Trendy And Cheap Wedding Favors For Every Wedding Style

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Weddings take a lot of money to plan, so we know you already spent a lot. Yet, witnesses and guests remain crucial participants at the wedding. They come to celebrate your love, sacrificing their time, finances, jobs, and more. It is thoughtful to appreciate them with a token, and that’s why you need to offer wedding gifts. But having spent so much planning your big day, we must help you find cheap wedding favors that are not tacky.


There are many options for cool, cheap wedding favors that resonate with you, appeal to the guests, and yet are inexpensive. So, pointing you in the right direction, check out these cute and affordable souvenirs.

Brides Often Ask

Do you give wedding favors to each guest?

Absolutely! Every guest who took out time to attend your wedding must get a wedding favor. The wedding party, guests, children, and even entertainers deserve.

Where to place wedding favors at your reception?

Leave a personal touch by putting the favors on the table with a tag addressed to the guest. You may also place them in the gift area for easy access.


Unique Cheap Wedding Favors

Unique and cheap wedding favors don’t get better than stylish edibles. Consider options like creating a signature cocktail with the recipe documented on the sticker. You may also opt for custom mini wine bottles and glazed chocolates. Another viable option is a batch of colorful cookies with meaningful words like the groom, bride, queen, and more.


Wedding Favors Which You Can Find Useful

If you want to buy useful, cheap wedding favors in bulk, consider various blends of tea and coffee. Private brew blends are also perfect as you can package them in custom jars for your guests. Include handwritten thank-you notes, and leave a rustic touch with twine or burlap with stickers.


Gifts Under 1 Dollar

Cute cheap wedding favors under one dollar are a dime a dozen. They are also fun and will surely get a smile from your guests. You can give out decorated engagement magnets with a cute saying or fancy signage straws. Other options include custom gold mint tins, personalized matchboxes, mini animated photo frames, and more.


Uncommon Mason Jars

Charming uncommon mason jars are cheap personalized wedding favors that give the content a facelift. Buy them in cute shapes and adorn them with ribbons, tags, or custom stickers. Fill these mason jars with sweet caramel candies, spices, truffles, candied pecans, or soy candles. Throw them in mini totes, and they’re ready to go.

DIY Wedding Favors – It Is Easy To Do

If you have time on your hands, consider cheap and easy wedding favors to DIY. Wrap up candies, cookies, and spices in mason jars, bottles, or foil. Decorate and hold the lids in place with ribbons and twines that match your wedding color palette. Leave a personal touch using florals and your initials.


Creative Presents For A Wedding Day

Consider cheap creative wedding favors that follow your wedding theme. For instance, jars of scented soaps and sea salt tagged with your wedding details are the best, cheap wedding favors for beach weddings. If you want a modern wedding, try crates of mini wines, labeled and complete with custom straws, filled-in cocktail recipes, and more.

Perfect Wedding Gifts With Flowers

There are many ways to gift wedding favors with flowers, depending on the theme. For a rustic wedding, opt for mini potted succulents or flowers wrapped in burlap bases. If it is a modern or industrial-chic wedding, consider floral cupcakes, plastic flowers for aesthetic appeal, or mini potted flowers. Packet seeds/flowers are also great options that are cheaper and easy to carry.


Wedding Favors In The Baskets

Fill mini baskets with items like delicious meringue or other sweet treats for a sugar hit your guests will love. You can also pack these baskets with herbs, fruits, or vegetables. Depending on your wedding theme, the baskets can be ivory satin, acrylic, metal, or woven basket. These baskets will be of use to the guests long after your wedding.

Small Boxes For Cheap Favors

Decorative small boxes are cute and unique wedding favor ideas that your guests will love. However, you can also fill them with cookies, flowers, herbs, succulents, candies, pies, and more. Wrap them in ribbons or themed wrappers and place them on the guests’ table whit personalized tags.


Little Pleasant Things At A Wedding Table

Make your reception tables a focal point by adorning them with cute items. Table decoration ideas range from charger plates to delicate bone china, embellished place cards, custom mason jars, and more. Match them to your overall interior wedding palette for a perfect look.

Cheap wedding favors do not mean drab and tacky. They are inexpensive souvenirs that hold meaning to you and are of use to your guests. We’ve lined up the best of them for your perusal. Check them out and be inspired.