Unique Ideas For A Burgundy Wedding To Steal Your Breath Away

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A burgundy wedding is simply dreamy because the color is a favorite among many brides. For a cool, deep winter and fall palette, the wine-inspired, berry-hued jewel tone is just the alpha addition. If you are having a spring or summer wedding, burgundy wedding colors are daring enough to sit well on your color palette.


In this post, we will be sharing burgundy wedding theme inspirations that work all year round. Think dresses, décor ideas, cake color combo, and more. You will be able to have your full wedding coordination right here. So if you are up for it, check out this comprehensive burgundy wedding ideas catalog to get on with your planning.

Brides Often Ask

What colors go with burgundy for a wedding?

The burgundy wedding color scheme is vast and pairs well with other colors. For instance, burgundy and serenity blue create a striking contrast. The combo of burgundy and blush displays elegant femininity and sophistication. Other interesting combos include burgundy and grey, peach, greenery, pink, lavender, purple, sage, gold, yellow, cream, and navy.


Burgundy Wedding Decor Ideas

For your rustic ceremony altar backdrop, opt for a burgundy painted “till death do us part signage” with a cream-colored chandelier above. For chair décor, opt for wedding burgundy floral colors of orchids and ribbons. Finish with dashes of greenery. Set up burgundy wedding table decorations with burgundy astilbe, rose, and stock centerpieces. Alternatively, you can create a mix of roses and greenery in mason jars or burgundy artichokes and ranunculus centerpieces. For a burgundy and pink wedding theme, decorate your arch with burgundy and pink vines and flowers, or build a whimsical hanging moss frame with burgundy flowers. For candle options, options, choose burgundy colored candles and line them in vintage vases with wildflowers. Finish your overall look with vintage crystal décor and oil lamps with fall blooms strategically placed around your venue.


Burgundy Wedding Cakes

Create dreamy desserts by choosing burgundy watercolor cakes with gold motifs at the base of each tier. Opt for wedding cakes with snowflakes wrapped with burgundy ribbons and cream appliques. For an eclectic look, mix burgundy and ivory colors and throw in some lace for effect. Choose to add some burgundy-colored berries or fresh flowers to your marble grey cake. Burgundy brush embroidery cakes are trendy and dynamic choices that work well for vintage weddings. Mix lush wedding burgundy with deep red and cream to create a gradient look for your cake. You can also use the burgundy and base color with the accompanying ones as accents.


Chic Burgundy Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses in burgundy colors are stylish and unique. They come in adorable styles like mermaid dresses with ruffle sleeves for the tall fashion-forward bride. Keep them long with cold-shoulders for a whimsical look. Burgundy velvet dresses in thigh-high slit are simply chic, effortless, and timeless. Going for a bohemian look, tulle and chiffon burgundy fluttery dresses are everything. These dresses work great for a burgundy summer wedding, winter, and fall. The color is deep and helps hide body flaws while flattering the brides to their best looks. If the color is too deep for you, add touches of white as accents or accessories like jewelry, shoes, hair clips, or bouquet.


Burgundy Groom Suits

Rock a burgundy suit with a white dress shirt, navy tie, and white pocket square for a very formal look. Throw in a brown belt on brown shoes and a leather wristwatch for a suave look. You can also do a burgundy tux paired with a burgundy vest, white dress shirt, black bow tie, and white pocket square for an evening beach wedding. If you are going for something more casual. Pair burgundy tux with black lapels, white vest, and no tie. Pair with silver jewelry and black brogues and belts. For a more demure look, replace the vest with a white dress shirt and keep the top buttons open. Rock black leather strap wristwatch and simple black bracelet.

Burgundy Bridesmaids Dresses

Burgundy wedding palette makes a spectacular shade and stunning statement as your bridesmaids walk down the aisle. For spring and summer weddings, they look spectacular against springtime greenery or summer sunset. Going for a whimsical or chic look, the burgundy-hued creations will help your guests stun. For a glamorous look, opt for simple sexy velvet creation with off-shoulder sleeves and a high slit. For a black-tie wedding, choose a mono strap dress in satin with cuffed neckline for a timeless sophisticated look. Go vintage and flirty in short Chantilly lace burgundy bridesmaid dresses for an easy and carefree feeling throughout the day. For a soft romantic aesthetic look, pair voluminous sleeved dresses with gold or silver accessories.


Wedding Bouquets for Unique Brides

For a bohemian wedding, curate a bouquet of seeds, grasses, and pheasant feathers in burgundy dark purples and wine tones to add texture and a hedgerow feel. You can also opt for a moody yet contrasting look with anemones, dark hellebores, cherry foliage, and fritillaries. For a modern twist, throw in some purply succulents. If you love the gothic-inspired or dramatic bouquets, combine berries with traditional greens. For instance, double hellebores with tulips, deep dark orchids, and snakes head fritillaries for texture. Go rustic with a combo of burgundy, blush, and green touches of dried grasses.


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A burgundy wedding is everything chic, dark, and elegant. From the outfit to décor ideas, bride and groom outfits, a burgundy wedding theme is something unforgettable. Burgundy pairs nicely with bright colors either as base or accents. They are simply mystical additions to nature. So get inspired for your burgundy wedding ideas with this post.