27 Colourful Wedding Dresses + Expert Tips/FAQs

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A beautiful way of expressing your style on your big day, colourful wedding dresses can be a game-changer indeed. Brides are no longer limited to plain colors. And with so many hues to choose from, red, blue, pink, or even black, inspiration will not be short in supply.


So, before you decide on the best color or colors for you, choose your color palette. Also, choose which would best go with the overall theme for the wedding. For a beautiful and most colorful celebration.

Yellow Wedding Colored Dresses

Best suited for ladies with dark hair and dark skin, yellow wedding dresses can be particularly charming indeed. The perfect combination for any such dress would be accessories of darker, contrasting colors. Such as green, blue, or brown. The best way to show off such an admirable color. These bright colored wedding dresses are perfect choice to stand out!


Ombre Wedding Dresses Colored

If you are looking for a way to add some color to your wedding without going too far, then ombre is one way to go. The graduation of color fading out to the neutral dress can give you the right balance of non-traditional to traditional that you desire. You could choose deep colors, a mix of pale watercolors, or just one color for a simple effect.


Blush Colored Wedding Dresses

According to Innocentia, a bridal brand, in 2024, wedding dresses will beautifully showcase three main colors: blush, ivory, and nude. Blush adds a soft, romantic touch, ivory continues as a timeless choice for classic elegance, and nude offers a bold, contemporary statement. These colors reflect the diverse styles and preferences of modern brides, making them the top picks for this year’s wedding fashion.

Blush unique colored wedding dresses have become increasingly popular for brides seeking a romantic and modern twist on traditional white bridal gowns. This delicate and soft hue, reminiscent of pale pink or dusty rose, adds a touch of elegance and femininity to the bridal ensemble. Blush wedding dresses flatter a variety of skin tones and create a romantic ambiance, making them a stunning choice for both traditional and contemporary weddings.


Green Wedding Dresses

Green dresses for weddings are a captivating choice, symbolizing nature, growth, and harmony. From lush emerald to soft mint, these dresses offer a refreshing twist on traditional bridal attire. Perfect for eco-conscious brides or those who want to make a style statement, green non traditional colored wedding dresses bring a touch of enchantment to any ceremony.


Dark Colored Wedding Dresses

Quite many modern brides are opting for dark fall colored wedding dresses. From deep shades of black, navy, and burgundy, to rich emerald or dark violet, these pictures of colored wedding dresses exude a sense of mystery and sophistication.

Perfect for modern, gothic, or alternative-themed weddings, dark fall colored dresses for weddings beautifully contrast against traditional white decor and create an unforgettable bridal look.

Red Wedding Dresses

A symbol of elation and passion, wine colored dresses for wedding will no doubt wow your guests and your partner. A very catchy color, it reflects a lot of self-confidence and is for the woman who enjoys being in the spotlight. So lap up the attention as much as you can; it is your day anyway.

Expert Tip
Neutral colors are in this wedding season. Using colors such as browns, creams, nudes, and ivory have become increasingly popular. Neutrals are chic, romantic and will never go out of style.


Champagne Colored Wedding Dresses

If you’re a bride-to-be who happens to straddle the line between traditional and modern – a simple champagne colored wedding dresses can offer the best of both worlds. For bold statement gowns in gold-colored will be suitable the most. And for the minimalist bride – champagne is a classic neutral tone that always pairs amazingly with clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Or you can choose cream colored wedding dresses if you want something not bright.

Blue Wedding Dresses

One of our favorite colors of wedding dresses for brides is blue and navy blue. For a summer wedding, blue dresses for wedding are preferable. For a fall wedding, a perfect choice will be a blue different colored wedding dresses like navy for creating a moody, dramatic bridal look, even gothic if you, please. These colors work for most wedding types, and are great for rustic barn weddings, and elegant ballroom receptions.


Purple Colourful Wedding Dresses

Purple bright colored dresses for wedding exude a sense of regal elegance and individuality. This enchanting color choice adds a unique and bold touch to the bridal ensemble, making the bride stand out on her special day. From soft lavender and lilac to rich plum colored dresses for wedding and royal purple, there’s a shade to suit every bride’s style and personality

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Brides Often Ask

How To Choose Colors for Different Wedding Themes?

  • Romantic Garden and Outdoor Weddings.

Blush or soft pastel dresses complement the natural beauty of garden settings. Flowing chiffon or tulle fabrics create a dreamy and ethereal look.
Floral embroidery or appliqués add a romantic touch inspired by the surroundings.

  • Gothic and Alternative Weddings.

Opt for rich and dramatic hues like deep burgundy, dark purple, or black. Incorporate lace or velvet fabrics for a touch of gothic elegance.
Unique details such as corset bodices or edgy embellishments complete the alternative look.

  • Whimsical and Fairytale Themes

Soft pastels or dreamy lilac dresses bring a fairytale-like aura to life. Ombre or dip-dye effects create a whimsical and magical appearance.
Layered tulle skirts or ball gown silhouettes add a princess-like charm.

  • Modern and Contemporary Celebrations

Embrace bold and vibrant colors like emerald green, navy blue, or metallic tones. Minimalist and sleek designs with clean lines suit modern aesthetics. Asymmetrical or high-low hemlines offer a contemporary twist to traditional gowns.

What Makeup and Hairstyle To Choose?

  • Balance the look: For vibrant dress colors, opt for a softer makeup look to avoid overwhelming the overall appearance.
  • Complementing the theme: Consider the wedding theme when choosing makeup and hairstyles. For a boho-inspired wedding, go for natural, beachy waves or loose braids.
  • Harmonize with the dress style: If the dress has intricate details or a unique neckline, consider an updo or a hairstyle that doesn’t hide these features.

What colors can a bride wear?

Here are some of the most popular colors for wedding gowns and their meaning.

  • White – Purity. …
  • Ivory – Tainted Purity (According to Some) …
  • Light Gold – Wealth and Elegance. …
  • Purple – Royalty, Power, Sophistication. …
  • Black – Elegance, Sophistication, Sexuality. …
  • Red – Power, Love, Warmth. …
  • Pink – Innocence, Femininity.
  • Yellow – Laughter, Adventure