30 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Old School Ideas

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If you’re looking for glamour and a timeless look for your wedding, then you should consider choosing from a number of vintage wedding hairstyles. Complete your wedding look with a hairstyle that will tie everything together, adding a touch of class that is difficult to achieve any other way. Whether you need vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair, medium length or short hair, you are sure to find one that fits.


From lusciously soft chignons, to retro pin curls, beehives and finger waves, there is the right elegant vintage wedding hairstyle for every bride. So, stick with us as we take you on this journey into the past. Through a number of eras that are so timeless, they are impossible to forget. Find the vintage wedding hairstyles for you and your bridesmaids that will turn the class in your wedding as high up as it can go.

Retro Inspired Victory Roll Updos

This hairstyle from the 1940s is a great choice to pair with almost any style of wedding dress. It is an elegantly, timeless and chic option that would be perfect with long or medium length hair. So, if you’re looking for updos for long hair weddings, this might just be for you. You could choose to style it in a twisted updo, finger wave updo, Victorian twists or even a stylish top knot. This hairstyle is versatile and can accommodate a myriad of looks. Pair it with bold red lipstick, nails and perhaps even shoes, and you will have the glamorous vintage look of your dreams.


Chic Bridal Beehive

A hairstyle from the 60s that is just as classy as it is glamorous. The beehive is one of the top of our list of vintage wedding hairstyles updos. Great for medium length or long hair, it can be styled in many different ways. On the top of the hair, middle or much lower. Also, it can be transformed into a half up, half down hairstyle. A well styled beehive will transform your guests to the era that will always be remembered as one of love, romance and great trendy styles. Your beehive can be high or low, if you desire. Complete it with a birdcage veil and you have the perfect picture.

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Elegant Vintage Wedding Accessories

Most bridal accessories from eras past were bold, beautiful and all about romance. If you are looking to style yourself with vintage hair accessories, then you must find the one that will work for you and your hairstyle. From ribbons, to silk bows, flower halos, pins, pearls and jewel studded headpieces, you have quite a number of options. Pair a simple hairstyle with a statement headpiece of jewels or exquisite lace, and you might find your vintage expression in the best way possible. Whether you’re working with 1950 vintage wedding hairstyles or any from another era, you are sure to find the right accessory for you.


Returning Hair Trend – Finger Waves

If you are having a vintage themed wedding, then you would want everything to tie in together. From your vintage wedding decorations to your gown, and ultimately, your hair. For a look from the 1920s, consider finger waves, which are a great choice for any hair lengths. Create true glamour with this Great Gatsby inspired look that is sure to earn you the most perfect wedding photos. With hair gel, a hot iron, a rat tail comb, hair clips and a hot iron, you can create the look that you desire, along with the right atmosphere for your special day.


Vintage Bridal Look with Chignon

Asides being easy to create, a chignon is a timeless hairstyle that is so beautiful, a lot of brides opt for it eventually. A great option for vintage wedding hairstyles for medium length hair or long hair, the chignon can be styled in a number of ways. It can also be worn with or without a wedding veil and this will not remove from its beauty in any way. A most popular option for weddings by brides and even guests alike, the chignon can be sleek, it can be slightly messy, it is a versatile hairstyle. It is also perfect for most face shapes. Whether you pair it with bangs, push it low or wear It high, the chignon will always spell classy.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle – Bouffant Updo

The bouffant is another hairstyle that retro type brides would adore. Depending on the style of your dress, you could decide for it to be really high, a bit low, hang to the sides or not at all. A bouffant is stunning all on its own and would usually not require a veil or huge statement headpiece. You would not need to go overboard with this hairstyle. Just pair it with the right earrings or set of jewellery, and you are sure to wow your guests as well as your partner.


Retro Inspired Half Up Half Down

For vintage wedding hairstyles half up, there is a lot that you can do. This flexible choice gives you so many options, that it could be difficult to choose. Do you create bouncy waves paired with a retro updo, or a half updo wit twists at the top and waves beneath? Pair victory rolls with the cutest curls, or a classy, sleek ponytail with effortless curls. You could choose for the hairstyle to be bumped up, or even to the side. Just find the right headpiece or vintage accessory to complete the look and bring it all together.

Vintage Wedding Veils Ideas

The most fun part of a vintage wedding look hands down is the wedding veils. Beautiful, interesting and creative veils that can completely transform your look and transport you to a different era. When choosing your veils, you should also consider the vintage wedding hairstyles with veil that you decide on. This will go a long way in the decision making also for the veil. From wispy lace drop veils which will go with almost any hairstyle. To shorter flyaway veils that match beautifully with tea length dresses. On to romantically long mantilla veils from 17th century Spain. A topic on vintage wedding veils would be incomplete without mentioning the birdcage veil, or the Juliet cap veil of the 1950s.


Vintage Wedding Bumped Hairstyles

The bumped-up hairstyle is a classic number that any bride would want for her wedding. Easily styled with any type of wedding gown, or even shape of face. There are many options for this hairstyle. From bumped up ponytails, to chignons, side sweeps, center parts and even more. With simple tricks like combing portions of your hair forward even though you are styling it back, and tying your hair loosely, you can create the bump. This 1960s glam is one that has transcended time and followed us to today because of its charm, beauty and class. Pair a beautifully bumped up hairstyle with a headband or statement piece and you have the glamorous look you desire to achieve.

Vintage Wedding Ponytail

A vintage ponytail is best styled with more volume on top than you would normally have. Whether for African American vintage wedding hairstyles, or just long vintage wedding hairstyles, a ponytail is perfect. Embellish with a shiny hairpiece, lace or flowers, and you are good to go.

Vintage wedding hairstyles are never out of fashion and are sometimes the perfect choice for a bride with a personality. Their glamour and timelessness make them so endearing and beautiful. The key is just not to overdo it, and you will have that eternal and fashionable look you are trying to create. Another key would be to mix it up with modern elements so that it is a part of your overall theme and not a costume party. Put the class in your special day with the vintage wedding hairstyle of your choice.

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