30 Beach Wedding Dresses: Tips+ FAQs

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A beach wedding is the ultimate excuse to find that one dress that will capture the lights and breeze and lovely ambiance of the beach. You’re in luck and at the right place if you’re wondering what to wear to a beach wedding.


For your special benefit, we’ve provided you with the best examples of beach wedding dresses, boho outfits you can, and many other upbeat options and tips for a flawless bride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dress should I wear to a beach wedding?

Casual beach brides may opt for shorter frocks, midi-length dresses, or high-low hemlines. If you want to wear something more formal, turn to flow A-line silhouettes.

Do I need to wear shoes as a beach bride?

For beach brides, shoes are optional! If you envision yourself walking down the aisle barefoot in the sand, then go for it. However, if you prefer to wear shoes, consider flat sandals, sturdy wedges, or block heels.


Bohemian Beach Wedding Dresses

Bohemian beach wedding dresses are known for giving brides that effortless yet sexy look. There are perfect for brides who want a relaxed and free-spirited look on their special day. These dresses typically feature flowing fabrics, lace details, and intricate embroidery. With their effortless and romantic style, bohemian beach wedding dresses are ideal for outdoor and destination weddings.

Below are a few tips on accessorizing a boho beach wedding dress:

  • Earrings: lovely drop earrings can be great accessories for a boho beach wedding dress.
  • Necklace: A pearl or beach-themed necklace for that creative boho bride. Find the right pair to accessorize your simple sexy wedding dress.
  • Barefoot sandals: These can be a lovely addition to a bohemian look for a beach wedding. Sandals come in different fabulous styles and can top off your look effortlessly.


Sexy Beach Wedding Gowns

Sexy beach wedding dresses typically feature daring cuts, sheer fabrics, and intricate detailing. There are a number of fabulous styles which fall into this category.

Choosing to wedding in a sweetheart gown will have you feeling free and unencumbered as a bird. For the bride who wants to accentuate every curve, the perfect choice will be a mermaid dress. Flowy bridal dress. This type of wedding dress captures the essence of the seaside. The flow of the breeze, the lightness of the occasion.

Here are some tips for accessorizing a sexy beach wedding dress:

  • Consider a statement piece: Instead of wearing lots of jewelry, consider choosing one statement piece that complements your dress, such as a bold cuff bracelet or a dramatic pair of earrings.
  • Add a touch of sparkle: To add some sparkle to your outfit, consider wearing a delicate ankle bracelet or a pair of strappy sandals with glittery accents.
  • Play with textures: If your dress features intricate detailing or sheer fabrics, consider adding some texture to your look with a beaded hair accessory.


Lace Beach Wedding Gowns

Lace wedding gowns are absolutely priceless. There’s something about the lace fabric that looks beautiful however you use it. Lace beach wedding dresses offer a delicate and feminine look for brides who want to combine elegance with a beachy vibe. These dresses typically feature light, airy fabrics and are a popular choice for beach weddings.

So, below are a few tips how to accessorize lace dresses for a beach wedding:

  • Keep it simple: Since a lace beach wedding dress is already an intricate and delicate piece, it’s important to keep your accessories simple. Opt for minimal jewelry, such as a pair of earrings and a bracelet, and avoid wearing a necklace that could compete with the dress.
  • Choose natural materials: When it comes to accessories for a beach wedding, natural materials like shells, pearls, and sea glass can complement your lace dress perfectly.
  • Add a pop of color: A colorful hair accessory, such as a flower crown or a hair clip, can be a beautiful addition to a lace beach wedding dress.


Casual Beach Bridal Dresses

Not all brides are enthused with bedazzled trains, beaded bodices, or dramatic looks. They just prefer casual wedding dresses that make them look classic without sacrificing style. Casual beach wedding dresses feature just as many details as glitz and glam creations. They are whimsical and airy. From something sexy to pantsuits. The options are endless!

Below are a few tips to accessorize casual dresses for the beach:

  • Keep it light: Since a casual beach wedding dress is designed for a relaxed and carefree setting, it’s important to keep your accessories light and airy.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses: Sunglasses are a must for any beach wedding, and can also add a chic touch to your look. Choose a stylish pair that complements your dress and protects your eyes from the sun.
  • Choose appropriate footwear: For a beach wedding, comfortable and practical shoes are a must. Consider wearing flat sandals, espadrilles or flip-flops that won’t sink into the sand.

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Simple Beach Bridal Dresses

Simple is by no means boring. This is why minimalist sexy wedding dresses are a great choice for that timeless bride. These simple beach wedding dresses paired with the right accessories and makeup draw attention from the dress to the bride.

Consider that a beach wedding dress should speak flowy, sexy, and possibly see-through. For this, the perfect variant will be chiffon is not only a great fabric choice considering all of this, but it also travels very well.

  • Add a statement piece: A simple beach wedding dress can be elevated with a statement piece of jewelry, such as a bold necklace or a pair of oversized earrings.
  • Consider a hair accessory: A simple beach wedding dress can be complemented with a hair accessory such as a flower crown or a hair comb.
  • Add a pop of color: If your dress is a neutral color, consider adding a pop of color with your accessories. This can be done through your jewelry, shoes, or hair accessories.