DOs And DON’Ts Of This Year’s Fall Wedding Planning

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If you are just starting to plan for a fall wedding you’re already a little bit behind. Not to worry though, we’re here to help you catch up! Fall weddings are the most popular season for brides across the country and for good reason.


We’re about to teach you why this particular time of year is so sought after and how to leverage the characteristics of the season so that your design, decor, menu, and apparel decision are properly inspired.

Brides Often Ask

Is it worth it to have a wedding in the fall?

It is definitely worth it to plan a fall wedding. Between the seasonal color palette, foods, comfortable temperatures and fresh menu options, fall is an ideal time to get married.

Why are fall weddings so popular?

Fall weddings are so popular mainly due to the spirit of the season. It is the time of year that represents the harvest, ripeness, purity, fortune, and many other characteristics that are great virtues for weddings.

What to wear to a fall wedding?

Fall weddings present an excellent opportunity for elaborate outfits. Start with layers that can be removed or added according to what the weather demands. For colors, follow the seasonal palette including earth tones and rich harvest-inspired hues. We will expand on this and provide specific examples later in the post.


Fall Wedding Planning Tips

The most significant fall wedding advice to take seriously is: start early. Autumn weddings are highly competitive. If you want to get your ideal venue, travel arrangements, hotel blocks, and vendors at a reasonable price you’ll have to sign your contracts at least a year in advance. The closer you get to the wedding date, the larger your competitive premium is going to be.

Beyond that, make sure to plan for unexpected weather situations. Have a plan to deal with fluctuating temperatures and make sure that your guests have indoor or sheltered space to count on.

Whenever possible, take advantage of what the season has to offer. Gorgeous flowers are in bloom, the harvest is fresh, and no artist in the world could compete with the photographic backdrops that mother nature will provide during this time. Buy fresh and local to make the most of it.


Fall Wedding Pros & Cons


  • The weather and scenery can be absolutely gorgeous.
  • Local harvest offers the freshest, most delicious foods.
  • A wider variety of wedding gown and suit options.
  • Late fall is less competitive and less expensive.


  • Weather can be unpredictable.
  • If you have particular tastes, some food may not be available or more expensive than usual.
  • It’s too cold for some of the more revealing gown options.
  • Early fall is “peak wedding season” driving up competition and costs. Either way, guests may have trouble with their work and school schedules.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall has a lot of inspiration for weddings. Between the natural color palette and symbolism built into the season, each and every one of your decisions can benefit from autumn inspiration.


Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first element of your wedding that guests will interact with. Fall-inspired design cues will set the tone for the entire experience. For the best results, draw your inspiration from the heartiness of the fall harvest, the delicateness of seasonal flowers, or the charm of synchronistic earth tones and metallics.

Wedding Decor

Fall wedding decor can be absolutely stunning. Every single religion throughout history has strong ties to harvest time, creating symbolism such as fortune, fertility, and worthiness. Lean into these rich colors and textures. For the best impact, juxtapose vivid colors against muted tones. This will bring your colors to live and dynamically stimulate the eye.


Wedding Centerpieces

With all of the colors available during a fall wedding, you are going to be tempted to choose the most vivid color palette possible. This is not the way to go. Too many bright colors will inevitably compete with each other creating visual confusion. Instead, limit your palette to neutrals and one or two primary colors. This will establish a desired theme.

Wedding Flowers

There is no shortage of options when it comes to fall wedding flowers. Usually, brides will choose a small number of flowers to create their bouquets and decorative florals. During the fall, however, brides are encouraged to mix and match to their heart’s content. Every assemblage of colors, sizes, textures, and shapes will be a work of art.


Wedding Bouquets

The bride’s bouquet is always a big deal. For fall weddings, you have a surplus of options at your disposal. Do your best to stay within your color palette, and think outside the box by adding sprigs and berries for an extra splash of color and texture. Eucalyptus is a common choice that exemplifies the season.

Wedding Cakes

There are 2 extremely popular fall wedding cakes to consider. The first is a traditional wedding cake adorned with fresh fall flowers, similar to the rest of your floral decor. The second is a naked cake, exposing colorful fresh harvest berries. You can further customize your choice with a unique cake pedestal (such as a wood plate for rustic weddings) that leans into your wedding theme.


Wedding Dress

It’s very common for brides to choose a traditional white gown so that she stands out against the plethora of fall wedding colors. Instead of concerning yourself with color, choose fabrics and patterns that mimic the organic flowing nature of the season.

Wedding Guest Dresses

For guests attending a fall wedding, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose flat blocks of harvest colors like green, burnt orange, and burgundy. Fabrics should be light to promote movement but accompanied by a shawl or light jacket in case of colder weather.


Fall Wedding Color Palette

Earthy and Natural Hues

Embark on a journey into the wilderness of wedding colors with earthy tones like mystic olive, rustic brown, and warm terracotta. These enchanting colors will immerse your celebration in the natural beauty of the season, complemented by organic elements like driftwood and foliage.

Jewel-Toned Elegance

Unlock the treasure chest of sophistication with opulent jewel tones – emerald enchantment, amethyst allure, and sapphire splendor. Like precious gemstones, these colors add depth and grandeur to your wedding decor, casting a spell of timeless elegance over your guests.

Timeless Neutrals

Evoke the serenity of a misty morning with versatile neutrals – ivory whispers, taupe tranquility, and champagne dreams. Acting as a canvas, neutrals harmonize and highlight other fall colors, weaving a story of understated elegance throughout your celebration.

Playful and Vibrant Accents

Infuse your wedding with the spirit of celebration using playful accents like coral delight, deep pink bliss, or turquoise ecstasy. These vivacious colors will dance through your decor, imbuing the atmosphere with youthful energy and joyful moments.

Things Brides Forget When Planning A Fall Wedding

There are a few mistakes that you can avoid when planning for a fall wedding.

  • Don’t start too late:
    The longer you wait to start your planning, the more expensive everything will be. Plan and sign your vendor contracts as early as possible to get the best price.
  • Don’t go color crazy:
    There are so many powerful colors to choose from, it’s hard not to pick them all. This will be a decorative disaster. Instead, consult a color palette wheel to find the best combination of a handful of colors.
  • Don’t go rogue:
    You chose a fall wedding for a reason. It wouldn’t make sense to go to all that trouble only to land on a bejeweled winter wonderland theme.
  • Don’t get caught by surprise:
    The weather can drastically change from hot to cold throughout your event and rain can make an appearance without warning. Make sure that you and your guests are prepared with proper attire and adequate shelter if needed.
  • Don’t forget everyone else:
    Make sure that you communicate your color palette and theme for your fall wedding. Many guests aren’t familiar with wedding etiquette or your personal expectations. They will need a little guidance.

Fall weddings are a treat for all the senses. Make sure to leave plenty of time for planning and exercise a little restraint when choosing your colors and textures. These simple rules will keep you confidently pointed down the road of wedding success.