15 Rust Wedding Guest Dress Ideas [2023 Guide / FAQs]

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If you are looking for the latest bridal trend to wear this year, you are looking for a rust wedding guest dress. They’re practical, modern, and versatile. You can wear a rust wedding guest dress all year round to virtually any theme without the fear of not fitting in. This color really does check all the boxes.

Rust is an orange hue that leans towards the red end of the color spectrum. You’ll hear it referred to as burnt orange and copper among other names. The variety of colors you choose, the silhouette, and the fabric can all drastically change the look of your wedding guest dress, so you’ll want to get familiar with the options before making a choice. Well, here they are!

Brides Often Ask

Can I wear a rust color to a wedding?

Warm colors  (red, orange, yellow) tend to exude energy, happiness, and excitement. Rust color wedding guest dresses fall on the red side of the color pallet. This is an unusual color for attire, providing an added sense of uniqueness that compliments nearly every skin tone.


Rust Colored Dress Wedding Guest

Choosing the best rust-colored wedding guest dress is a difficult task. The first step is to choose a silhouette that suits the formality of the venue and theme. The second is to choose a fabric that is comfortable for the season. Finally, the specific hue you choose should reflect the emotional spirit of the bride’s chosen wedding theme.


Rust Orange Wedding Guest Dresses

Wearing a rust dress for wedding guests is an extremely popular choice these days, especially during harvest season. This particular shade of orange-red is very reminiscent of autumntime crops and trees.

Rust orange is also reminiscent of a sunset, making it a very romantic choice. Essentially what you are doing is capturing the warm spirit of nature.


Rust Satin Dress Ideas For Guests

A rust orange wedding guest dress is unique enough as it is. Add a layer of satin and what you have is something truly outstanding. Be warned, however. This look transforms the wholesome look of rust orange into something sensual. Rust satin dresses are best served at sophisticated, evening affairs.


Long Rust Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

Maxi-length gowns are definitely in this year for wedding guests. Long flowing fabric hides figure flaws, adds a little bit of drama, and looks great flowing in the wind. This makes a long rust-colored dress ideal for outdoor spring and summer weddings.

You can easily transform the summer garden look into a quintessential boho simply by swapping a few key accessories.

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

As mentioned earlier, a rust-colored dress for wedding guests is ideal for all seasons. In colder months, extra clothing is usually called for. That’s no problem with rust or burnt orange. These hues are vivid, but not so overwhelming that you can’t pair them with other colors. You can enjoy the rust wedding in comfort with all manner of neutral compliments.