18 Fall Wedding Dresses + FAQs

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Fall is a popular season for weddings, likely due to the amazing decorations, backdrops, and comfortable weather. That’s why we scoured the looks at Bridal Fashion Week to bring you the hottest trends for Fall.

Get ready for chic and beautiful wedding gown styles that you will love for your fall wedding or beyond! Browse our gallery of best fall wedding dresses and pin your favorite!

Brides Often Ask

What do you wear over a fall wedding dress?

A basic bolero, shawl, or cap-sleeved jacket will work well to complete your fall look. Simpler dress – particularly on top (a basic strapless or sweetheart neckline) you can get a little more adventurous with your coverup.

Floral Bridal Gowns For Autumn

Recently floral wedding dresses are gaining more and more popularity. Firstly, they look amazing all year round. Also, they come in all shades of milky white, champagne and ivory!

You can keep your floral pattern moderate and elegant, almost non-existent, with a bit of shimmer. A hot bride can wear with voluminous 3D flower embellishments and glam-studded floral patterns. Floral dresses will always remain one of the top choices for a wedding gown. Why such popularity? Probably because flowers with their fragile beauty are the very image of a bride on her wedding day!


Bohemian Fall Bridal Gowns

Bohemian style has been on top for more than one year, and it remains one of the hottest wedding dresses! There is hardly any other style that makes the bride look fragile, romantic, and elegant! Bohemian dresses are very different. Still, they all have that organic feel about them, which makes them very attractive for an outdoor wedding. Boho brides at fall weddings might consider some kind of capes overlay.

Lace Fall Wedding Dresses

Lace is the bride’s best friend. This feature can be used extremely sparingly or used throughout the entire gown. The choice is yours.

Whether you choose an entire gown or a simple highlight, a lace wedding dress is meant to be graceful. Make sure to duplicate your gown choices throughout the rest of the wedding decor and accessories to achieve consistency.

Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves

Long sleeves remain one of the hottest trends and remain among some of the most popular dresses to wear to a fall wedding. First of all, these bridal gowns have a classy look. They complete your look, and you can be absolutely sure that your long sleeve fall wedding dresses show your unique style. Ball gowns or mini dresses, posh or minimalistic ones – long sleeves look good no matter what! Long-sleeved dresses look very feminine and modest.

Simple Fall Wedding Dresses

There are many variables that make wedding dresses complex or simple. Simple wedding dresses have always been a popular option due to their comfort and the durability of the material. Often women make attempts to have extravagant gowns that are very uncomfortable. And later, they realize all too late how important comfort is on such a big day.

Ball Gown Wedding Gowns

Always the quintessential favorite, the ball gown wedding dress continues to make its mark in wedding trends for 2023. If you have imagined yourself looking like a princess on your wedding day, this trend is for you. The queen gown is so timeless and versatile that it will work with almost any wedding theme and any wedding venue. The ball gown style is show-stopping and works with all body types.