Romantic Wedding Cakes Guide for 2024

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Weddings are by nature a romantic affair, so going with a romantic theme is not far-fetched at all. From your venue to the décor and even the wedding cake, you can choose that your big day is as loving, soft, and romantic as possible. If you are styling or designing a romantic wedding, consider elements that evoke dreamy feelings. Classic and elegant pieces that when put together, create a complete ambiance of romance. This type of design would be incomplete without romantic wedding cakes to finish the look.


We have put together some of our favorite romantic wedding cakes that can inspire you to create your own. Whether you are having a rustic, classic, bohemian, or vintage wedding, there is the right type of romantic wedding cake for you. Take inspiration from nature for a wedding cake for an outdoor wedding, or use delicate sugar flowers for a modern, wedding confectionery. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a wedding cake and a regular cake?

“Wedding cakes are typically larger. They are decorated with plain colors such as white, off-white, champagne colors, or pastels. Their design is typically more conservative as well. This is because wedding cakes are meant to be timeless.
It means to still look beautiful as the years passed, and the couple looks back on their wedding day to reminisce. That’s why they are less likely to be decorated in loud, abrasive colors of passing fads and popular culture (personalization of this sort can still be done – but typically in an understated and subtle touch)”

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What size are wedding cakes?

“This highly differs from the size of tiers and how many tiers are there. There are even wedding cakes that are only one tier, or even wedding cupcakes! In our case, the most common ones are three-tiers, which were about 30 cm – 22 cm -16 cm in size for all real cakes”

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How do I choose a wedding cake topper?

“A wedding cake topper (if you want one!) can be personalized phrases (‘You are my lobster’, ‘to the moon and back) or your name (initials, Name& Name) or even classic phrases (‘Love’, ‘Always’, etc). It’s a great way to add your own personal touch to the cake without taking away much in regard to the design”

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Modern Romantic Wedding

A modern romantic wedding cake can be a statement cake. That unique design stands out at your nuptial celebration. Consider a romantic elegant two-tier wedding cake in stark white with a monochrome design. Decorate with numerous sugar roses or orchids in monochrome shades placed strategically across the cake. Another option would be to include accents of gold leaves with clean lines and angular detailing. The sugar florals can be gilded in gold as well, in a white and gold cascade down the statement piece. Add a sentimental sculpture topper to finish it off, and you have a winner.


Ruffled Romantic Wedding Cakes

The way to spell ultimate romance at your wedding might just be with a ruffled cake. When made correctly, the ruffles of the ruffle cake seem absolutely delicate and most romantic. Choose as many layers for the cake as you want and have it covered in ruffled buttercream from top to bottom for the most romantic design. Asides from this galore of ruffles, you can choose to adorn the cake with a cascade of blooming florals and greenery. This would be most divine atop a plain white cake with similarly colored ruffles. The best in romantic buttercream wedding cake designs.


Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Yes, a cake can have a rustic design and be romantic as well. So, if this is the type of wedding cake you have in mind, then you have come to the right place. Picture a two or three-tiered white wedding cake with geometric print in your choice of motif and colors. Adorn with dried florals at the bottom or on each layer and you have married the romantic with the rustic in the most gorgeous way.
Another option is a semi-naked white buttercream cake, the perfect choice for the romantic rustic cake. Decorate with greenery, figs, plums, and berries to complete the classy look.


White And Greenery Wedding Cake Ideas

Greenery is a great adornment for almost any type and color of wedding cake. However, it is perfect for the romantic wedding cake, adding the dreamy element to it that it desperately needs. Consider a pure white or semi-naked wedding cake, which could be fondant or buttercream. The semi-naked option gives it more texture, with the base peeking through several parts of the cake as if they tell a story. Add trails of eucalyptus, greenery, even foliage, and seasonal blooms to complete the story. This refined and textured romantic wedding cake will be sure to stand out on your most special day.

Colored Romantic Wedding Cakes

Romantic wedding cakes don’t always have to be white, they can be colorful too. Whether you are having a backyard or garden wedding, a casual or classic wedding, you can sure choose to have a colorful wedding cake to mark your day. Consider covering your white cake in sugar flowers that are all the colors of the rainbow. Totally transform your traditional wedding cake into a romantic bouquet of sunshine. If you would prefer real blossoms, replace the sugar flowers with organic florals that will brighten and beautify your cake. You can tie bows with ribbons or even add lace to the base for a more textured look.


Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

One of the most romantic wedding cakes is hand-painted cakes. Brushstrokes and print can give you some of the best illustrations that your heart desires for your big day. If you love citrus or any other type of fruit or even a sentimental motif, consider your wedding cake hand-painted with this illustration. For a specific fruit or floral arrangement, you could add the subject of the illustration as a topper for the cake. Get inspiration for the color scheme from the choice of print for a more unified and put-together design.

Simple Romantic Wedding Cakes

A simple romantic wedding cake should be minimalistic, but still, stand out. Consider a cake in the rare eggshell color. Adorn with an arrangement of wildflowers to complement its unique color, alongside branches and a few sugar florals in pops of color that would just breathe romance all over it. You could also consider ivory in place of eggshell, with monochromatic décor.

Whether you are having a bohemian, contemporary, casual, garden, or classic wedding, there is a romantic wedding cake that would be perfect for you. From hand-painted décor to greenery, wreaths, ruffles, and even watercolor, you are sure to find one that inspires you to create the most romantic day for your nuptial celebration.