Boho Wedding Hairstyles 2024 Guide: 40 Looks & Expert Tips

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Embarking on the journey of choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is an enchanting endeavor, and for those captivated by the free-spirited allure of bohemian vibes, the quest is even more magical. What exactly is boho wedding hair, you ask? Picture effortlessly tousled waves, whimsical details, and an air of relaxed elegance that defines the boho aesthetic.


Ever wondered if you can rock braids at a bohemian wedding? Our answer is absolutely! Spoiler alert: In this post, you won’t see sleek updos, formal buns, lack of texture, and volume hairstyles. Remember, the key to a bohemian wedding hairstyle is to capture an organic and romantic feel.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

For the bohemian bride with long hair, consider exploring loose and relaxed updos, like messy buns, low chignons, or gathered styles, to maintain a casual and bohemian feel. Or you can opt for a versatile half-up half-down hairstyle, allowing you to showcase the length of your hair while incorporating boho elements such as braids or twists in the upper half.

Embrace a slightly messy look, allowing a few strands to fall naturally around your face and neck, creating an undone and organic appearance. Achieving the perfect boho wedding hairstyle for long hair involves embracing a relaxed and free-spirited vibe.

Here are some tips:

  • Natural Texture is Your Friend:
    Work with the natural texture of your long hair. Whether it’s waves, curls, or straight, let your hair’s unique texture shine through for that effortless boho look.
  • Whimsical Braids and Twists:
    Incorporate braids and twists into your hairstyle. Consider loose and tousled braids or twists that add a whimsical and carefree element to your long locks.
  • Boho Waves:
    Create boho waves by using a mix of tight and loose curls. This dynamic and textured look is perfect for long hair and exudes a romantic and carefree vibe.


Boho Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

For boho brides with medium hair, we recommend experimenting with textured updos. Consider a tousled updo that incorporates twists, braids, or loosely pinned curls, maintaining an unstructured and bohemian aesthetic.

Also will perfectly look hairstyle down with soft waves or curls for a romantic and bohemian look. Here are some charming options:

  • Half-Up Half-Down Styles:
    Opt for a half-up half-down hairstyle. This classic boho choice allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – showcasing the length of your medium hair while incorporating braids or twists in the upper half.
  • Volume at the Crown:
    Add volume to the crown of your head for a touch of boho glamour. Gentle teasing or backcombing can create a subtle lift, enhancing the overall bohemian feel.
  • Messy Bun Elegance:
    Create a messy bun for an effortlessly elegant boho look. Keep it loose and slightly undone, allowing strands to fall naturally for that carefree and relaxed vibe.


Boho Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Bohemian wedding hairstyles for short hair can be charming and full of character. Here are some tips and advice for achieving that boho-inspired look with short hair:

  • Braided Accents:
    Incorporate small braided accents into your short hairstyle. This could be a side braid, a crown braid, or tiny braids dispersed throughout for a whimsical touch.
  • Textured Bob with Volume:
    For short bobs, add volume and texture. Consider using a volumizing product and backcombing at the crown to achieve a boho-inspired, textured bob.
  • Messy Pixie Cut:
    If you have a pixie cut, embrace the messy and tousled look. Use a styling product to add texture and define individual strands for an effortlessly chic vibe.

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Bohemian Wedding Updos

Updo boho wedding hairstyles always look flawless and never go out of style. Whether they are buns, chignons, braided, twisted, or knotted the elegant, textured, relaxed, and romantic nature stands out. Go for a full flawless chignon that lets you show off your bare shoulder. You can wear a polished updo with some twists that match with an open-back lace dress.

If you want to frame the face and draw some attention, wear a wavy updo that leaves out some romantic curly strands. Finish this look with some sparkling hair accessories, a beaded gown, and a signature red lip. Thinking about a regal look? Consider an ultra-loose or low bun, plenty of strands out to frame the face, and a headband for that undone, chic, yet regal look.


Boho Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

Half-up boho wedding hairstyles are nature-inspired, romantic, and sophisticated. Leave your hair in a half-French twist and half cascading for a more formal look. Add a bump by volumizing your hair and finish with soft curls for some dimension. Pouf and side twist your half up half down curls to make them a showstopper and then adorn them with some flowers and clips.

If you want to express creativity, section the half up and twist it to create a stunning braided detail. You can highlight it with balayage to make it exquisite. Tease your half up into cascading romantic curls and weave in tender headbands with ribbons and dainty flowers to accentuate the curls. But if you want to create woodturning results, make your half up half down into voluminous loose waves, and finish with shimmering accessories.

Boho Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Boho braided wedding hairstyles are chic and some of the most popular hairstyles for bohemian brides. Consider half braided updos that are twisted, curly, or mixed. Accentuate your style with some waves and infuse fresh greenery and blooms into your hairstyle. If you lean towards a wilder personality, tuck some herbs, berries, or feathers, or even hang them on your locks.

One classic style is the loose waves with braided halo spruced with greens and blooms. You can also embrace a half updo with cascading curls attached to two feathers. A messy or tousled bun would love the touch of greenery or wear a fishtail braid with succulents. You could also feed in braids to your ponytail creating a textural mess, or updos.


Chic Bohemian Wedding Braid

Wedding hairstyles aside, they are some of the favorite bridal hairstyles of all time. The best part about these boho wedding hairstyles is that you can easily dye them. They are also breathtaking and suitable for almost any wedding style. Side-swept boho hairstyle suit headpieces, hairpieces, and floral additions. Consider a mass of elegant side-swept curls with side bangs for a minimalist wedding.

You can also opt for a wavy side-swept option for the old Hollywood glam style. Braids and ponytails can also be side swept into chic options like messy braids, fishtails, loose ponytails, and more. Brides can leave the hair down, opt for a sleek side style, swept into a side chignon, or highlight with ombre and balayage for more attractiveness.

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

Bridal half-updo for long hair by Martina Jägr. An easy way, beautiful results!


Textured Hairstyles For Boho Brides

Dimension, personality, texture, and lusciousness are some of the ways we can address curly boho hairstyles at weddings and if you think the wedding hairstyle options are limited, we are here to open your eyes. There is much you can do with curly hair for a bohemian wedding. See the mermaid hairstyle that lets you add ocean-hued flower crowns.

If you fancy a tuck, whip your curls into a twist or chignon as a traditional updo, the curls will add volume to your style. How about manipulating your curls into braids? Yes! Choose a romantic half-up style and feed in some soft braids for a relaxed, effortless, and exuberant vibe. If you feel the vintage vibe, do a messy ponytail and add gold pins for a fresh alternative look.

Other options include the siren waves with two feathers, or you can opt for the ultimate and unfussy bohemian waves.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

The weddinghairstyle bohemian veil combination adds a classic finishing touch to your look. If you have larger-than-life curls, make it a focal point by letting the voluminous hair fly. Pin your veil a few inches below the crown of your head and finish with a textured dress. For blunt cuts or pixies, wear a sweeping veil to channel romance or add a voluminous veil to the back of your head.

Lean towards floral accouterments with a halo of ivory flower on your bun. Top off this look with a vibrant veil. If you’re not afraid to wear a clean look, the classic combination of a veil and center part low chignon never fails, just tuck the veil above the knot and you are ready.


Bohemian Hair Accessories

Are you on the search for bohemian wedding hairstyle pieces inspiration? There is all you need in this place, from wedding combs to dainty headbands, hairpins, and dreamy hair vines. Bohemian hair accessories depend on your hairstyle. However, the free-spirited, ethereal, deconstructed, and wild bohemian bride stays intact. Start with the sweet and simple circlet perfect for short hair like bob, pixie, crops, shoulder, and nape-length hair.

If you are looking for a hippie-chic vibe, an intertwined hair vine is perfect for your tumbling curls and updos. For the brides that love textured braids, opt for vines that can be woven through the mix. You can also use muted flower hairpins, star hairpins, and combs for a celestial look. Other options include bridal headbands, floral clips, and bedazzled hair ribbons.

Boho Wedding Hair With Flowers

Bohemian wedding flower hairstyles range from stunning single blooms to complex floral arrangements. Accessorize with an ornate floral crown made out of natural elements like branches, flowers, and a smattering of greenery. If you want to look subtle yet attractive, embellish your hair with flower vines and clip them in.

Besides, this is a great way to take a simple hairstyle from boring to knockout. The boho bride can also consider a woodland tiara made out of branches, vines, moss, and other natural elements. But for a low updo or chignon, place sprigs of baby’s breath throughout the length of your bun, braid, or nape.

DIY Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle With Flower Garland Tutorial

Quick And Easy Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Achieve this charming look in just a few easy steps. Begin DIY wedding hairstyle creation by preparing your hair with a styling product for added manageability – a light mousse or texturizing spray works wonders.
To elevate the simplicity, adorn your creation with a boho-inspired accessory. Your stunning look awaits, effortlessly achieved with just a touch of styling and a hint of personal flair.

That`s how boho DIY wedding updo that incorporates a silk scarf. Choose a scarf in hues that complement your wedding color palette, and let it seamlessly blend with your locks.

Wedding Hat For Boho Bride

Embark on a journey of carefree elegance with our bohemian wedding hat ideas, where vintage charm meets a touch of floral whimsy.

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Brides Often Ask

What should be the bride’s hairstyle for a bohemian wedding?

Boho chic wedding hairstyles are unconventional and artistic. Hence, the perfect hairstyles to wear for a boho wedding are braids, twists, and free-flowing tresses. Hairstyles are also best when they are unstructured, loose, and lightweight. They should be relaxed, expressive, and with artisanal details. Accessories, patterns, stylishly messy, and minimal grooming are everything boho represents.

What accessories to choose for a boho wedding hairstyle?

Bohemian accessories to choose from include floral vines woven into hair, Dia

mante headbands, combs, hair clips, and pins. Other options include tiaras, crowns and headpieces, and headpieces.

What are some simple hairstyles for a bohemian wedding?

Hairstyles for bohemian weddings include hybrid braids with headbands and a relaxed ponytail with flower crowns. You can also wear a floral-adorned fishtail or a chignon with a halo of pampas grass. For the free-spirited bride, wear loose curls or natural curls with a gilded flower comb. Alternatively, you can wear loose waves or textured curls.


Picking the perfect boho wedding hairstyles can be quite difficult, especially if you want to stay on theme. This post shows you the best boho hairstyles for weddings and how to accessorize them. There are endless choices to pick from and we are sure they would suit your taste. So if you are ready to stun, go through this catalog and get inspired.