Top Indian Wedding Nails For Every Bridal Look: Ideas + FAQs

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Just like any other wedding, Indian weddings take a lot of preparation. From choosing the lehenga to catering, gifts, wedding themes, and so on. In all of this flurry, it’s important not to forget some details, especially before the mehndi. Details such as Indian wedding nails or whatever type of manicure you have in mind for such a special day.


So, do not panic if you feel you’ve run out of inspiration. We have put together a list of glamorous ideas for wedding nails for an Indian bride.

Brides Often Ask

What nail color goes with Indian style?

It’s important to go with shades that complement the skin tone. So for darker Indian skin tones, red, Fuschia pink, sunshine yellow, and poppy orange would be best. Lighter Indian skin tones should consider pastel nail colors as well as peaches and reds.

Should I get my nails done before or after mehndi?

It is better to get your nails done before mehndi. This is because if you do the mehndi before your manicure, the chemicals in the nail polish remover and the nail polish can affect the mehndi, causing it to fade quicker.


Neutral Indian Wedding Nails

Neutral nails for an Indian wedding are the best option if you want a minimalistic option that can go with any choice of wedding style or color. No matter the event you’re attending for the wedding or your choice of accessories, neutral wedding nails would complement your look from start to finish. You could consider slightly translucent milky nails, nude nails, or jelly nails.

Each option is so versatile, that it can be adapted to fit any wedding look. You could choose to include glittery accent nails or adorn each nail in sparkly rhinestones to complement your rings.


Red Nails For Indian Bride

Red is a sexy color that is also a great choice if you need spectacular nails for an Indian wedding. You could choose bold or dark red, with glitter or without. You could even combine this bold color with black, gold, or even silver to make an even bigger statement on your big day.

When choosing the look for your wedding, don’t forget your nails. With red, you could choose a design that would complement your bouquet, your glittery accessories, or even your dress. Choose plain red if you already have over-the-top accessories, or red with glitter if you want even more sparkle.


Gold Nail Design Ideas

Gold Indian wedding nails are the ultimate if you want to shine or sparkle. The metallic hue of gold nails means that they will catch the light at your wedding and look even more glamorous in wedding photos and videos. Choose your finger accessories carefully if you don’t want to go over the top with all the sparkle.

However, if you want to make a statement as you should, then gold nails with exciting nail art designs can complete your look. No doubt they will look exquisite while you dance the baraat tunes and pose for endless wedding photos.


Glitter Nails For An Indian Wedding

Glam up your wedding look with glitter nails that would be perfect for an Indian wedding celebration. Whether you prefer ombre nails for that subtle hint of shimmer or accent glitter nails to contrast other nails in your favorite color. Glittery nails will always be a great choice for a bride.

There is no day like your wedding day to shine, sparkle, and stand apart from the crowd as you begin the journey of a lifetime of love.

Nails For Indian Wedding Guests

As a wedding guest at an Indian wedding, you would have to put some effort into your look for the day and this would no doubt include your nails. Regular French manicure nails would be great for Indian wedding guests. This idea does not limit your choice of colors as the French manicure can be just as versatile as it is simple.

So, rock the colors you feel would be best for your style with the white tips for a bold and elegant look that would befit any Indian wedding attire.

No need to worry about photographers or videographers that zoom in on details such as your hands or fingers. With the right choice of Indian wedding nails, this would be the least of your worries as you enjoy your big day. From bridal portraits to dance floor photos, you can be sure to be 100% spectacular, nails included, using either one of our favorite choices.