Top Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Your Guests Are Sure To Love

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Choosing a unique wedding cake for your big day can be a lot of fun. From the flavors to the colors and overall design, it would have to tie in with your unique theme and your personality as a couple. Something else that adds to the uniqueness of your wedding cake is the cake topper. This is one element that can completely transform your cake and should also be uniquely you. A special cake topper for a special cake and wedding. Unique wedding cake toppers come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. Apart from your wedding theme, your interests can also determine the type of topper you choose.


A perfect way to add a touch of your personal style to your wedding day, the effect of wedding cake toppers is sometimes underestimated. However, from fancy wedding cake toppers to bride & groom wedding cake toppers or even custom wedding cake toppers, there is a cake topper for every type of cake. To help you explore the different unique options out there whether you’re having a simple or lavish wedding, we have put together some of our favorite cake toppers for the wedding cake to inspire you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy a wedding cake topper?

There are lots of places that you can find unique or creative wedding cake toppers for your big day. From the wedding accessories store in your neighborhood, to online stores like Etsy. While a place around the corner might be convenient, most people opt for buying online, because of the array of options available in design, uniqueness, and quality. Whether you want original wedding cake toppers, cheap cake toppers for weddings or, custom wedding cake toppers bride and groom, it would be an easy find. Remember to check reviews of any store you choose to purchase from for your comfort.

What do you do with a wedding cake topper?

A wedding cake topper is a finish for your cake, like a crown atop a Queen or King’s head. The perfect opportunity to complete the personalization of your cake, it should be given to the wedding planner or the baker before the wedding. Depending on the size of the cake, it may be transported to the venue with or without the topper on top of it. Either way, it is meant to be sitting at the very top of the cake during the wedding. After the wedding, it can be kept in a box alongside other mementos or displayed in your home.


How To Choose A Wedding Topper

Even though the traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers customized are not as popular as they once were, there are still a number of ways to pick a topper that represents you both as a couple. Modern wedding cake toppers are usually more stylish, personalized, and styled in the design and interests that are unique to the bride and groom. From customizable, ideas such as floral pieces, monograms, or even laser etched designs, too cute wedding cake toppers styled after the couple’s favorite pet or movie.

The size of the topper is also important in relation to the size of the cake. Like a crown on ahead, it should complete the cake, and not overwhelm it. Also, the topper should literally top off the cake. The size of the topper is important relative to the size of the cake. No matter the type of personalized cake toppers for wedding cakes you decide on, they should complement the cake in color, design, and proportion.


Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Personalized wedding cake toppers are the perfect way to add uniqueness to your wedding cake. They also make great keepsakes after the wedding. There are so many options to choose from. You could have customized designs for the bride and groom, elegant wedding cake toppers made from garlands of seasonal florals. You could also have custom-made wedding cake toppers that feature silhouettes of you and your partner. And even your pets if you have any.


Cake Toppers With Animals

Honor your job if you work with animals, or your favorite pets with animal cake toppers. These can be in ceramic, felt, glass, or laser-cut silhouettes. Animals can make for some of the most fun and unique cake toppers and are often loved by all. Browse from any selection of your favorite animals to choose animals like penguins that come in pairs and are great for signifying love. Or dogs to represent your favorite pup. An “I do” or “Love” sign can be added to the topper or carved into the body of the topper for the perfect finish.



Cake Topper Ideas with Birds

Love birds are a great choice for wedding toppers. Considering what they signify and how cute they would look perched on a cake. Consider this if you’re looking to have the best cake toppers ever. From a pair of birds perched on a branch to another of them snuggled in their nest. This would be the perfect accessory to add to a wedding cake, be it for a rustic, classic, or backyard wedding. You could also add a few miniature eggs around the topper to complete the picture.


Cake Toppers with Favourite Heroes and Cute Characters

A couple can decide on their personalized cake toppers for the wedding to represent their favorite superheroes or characters from a movie. This would most definitely be unique and super cool. From laser cutouts of Doctor Who with Tardis to silhouettes of the amazing Yoda from the Star Wars series. To even acrylic designs of the Great Gatsby for a vintage theme wedding or the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You can be extra creative by adding any of your favorite phrases from the movies that speak to the love that you both share. This would make for the most fun and unique wedding cake topper to remember.



Cake Toppers Ideas For Rustic Wedding

A rustic style wedding would benefit from any number of unique cake toppers. Consider a rustic “Mr & Mrs” cake topper made from natural tree bark and wood. This would definitely give that outdoorsy, rustic feel that you’re looking for. Another option you could consider if you love the outdoors is a wireframe topper of a tandem bike riding couple or even one of two separate bikes. A unique choice of cake topper for a unique wedding, these would also look great sitting atop your living room shelf or mantelpiece after the wedding.


Adorable Cake Toppers Ideas For Desert Chic Wedding

If you are having a desert-chic country wedding, there are also cool wedding cake toppers that would suit you. Consider a custom piece of you and your partner in a wooden silhouette, in any pose that you choose. If you have pets, then their silhouettes can be included too. If you would prefer something simpler and more boho-inspired, think cactus, greenery, or vintage ornaments of wedding inspiration.



Romantic Groom And Bride Figures

One of our favorite and most romantic choice of personalized cake toppers is a jigsaw bride and groom piece. This type of cake topper would signify how your pieces both fit together perfectly and your guests are sure to love it. Asides from looking great on top of your wedding cake.  After the wedding, you can transform toppers into colorful and unique individual key rings. The best wedding keepsakes.


DIY Ideas for Cake Toppers

Another way to get unique wedding cake toppers for a bride and groom is to make them yourself. If you enjoy DIY, then you could take some time off to make your own design personalized. Crochet a red heart pillow design for your cake topper and display on sticks on your wedding day. You can also create a monogram on printable paper or etch out a design on corks for an unforgettable cake topper.

Add some personality and uniqueness to your big day with unique wedding cake toppers. Whether you are having a rustic, vintage, or classic wedding, the right wedding cake topper would add the perfect finish to your wedding cake.