Small Wedding Cakes [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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The popular saying that less is more holds true. You can opt for small wedding cakes and still have a showstopper! Consider decadent gold leaves, vibrant fresh flowers, watercolors, colorful accents, and more. The wow factor is indescribable because you will agree that the finest things come in small sizes.


They are perfect wedding cakes for a small wedding that cost less, suits your budget but packs a charm. And if this appeals to your style, you are in the right place. Here you will find small cakes beyond beauty, regardless of your theme, and expert tips to help you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a small wedding cake cost?

This depends on the couple’s choices. One tier of a semi-naked cake starts at $125 on average while the price of two tiers of semi-naked will cost about $230.

What size is a small cake?

Beautiful small wedding cakes are between 8 to 10 inches which can serve 20 good slices. For small 2 tier wedding cakes, 6 to 8 inches can serve 35 slices.


Small Wedding Cake Ideas


Small Wedding Cakes With Flowers

To upgrade small simple wedding cakes, go with a fresh take. The traditional wedding cake toppers will always remain cute, but touches of nature are unrivaled. Incorporate fresh blooms picked from the garden into your wedding cake.
What’s your fancy? Ranunculus, dahlias, calla lilies, peonies, roses, or crafted sugar? Just know that they deliver mega-doses of romance and elegance. Plus, you won’t be skipping tradition, you know? You just gave it a refreshing twist.



Watercolor & Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Hand-painted wedding small cakes with watercolor have continues to grow and evolve. They are great for all kinds of weddings, especially the beach. The creativity involved makes us crush hard. From structured patterns to hand-painted florals, layers of vibrant hues to tranquil colors, the inspiration never ends. Consider an accented touch of single bloom and greenery on opposing gold-dipped tiers for a polished look. For a flirty look, you can incorporate layers of colors and a modern monogram.



Naked Wedding Cakes

Switching a ton of outer frosting for fillings, the flavor and moisture in a naked cake are preserved. Naked simple small wedding cake ideas show that it is about what’s on the inside. They’re perfect for rustic and industrial-chic weddings, offering an earthy look. Options for naked cakes include dipping them in chocolate glaze and dotting them with pink lush flowers and figs. You can also top it with blooms and berries for outdoor weddings or a thin layer of buttercream topped with succulents for a bohemian look.


Colored Small Wedding Cakes

If you don’t do basic or consider yourself a traditional bride, embrace colored small wedding cake ideas. This allows your baker to create a wedding confection that is truly reflective of you and your partner’s personalities. If you are planning for a destination wedding, incorporate tropical hues to match your theme. We also love gradients like the ombre mauve buttercream with posies and cream for whimsical themes. Others include pretty pastels, edgy black or deep charcoal for modern looks.



Classy White And Ivory Mini Wedding Cakes

Opulence, elegance, beauty, and luxury are the hallmarks of small white wedding cakes. Ivory is also are soft color associated with chic, style, and elegance because of its pearly look. Work these colors in Swiss meringue buttercream shaped into floral flourishes and blossoms. Adorn them with glistening real gold leaf flecks. You can also have them dripping with white chocolate glaze, buttercream roses, chocolate feathers, or gold embellished macaroons.


Modern Wedding Cakes Design

Small wedding cakes designs come with lots of frost, frills, and flowers. But what gives us the sugar rush is when they go refined, sleek, contemporary, and modern. Consider geometric shapes like triangular cut small cakes in black, gray, and white hues. Work with clean crisp prism lines, marbles, metallic accent and detailing, dotted linear designs or angular add ons.



Wedding Cakes With Berries

Small tiered wedding cakes with berries are getting more popular these days. They are delicious to taste and adorable to the eyes. Opt for decorating them with cherries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries for a fabulous look. Give them some polish by throwing in seasonal flowers. For more finesses, embed berries between the tiered layers or embellish them around the cake and top with greenery. They are perfect for rustic, shabby chic, and outdoor weddings.

Choose Something Special – Try Mini Cakes

If you aren’t one for sharing your desserts, the advantages of offering mini cakes are endless. Go with mini wedding cakes for two or individual guest sizes decorated to the nines. The two inches sized cakes will let your guests enjoy pretty works of art, fully covered with offerings instead of slices. You can also mismatch them in your chosen flavors.

Small wedding cakes are beauties that will help work your budget nicely while preventing wastage. From traditional to modern and vintage there’s a style for everyone. Check out our collection and get inspired.