30 Glam Wedding Makeup Ideas For 2024 [Guide + Hacks]

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One thing you must do on your wedding day is to stun, and getting glam wedding makeup is ideal to pull it off. The glam style of makeup would work for you regardless of your taste. If you are minimalist or traditional, then soft glam wedding makeup is for you. However, glamorous, dramatic, and flamboyant brides would prefer the full glam affair.


Whatever the case, you’d be seeing lots of contouring, highlighting, defined brows, shimmers, sparkles, gems, and art. Neutrals and punchy colors will also come out to play. All these essentials combine to form unforgettable old Hollywood, boho, and fairy looks among others. So check this post and pick the look best for you.

What is glam wedding makeup?

Glam wedding makeup is a combination of full glam and soft glam looks. Think carved-out brows, glitters, diffused eyeshadows, blinding highlighter, brushed-through brines, and the whole neutral, natural, and effortless lush look.

How can I get long eyelashes for a glam look?

In the same way, the face has a primer, there are primers for eyelashes to apply them as a base coat for your mascara to sit on. Together, your lashes bulk to create an illusion of more length. You can also wear falsies.

Glam Wedding Makeup Ideas

The best inspirations for glam wedding makeup looks are from model photoshoots and iconic Hollywood actresses. It starts with a natural base upgraded with light touches here and there. Think false lashes, highlighting, bold lips, defined brows, and more. However, this look retains its cat eyes, matte skin, and pouty lips from before time.

This shows that even though makeup is different, there are various areas of common interest. For instance, you can keep a neutral eye look but pump it up with a punchy coral shade lipstick. Your shiny and well-hydrated skin could be all the upgrade you need to move from drab to gorgeous.


Soft Glam Wedding Makeup

A look ravaging the internet right now is the soft glam makeup for weddings. This is a monochromatic style of makeup that gives the celebrity glow and it is all about the eyes. Go in with a shimmery neutral touch and matte eyeliners on the upper lashes to add depth to your lid and accentuate your look. You may also opt for light nudes and pastels which are the best for the eyes.

Finish with a winged back eyeliner and brushed through brows to complement the satiny skin. For the lips, pull the warmth from your natural skin tone with glossy or nude lips. But if you want to go with more vivid color, opt for red with a velvety finish and a blurred effect. This kind of makeup is perfect for a contemporary or vintage wedding, rustic, or industrial chic wedding.


Full Glam Wedding Makeup

Full glam wedding makeup is for the bride whose everyday makeup borders on the exquisite and heavy. Opt for blushes, corals, or pinks with gold or orange undertones for your cheeks, chin, and temples. For the eyes, opt for the clean carved out trendy eyebrows paired with a graphic eyeliner that is thin or layered and detailed depending on your eye size.

For your eyeshadows, opt for ombre or gradients that just call for attention. Ensure that your eyeshadow is cut, creased, and peppered with glitter or gems. Go in with a highlighter or bronzer for your cheeks, nose, and chin, then finish with a bold maroon, bloody red, or cranberry lipstick.


Wedding Old Hollywood Glam Makeup

The old Hollywood glam wedding makeup has held our fascination for decades. And even though style changes with time, old Hollywood beauty is eternal. So if you want to channel the flapper flair from the 1920s, consider a Smokey eye makeup and an easy headband updo. Pair this look with several strands of shimmering necklaces for a Great Gatsby look.

Alternatively, you could express the intensely defined 1930s with thick natural brows instead of the ultra-thin ones from back in the day. Complement your brows-sleepy eyed metallic eyeshadow and a glossy blood red lippie. For a romantic 40s glam, exaggerate your eyes and lips to look bigger with a satiny Scarlett mouth, cut crease eyeshadow, and large false lashes.


Glam Boho Wedding Makeup

Boho wedding makeup glam is a blend of radiant glistening skin and minimal use of products. It also leans more towards artistic expression than creating a look. However, bohemian makeup can be elaborate while maintaining a wild and carefree look. You could make your eyes soft with a bronze tone and smudged out eyeliner because the boho look is more celebratory and has a mood to it.

For instance, wear a rich pink tone of lipstick paired with dark eyebrows. You can also do the classic boho look with a trendy blush or bronzer cheek for a sun-kissed-looking glow. Lastly, nail the ultimate boho look with a soft orange-pink-toned lip that creates the cross between boho and glam.

Glam Fairy Wedding Makeup

If you always loved the princess and happily ever after stories and cartoons, consider wearing glam fairy wedding makeup. This will leave the dreamy and fairytale touch on your face and unforgettable memory. The fairytale glam idea is perfect for an unconventional wedding in the woods, garden idea, nature-inspired affair, or a castle wedding.

All you need is a mastery of makeup and you can transform into anything, whether a fairy, an elf, or a forest nymph. The best colors to achieve your desired look include purple, pink, and orange eyeshadows. Bring your entire look together with an iridescent highlighter and go in with some art like pressed flowers walking your temple.


Wedding Guest Glam Makeup

Glam wedding guest makeup is the go-to for everyone attending a wedding. You can look as simple or dramatic without pumping on colors. Our best ideas include opting for nude or pink champagne eyeshadows matched with soft and neutral lips. This takes the focus to your eyes while letting your lips shine.

Alternatively, shimmery, glossy, and matte eyeshadows are dazzling options that give you the perfect balance between glamor and chic. You can work them in as a base and build monochromatic gradients or touch them in as accents. Alternatively, wing them solo and go in with tiny gems for a flirty look.

Informal Glam Aesthetic Bridal Makeup

Makeup is an expression of art and we saw just how beautiful it can get in the Euphoria drama series by HBO. The characters had exceptional and unconventional makeup that can translate into heavy glam wedding makeup. If you are the vivacious bride, then pull off this look with unique additions. Think about opting for a feather-light dusting of glitters on your eyes as a highlighter alternative.

You may also coat a bloody red lipstick on a traditional shade for a strobe, iridescent top-up. Consider creating a winged eyeliner look with gems like rhinestones or accent your makeup with pearls. There is no limit to what you can achieve.


Tricks to Create a Bridal Glam Look

Glowing Skin

The first step to a perfect wedding glam makeup is by having glowing skin. Your skin is a canvas on which art is created, so a healthy and clear-looking skin will set the best base for makeup to sit on. Prep and moisturize your face, then go in with a makeup primer, and a foundation with a radiant finish. Follow this with either a radiant mist or highlighter to create a trendy yet glam no makeup look. Finish with mascara and you will look natural and ravishing.


Inner Corner Highlight

We have gone past the time of applying highlighters to only the high points for contour areas of the face. You can give your natural glam look a total facelift by applying your highlighter to the inner corners of the eye. Wear this look alone or pair it with eyeshadow as an accent to give your eyes a sultry look.

White Eyeliner

It used to be black, but right now, White eyeliner is one of the trendiest eye makeup essentials. And why not? White eyeliners automatically confer the bright and wide-eyed look of the girl next door. White liners can be natural or a bit dramatic when you wear them on your lower eyelid or tear line.


The ultimate glam wedding makeup helps you look stunning whether as a minimalistic or flamboyant bride. Take inspiration from our trendy ideas and tips to help you look flawless. It begins with the skin, so get in here and learn how to prep your skin, too. Our guide will help you achieve the princess look you dreamed of.