18 Gold Wedding Gowns + Faqs

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Want to choose a dress that every guest will remember? Something truly breathtaking? Consider gold wedding gowns! This trend is gaining popularity among wedding dresses this year.


Actually, gold wedding dresses are so much more than traditional white and gold. They are so much more than classical white and gold! They come in all shades of beige, vibrant gold, and deep bronze. No matter what style or shades you choose – you will look dazzling in these gold bridal dresses!

Brides Often Ask

Can a bride wear a colored dress?

Can I wear a colorful wedding dress? Absolutely! You should wear whatever best showcases your personal style. In many cultures, it is traditional to wear color on your wedding day.

What does a gold wedding dress mean?

Gold is associated with wealth, elegance, happiness, and wisdom. So many good things to say about the color, which presumably makes it the preferred choice for some brides. It looks good on just about any skin tone too, and the shimmer makes the wearer stand out from the crowd.


Rose Gold Wedding Dresses

Color dresses are in high demand this season. If you like golden wedding dresses but want to give them a bit of color – do mix pink and gold. Browse our gallery to pick your perfect rose gold wedding dress, and appreciate the beauty of this wonderful shade. Definitely one of the most spectacular shades among gold dresses for weddings!


Champagne Gold Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a wow effect, you are going to love these champagne gold wedding dresses. What makes them so special? Champagne tones create beautiful deep dimensional color. This color looks both romantic and dreamy and adds a certain flair to your bridal look. It doesn’t matter if you choose a design with 3D embellishments, or a simple smooth silk one – you are going to look absolutely breathtaking!


Sparkle Gold Bridal Dresses

There are traditional, minimal, ultra-feminine, bohemian, and vintage-inspired wedding dresses to fit a range of bridal aesthetics. And then, there are the spectacular, over-the-top, super-glitzy gowns fit for the most glamorous brides. What the red carpet is for celebrities is what a wedding day if for any bride-to-be, so why not go all out and really shine on your big day? A glitzy wedding gown is flawless for a bright wedding. From simple sequins to elaborate beading, this edit of sparkly wedding dresses is perfect for a glamorous bridal moment.


White And Gold Wedding Dresses

You might feel that you are not yet ready to experiment with color. Want something a bit more original than a simple white dress? Pick a white and gold wedding dress. This kind of dress will look interesting, keeping all the appearance of a traditional white wedding gown. A perfect balance between modern trends and a timeless bridal look.

Simple Gold Bridal Gowns

Simple gold wedding dresses exude elegance and timeless beauty. Their understated charm creates a stunning and sophisticated look for any bride. With their subtle shimmer and delicate details, these dresses capture the essence of romance and luxury.


Gold Wedding Gowns With Sleeves

Long sleeves give your dress a more traditional and innocent look. Gold or champagne wedding dress with sleeves is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. You might also prefer this style for your traditional church wedding. Some religious institutions do not allow the bride to flash too much open skin.

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