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36 Small Wedding Cakes With Big Style


When you are willing to save some money but at the same time to make a statement at your reception our suggestion is to search for a perfect variant among small wedding cakes. Another advantage is that you can make this cake yourself or ask your friend for help. Because of the small size think carefully about rich decorations you can add. Put an eye-catching bouquet on top or decorate the sides with garland consisted of roses with leaves and berries. Next station is fruits. Supposing you can either cut fruits or leave them untouched on your beautiful naked cake, in both cases it would be pleasant to taste not only the cake, but also juicy colorful berries (place them not only on the top but also between the layers). For a rustic wedding choose a romantic topper with two birds, for instance, and a wooden stand for your cake. Take a look at our gallery of small wedding cakes and catch new fresh ideas!


Photo 1-6: Stylish Small Wedding Cakes With Flowers

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