your guests to and from your wedding location and there is no rule that you have to do it a traditional way. Many couples who are planning a rustic wedding decide to think outside the box when it comes to transportation and use trolleys, farm wagons, pickup trucks, and vintage cars.


Pickup Trucks

This idea has only become more and more popular thanks to all the great images we see of couples using a pickup truck for their wedding. This idea can be all chic and elegant by adding beautiful floral swags, burlap just married banners, and greenery are all a great option when dressing up a pickup truck.


A standard in many small destination cities, trolleys are a great idea for a rustic wedding. This option not only works great for moving your wedding party but also can be helpful for wedding guests as well.

Farm Wagons

If a country setting is what you have in mind you might want to ask your venue if a farm wagon is a good way to help transport you, guests. Farm wagons also can be very helpful to transport older guests who might have a hard time navigating a more country or rustic landscape.

Rustic Wedding Reception Ideas

After the ceremony, it is all about celebrating the newly married couple and there is no better way to do that than having one amazing rustic reception. For couples who have planned a barn, rustic, or outdoor wedding reception the decor plays a big part in making the theme come to life.

The best rustic wedding reception ideas come down to the venue, lighting, dining tables, decor, and florals.



Barns, farms, vineyards, inns, and warehouses are just the start of rustic wedding venues you can select from, and thanks to expansive online venues guides you can find the perfect venue that fits your style, budget, guests count and location.


Adding lighting is a pretty important factor for making the rustic reception come to life. Most barns and outdoor venues have small string lights that add a little romantic feeling to the venue in addition to table candles, lanterns, and dimming lights. If you are looking at a rustic venue you should always inquire about how lighting is provided since you might need extra lighting for outdoor spots, dance floors, and parking areas.

Dining Tables

When all your guests sit down to dine it can be the perfect opportunity to make a statement with the look and feel of the dining area. The traditional round tables that seat 6 or 8 guests are still pretty popular but in many rustic locations, couples are going towards a more unique look. Long wooden tables, a mix of table sizes and shapes are all becoming a standard in the rustic wedding world. One of the biggest wedding trends we are seeing is couples not having traditional linens on the table and instead of having a rustic wood table stand out with no coverings.

Wedding Reception Decor

The decorations and decor for a wedding reception take a lot of time to plan since there are so many different options and styles you can work with. There are no limits on the rustic wedding decor ideas but a few of our favorite rustic looks include whiskey barrels, lanterns, wood slices, mason jars, wood signs, fairy lights, and birch logs.

Florals Arrangement

Since you are having a rustic wedding you probably don’t want to go about having the most traditional wedding flowers either and there is no reason you have to. One of the great things about the florals at a rustic or country wedding is that they can be a little more unstructured looking and more natural. A few floral options that work great for rustic weddings are baby’s breath, sunflowers, spray roses, and tons of greenery.

Rustic Wedding Table Settings

Getting the table setting right at a wedding means carrying your wedding theme through all the table decorations, linens, and centerpieces. Many rustic wedding couples want to have a dressed-up rustic look for their tables while some want a more informal look – no matter which boat you are in, you will be able to find endless inspiration and ideas to match. The most important features to consider when planning your wedding table are linens, centerpieces, candles, and table numbers.


Table Linens

Many couples still want to go with the traditional look of long white tablecloths and matching napkins but there is a long list of couples who are using the rustic wedding look to create new linen ideas altogether.

One of the most popular looks for a rustic wedding is to use table linen with a print on it either as the table cloth or as a runner. Using a bold print allows the table to stand out and makes decorating it a little easier since you don’t have to add as much decor. The second popular trend is to add notable coverings at all and allow for beautiful farm tables to speak for themself.

Lanterns & Candles

Adding some drama and lighting to the table can easily be achieved with beautiful candlelight and lanterns. Some rustic wedding couples decide on having birch candle holders while others go with a more traditional votive style but no matter how you display your candles it is an important part of making the table look elegant.

Table Numbers

This is one area of the wedding decor where you can really take some liberties and have fun. We love seeing wedding couples use wood as table numbers, framed images, or mason jars with number tags – no matter how you display your table numbers it is important to make sure your guests can read them easily!

Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Rustic weddings have a charming and laid-back vibe that many couples find appealing. The perfect centerpiece for a rustic wedding can be easy to choose with our creative and beautiful ideas. The main idea is that rustic wedding centerpieces should reflect the couple’s personal style and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests. Use a little creativity and attention to detail, and your centerpiece will add a touch of rustic charm to your wedding celebration.

Olive Branches

Embrace the organic elegance of rustic wedding centerpieces with the timeless beauty of olive branches. These delicate, silvery-green leaves offer a touch of Mediterranean charm and are a perfect choice for a rustic-themed celebration. Create enchanting tablescapes by arranging clusters of olive branches in vintage mason jars or sleek glass vases.

Enhance the rustic vibe by pairing them with natural elements like burlap runners, wooden accents, or weathered terra cotta pots. For added allure, incorporate flickering candlelight amidst the olive branches, casting a warm and intimate glow over the festivities. With the graceful simplicity of olive branches, you’ll effortlessly infuse your wedding decor with an organic and romantic touch.


Immerse your rustic wedding in a breathtaking burst of color and natural charm with wildflower centerpieces. Choose from vibrant blooms, such as daisies, sunflowers, lavender, and cornflowers, for an enchanting display. Arrange them in mismatched vintage vases, mason jars, or rustic tin cans for an eclectic touch.

Also, consider incorporating elements like twine, burlap, or wooden accents. Scatter sprigs of greenery or wheat stalks amidst the wildflowers for added texture. These whimsical centerpieces will infuse your celebration with a sense of carefree beauty, perfectly capturing the essence of a rustic-themed wedding amidst nature’s untamed splendor.


Delight your guests’ taste buds while adding a unique twist to your rustic wedding centerpieces with edible delights. Incorporate an array of delicious foods into your tablescapes for a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Arrange baskets filled with freshly picked fruits, such as apples, pears, and grapes, alongside blooming flowers and greenery.

Display rustic cheese and charcuterie boards adorned with artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and an assortment of bread and crackers. Consider incorporating mini pies, jars of honey, or jars of homemade preserves as charming edible centerpieces. These delectable creations will not only add a rustic touch to your decor but also offer a delightful culinary experience for your guests.


Embrace the beauty of simplicity with minimalistic rustic wedding centerpieces. Opt for clean lines and understated elegance to create a refined yet rustic atmosphere. Choose a single focal element, such as a solitary candle in a sleek glass holder, a single stem of a wildflower in a minimalist vase, or a small cluster of olive branches in a streamlined container.

Keep the color palette muted with soft neutrals or earthy tones to maintain the minimalistic aesthetic. Incorporate elements like natural wood, polished stone, or crisp linen for added texture. These minimalistic centerpieces will exude effortless sophistication and highlight the rustic charm with a modern twist.


Embrace the fresh and lush appeal of greenery with rustic wedding centerpieces that exude natural elegance. Let verdant foliage take center stage by arranging cascades of greenery such as eucalyptus, ferns, or ivy as table runners or garlands. Pair the greenery with touches of wooden elements, like log slices or driftwood, for a rustic touch.

Incorporate votive candles or fairy lights to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. For added charm, tuck in small blooms or wildflowers amidst the greenery. These green-centric centerpieces will infuse your wedding with a sense of organic beauty, evoking a serene and enchanting ambiance for your special day.

Rustic Themed Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are a big part of the wedding budget pie so take some time to discuss with your florist what exactly you are looking for and what sort of flowers you would like to work with. When planning a rustic wedding you have the choice to work with more wildflower arrangements or go with a more traditional style flower arrangement – either way you can’t really lose. Some of the best rustic themed floral arrangements are Sunflowers, Babies Breath, Roses, Greenery, Succulents.



Bright and sunny and filled with southern charm might be one way, to sum up what sunflowers are so why not add them to your rustic wedding. If you are having a rustic wedding using sunflowers in your arrangements can add a large pop of color perfect for brightening up your venue.

Babies Breath

If you are looking for a floral arrangement that is easy to work with while adding tons of elegance you have found it in babies’ breaths. Perfect for bundling together and adding to seating arrangements or making into oversized wreaths – babies’ breath is the perfect rustic wedding flower.


Thanks to the versatility of roses these make for perfect additions to any rustic wedding floral arrangement. Since roses come in a variety of colors and sizes adding them to larger displays is easy while they make a major impact on their own.


If you want a lot of bang for your buck you will want to consider using greenery at your rustic wedding. Perfect for adding to long tables or dressing up the head table, greenery can add elegance without having to work with just one flower type.

Succulents For Rustic Wedding

Many brides choose this unique floral detail because of their unique qualities and boho sort of feel. Succulents can be worked into bouquets, centerpieces, and larger displays making a major impact. Considering succulents come in a variety of sizes and colors this makes the perfect decor item.

Rustic Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Wedding backdrops have come a long way in the past few years. It seems like no matter what the wedding theme there is a wedding backdrop to match. When hosting a rustic wedding you are in luck thanks to all of the fun options you have for a backdrop. We love it when couples choose rustic wooden backdrops, soft drapery backdrops, personalized backdrops, and vintage-inspired backdrops.


Rustic Wooden Backdrops

Many wooden backdrops have popped up on the rustic wedding scene offering a somewhat simple look yet it can be dressed up with flowers, monograms, and fairy lights.

Soft Drapery Backdrops

If you are going for a more gentle feel for your backdrop consider using a drapery backdrop. Beautiful and light drapery is hung to create a stunning backdrop filled with elegance. Adding string lights, small floral details or a Mr. & Mrs. sign can really make this backdrop pop.

Personalized Backdrops

If you have a specific quote that you want to showcase or you are looking to add your monogram to your wedding backdrop this might be the perfect solution. Thanks to a large variety of online outlets you can order specific wording that is printed on canvas that can be hung as your wedding backdrop.

Vintage Inspired Backdrops

Vintage doors, wood pallets, and reclaimed windows are just the start of vintage items you can create to make the perfect rustic wedding backdrop.

Rustic Wedding Menu Ideas

Family style, BBQ’s and farm to table dining are just the tips of how you can create a unique rustic wedding menu along with creative ideas for your food display, cake display, and bar area. Many rustic wedding venues offer outdoor seating which makes it the perfect spot to have a BBQ style dinner which can also be totally as elegant or country as you want it to be. If you love the idea of having the food sourced from the same location as your wedding you might want to work with a local farm to create a farm to table option.


Food & Menu

Once you have decided to host a rustic wedding you will want to work with your catering company or venue to create the perfect menu. One of the best things about having a rustic wedding is the food options are endless. If you want a laid back BBQ style menu you can certainly achieve that but if you are looking to have a more formal menu you can have a farm to table event focusing on local food, family-style dishes, and environmentally friendly fare are just a few of the choices you have to enjoy.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes have come a long way from the traditional simple white wedding cake. Rustic wedding couples are opting for cakes that are inspired by nature. Birch wedding cakes, chocolate wedding cakes, naked wedding cake, woodland cakes, and cupcakes are just the beginning of the rustic wedding cake ideas you can choose from.


Even if you serve cake you can still add some desserts that make the day special. It seems only fitting for a rustic wedding to add a S’More station, ice cream truck, donut wall, or candy buffet.

Bar & Drinks

From signature drinks to beer stations it seems you can create any type of wedding bar that fits your style. Many couples decide to have a bar that offers wine, beer, and mixed drinks while others want to offer wine and beer and one or two signature drinks. No matter which way you are leaning it is fun to add some twist to the traditional wedding bar by having a beer tasting center. A Champagne truck, or a drink display that can be created out of anything from galvanized buckets to whiskey barrels to a canoe filled with beverages.

Rustic Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Add a touch of soul to your wedding by having live folk or bluegrass bands playing during the celebrations. Boost the merry by having interactive activities; put up lawn games with some friendly competition. How about a warm glow from a bonfire to provide a magical touch to your evening events? Alternatively, illuminate the sky with fireworks that will live in people’s minds forever. Take your guests on a walk through the enchanting countryside during your rustic wedding day.

Seasonal Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas

Use rustic wedding decor to bring out the coziness and warmth of fall and celebrate the season. Use rich, dark colors such as deep reds, oranges, and browns. In your centerpiece and bouquet consider using natural materials like pumpkin, leaves, sticks, etc. Go for wooden signage and lanterns to give the rustic effect. Go for a location that offers captivating autumnal colors. The addition of cozy blankets and warm lighting can help make your fall wedding rustic and intimate.

Rustic Summer Wedding Ideas

For a summer rustic wedding, opt for airy and light decor that fits the summer’s festive mood. Use of fresh flowers in bright colors like sunflowers, daisies, and wildflowers. To give a rustic look, you may include wooden accents like crates or barrels. Consider an open-air venue for your event to maximize the use of sunlight as it flows around creating an enjoyable outdoor setting for your audience. The laid-back summer vibe is reinforced with light linens, burlap runners, and mason jar centerpieces. Provide rustic wooden seating and dance under the stars on the outdoor dance floor for the ultimate summer ambiance.

Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding with a rustic mood by embracing the holiday spirit. Choose white, green, and deep red colors as your palette will conjure the winter scene. Add evergreen branches, pine cones, and candles to your décor for a homely impression. Wooden elements like birch logs or slices of tree give it that rustic look. Soft blankets, fur throws, and flickering candlelight can create a warm and intimate setting. Choose a place with a fireplace, which makes your rural winter wedding elegant but homy.

Rustic Spring Wedding Ideas

Have a fun-filled rustic spring wedding by incorporating vibrant spring elements. Select a color scheme based on blossomed flowers including; pastel pinks, greens, and blues. Bring in varieties of flowers and incorporate seasonal blooms like peonies, tulips, and daffodils for your bouquets. The rustic nature of wooden crates filled with flowers, whimsical signage, and garden-inspired details. Choose a garden or open field venue during spring. The rustic charm in a spring wedding celebration is enhanced with the use of light and flowing fabrics, and natural wood accents.

Budget Rustic Wedding Ideas

Wooden Slices

Incorporate wooden slices as versatile decor elements. Use them as rustic centerpieces, place card holders, or even as bases for cakes and desserts. You can easily find wooden slices at craft stores or create them from fallen tree branches.

Bottles and Mason Jars

Collect empty bottles and mason jars to use as vases and candle holders. You can wrap them with twine, lace, or burlap for added rustic charm. These versatile containers can hold wildflowers, candles, or even fairy lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Burlap and Lace

Combine burlap and lace to add texture and elegance to your rustic decor. Use burlap table runners, chair sashes, or placemats to infuse a rustic feel into your reception. Lace can be used as delicate accents on centerpieces, invitations, or even your wedding attire.

Remember, the key to creating a budget-friendly rustic wedding is to focus on DIY projects and repurposing items. Look for natural materials and simple, charming details that embrace the beauty of the outdoors and celebrate the warmth of rustic aesthetics.
Starting to plan your rustic wedding means gathering inspiration, information, and insights to help your dream day come to life. Filled with romance and elegance hosting a rustic style wedding is a lovely way to create a day that showcases your style and vibe. From birch logs to burlap banners and everything in between the sky’s the limit for your perfect rustic chic wedding.