Braided Wedding Hairstyles 2023/24 Guide: 40 Looks by Style

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With so many different themes to choose from, it may get difficult to zero in on the hairstyle that will work best for your walk down the aisle. To start your decision-making journey, think braids! With thousands of options to choose from and becoming more and more popular each year, braided wedding hair is a great option to start with. Braided hair works wonders with almost any theme like boho, classic, rustic, and so much more. This list will walk you through today’s trendiest braids.


Brides Often Ask

How to style braids for the bride?

Braided wedding hair is not as difficult as it appears. You may be able to do the simpler braids yourself. You may need assistance with the more elaborate braids.

For more sophisticated braids, find a stylist who knows how to do that particular style. And one of the best things about braids is that you can dress them up with accessories such as beads, flowers, ribbons, and a baby’s breath to make them even more elaborate.

What are elegant braid hairstyles for weddings?

Wear box braids in a twisted updo or wrapped bun. You can also consider floral fishtail pony, waterfall braids, or wrapped jungle braids. If you love a bold look, wear ultra-long accented by a veil of multiple braids for that whimsical look. We also love the braided faux hawk and milkmaid braids with an encrusted hair piece. Other options include natural crown braids, half up half down braids with waves, and a braided chignon.

What hair type braided wedding styles are suitable for?

Braided hair is suitable for all kinds of weddings. The only difference is how they’re style. For beach-themed weddings, opt for braids with infused waves. For farm, woodland, or minimalist weddings, Dutch braids, Grecian crowns, milkmaid braids, and French braids are perfect. If you’re attending a modern, industrial-chic, or glam wedding, style your braids into an updo or proper chignon and accessorize.


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Wedding braid hairstyles are ideal for any hair texture…curly, straight, wavy, you name it! And they add a sense of sophistication as well! And the best part is that after the wedding, you can take out the braid and rock some gorgeous curls or waves that will last throughout the reception and even into the honeymoon!


Braided Ideas For Every Hair Length

Braids offer versatile styling options for all hair lengths, from short pixie cuts to long flowing locks, allowing individuals to showcase their creativity uniquely and elegantly. Look at these braided hairstyles to suit every hair length and occasion.


Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair? No worries, there are dozens of gorgeous looks for wedding braid hairstyles for long hair. From braided updos to half up half down braided hairstyles to fishtail or waterfall braids, you will be sure to find the braided look that’s right for your wedding day!

DIY Braided Wedding Hairstyle (Video Tutorial)

Need some help with wedding braided hairstyles for long hair? This simple online tutorial will help you pull off this stunning braid that is especially ideal for a more casual wedding affair.

Easy going braid by Julia Alesionok


Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Braided wedding hairstyles for medium hair perfectly balance elegance and versatility. From romantic fishtail braids to half-up braided crowns, these hairstyles add a touch of charm and sophistication to any wedding day look.


Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

This braided hair for weddings brings a touch of whimsical sophistication to brides with shorter locks, proving that you don’t need long tresses to achieve a stunning bridal look. From chic side braids to delicate braided headbands, these styles offer a charming and romantic twist to short-haired bride’s wedding ensembles.

Low Bun with French Braid Texture

It combines a classic low bun at the nape of the neck with a French braid that adds texture and detail to the overall look. This style is popular for weddings and formal events due to its elegant and sophisticated appearance. It is a perfect variant for braided wedding hair with veil.


Messy Braided Updos

Braided wedding updos don’t have to be perfect to be gorgeous. Messy braided updos are just as gorgeous as some of the more sleek and sophisticated looks. These messy braids are also ideal for outdoor or more casual weddings and look lovely when accessorized with flowers.

French Braid Wedding Hair Ideas

French braids are timeless. And there are countless ideas for french braid wedding hair. From French crown braids to double French braids! As they are quite versatile, French braids can work for almost any wedding style!


Long Messy Braids

Even a simple braid can make for the perfect bridal hairstyle. Side-swept ponytails can be loose or tight, and work strategically to highlight exposed shoulders or open backs.

Although not as neat easy-going as a tightly pulled back braid, there’s just something special about messy braids that looks so naturally beautiful. Every woman wears this look different, which is just perfect for brides who want their bridal party to follow the theme.

Bridal Ponytail Hairstyles With Braids

Wedding ponytails with braids are the perfect way to modernize a classically themed wedding. Traditional gowns in traditional venues receive a refreshing update with messy braids weaved together with precious pins, combs, and other accessories.

This look was re-introduced as a popular wedding style in bohemian wedding ceremonies and has quickly grown to fit right into many different themes.


Wedding Waterfall Braids

One of the most popular wedding braided hairstyles is the waterfall braid. Imagine your wavy tresses cascading gracefully down your back through an elegant waterfall braid. This look is perfect for a beach wedding, boho-chic affair, or a country or forest setting.

Side Swept Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids have become all the rage, and they are also popular with brides-to-be! A fishtail side braid wedding hairstyle is both chic and elegant. This look is ideal for country-themed, Boho chic, and beach weddings, but is gorgeous for any wedding theme or venue!


Cascading Braided Hair Down

If you still want bridal braids but want to wear your hair down, may we suggest wedding hair down with a braid? Some soft curls or waves can only enhance this look. And of course, you can dress it up with some ribbons, delicate hair clips, or flowers.

Half Up Half Down Braided Halo

The half up half down hairstyle with a braided halo is a beautiful and romantic choice for special occasions, combining the elegance of a half-up hairstyle with the intricate detail of a braided crown encircling the head. This style offers a perfect balance between free-flowing locks and a touch of bohemian charm, making it a popular choice for brides and those seeking a whimsical yet polished look.

Looking for wedding hairstyle ideas? Check out top Pinterest trends!


Modern Wedding Braid Ideas

Modern wedding braid ideas embrace contemporary trends and creativity, offering brides a wide array of options to express their individual style on their big day. From asymmetrical fishtail braids to sleek and architectural Dutch braids, these innovative choices breathe fresh life into traditional braided wedding hairstyles, adding a modern and chic twist to bridal beauty.


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Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Black Hair

Braided wedding hairstyles for black hair celebrate the natural texture and versatility of Afro-textured hair, allowing brides to showcase their cultural heritage with pride. From intricate cornrows to elegant twist-outs and protective styles like faux locs these braided creations offer a stunning range of options to elevate the beauty of black brides on their special day.



Braided wedding hair is indeed the trending look for bridal hairstyles. If you love braids, then why not adorn your locks with one of these gorgeous braided looks for your special day! From sophisticated braided updos to more playful fishtail and waterfall braids, we are sure you will find the perfect look!