60+ Wedding Hairstyles With Veil 2024 Guide + Expert Tips

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When a hairstyle is done, make-up is ready, the dress looks amazing, and one very important detail remains – a bridal veil. Ever wondered what a wedding veil symbolizes? Various things across different cultures. But traditionally the wedding veil symbolizes purity, innocence, and modesty. Today the veil is also a creation of art, which is decorated with embroidery, lace, applications, crystals, pearls, and even jewelry.


We picked up ideas for wedding hairstyles with veils and tips on how to choose the right wedding veil style for your dress and wedding theme. Continue reading our guide to get inspired.


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Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair With Veil

Long hair offers an incredible variety of styling, making them ideal for any wedding theme. Long hair looks amazing in half up half down and elegant wedding hair updo with veil. Also its easy to wear your hair down, even though the veil would have no base like buns. So what do you do? Hold your veil in with bobby pins or invest in clip-in hair extensions to serve as anchors.


Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Veil

Three of the best medium length hair wedding hairstyles with veil include the classic chignon, messy bun, and low updos. You can lift the veil up and out by fixing it on the top of the hairstyle. Another option is to fix it below the bun to give it a lengthier illusion.

If you want a perfectly undone but ethereal vibe, opt for tousled curls or different kinds of waves. The half up half down style is another medium hair beauty. The veil and hairstyle should sit on the crown of your head or below. Throw in some beaded hairpins, hair combs, and other suitable accessories to nail this look.


Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair With Veil

Brides with short hair can look incredibly elegant with a veil. For a pixie cut, consider a veil attached to a clip for a chic and effortless look. With a bob, you can curl your hair for a romantic vibe or style it into a sleek bun with a veil gracefully draped over it. Explore these stunning options to find the perfect wedding hairstyle for your short hair.

Pro Tip
For pixie cut wedding hairstyles with veil, use some elastic bands and bobby pins to create the support base of your veils. You can also braid sections of your hair to hold in your veil.

Looking for wedding hairstyle ideas? Check out top Pinterest trends!


Where to buy a Wedding Veil?

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From the clean classic to the free-spirited boho veil with feathers, these veils embrace the essence of every wedding theme. Find the perfect veil to beautifully complete your wedding theme.


Bridal Updo With Veil

Wedding updos with a veil are perfect if you want to keep your hair at bay, especially for summer weddings. Updos are classic and versatile, from traditional to modern, and accentuate your neckline. They also stick to the face shape and suit every wedding theme, from the garden to the beach and formal.

If you’re in search of a less formal look, braided buns and top knots are just the looks. This simple wedding hairstyles with veil would look chic and elegant. We aren’t forgetting the retro bride, as you can opt for a bouffant style. This helps bring your veil closer to the hairline and in front of the bun.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Half up wedding hairstyles for long hair with veil are perfect for brides seeking a blend of elegance and romance. Ideal for bohemian, rustic, classic, and garden weddings, this style suits dresses with intricate bodices or open backs. It works well with all hair types, especially long hair, highlighting natural beauty and adding volume.

If your veil is a simple fabric, choose the curly half-up style and accessorize with a bejeweled comb right about your veil. This hairstyle creates a timeless, effortlessly beautiful bridal look, making it a perfect choice for a memorable wedding day.


Side Swept Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Swept to the side wedding hairstyle with veil is flawless. It work well for long and medium hair for outdoor weddings. You can also wear them indoors, especially when you let them down. Besides, they show off your best facial angle and attract attention to your smile.

Fixing your veil in this style is quite easy as you can secure them at the crown or to the side. Side-pinned loose waves give a soft and romantic look, whereas side braids ooze sweet and edgy vibes for beach weddings. Tousled curls, messy waves, loose curls all side-swept, let down or cropped side parts are hairstyles you’d love.

Wedding Hairstyles Down With Veil

Classic hair down wedding hairstyles or half-down with veil include big waves and tousled curls. They are understated yet refined and suitable for the most decadent and elaborate gowns. The perfect veils for this style are the mantilla, classic tulle veils, and Juliet caps. To secure these veils, fix Bobby’s pins under a section of the hair, and the veil comb teeth.

Merge them to form support that can withstand the day. On the other hand, asymmetrical hairstyles would frame your face and work beautifully with strapless dresses in spring. The best veils are the fingertip and Chapel length styles. But if you want something fashionable, romantic, and versatile, opt for low-swept updos.


Wedding Hairstyles With Veil Front View Ideas

It is very important that you choose a bride hair style for the front, because it sets off your face and completes your whole bridal appearance. We have come up with five most famous veil front view bride hairstyles with veil to inspire you:

  1. Framing Curls: Loose curls framing the face offer a natural and effortless beauty, perfect for boho and rustic themes.
  2. Sleek Pulled-Back Hair: This type gives a neat look and is stylish for brides who are modern or minimalists. Perfect for straight wedding hair with veil.
  3. Curly Front Strands: Soft curls around the face bring out romance which is perfect if you are having fairytale wedding.
  4. Center Part: A central parting looks well balanced on anyone hence it can be used with any dress code for the bride’s attire.
  5. Deep Side Part: When pulled on one side deeply it gives an elegant glamorous feel making it ideal choise for vintage wedding ceremonies or forma ones too. Looks amazing with curly wedding hair down with veil.

Your choice of hairstyle depends on several factors, including your face shape, wedding theme, dress style, and personal preference. Make sure your hairstyle enhances your natural features and fits seamlessly with your bridal vision.

Low Bridal Updo With Veil Placement Techniques

Popular low updo styles include the classic chignon, romantic twists, and versatile buns.


Wedding Veil Under the Bun

When the veil is positioned beneath the bun, it cascades elegantly down the back, establishing a seamless transition from the updo to the veil. This technique emphasizes the updo, making it the central focus while ensuring the veil enhances rather than overshadows the hairstyle. The result is a look that is both timeless and contemporary, exuding a refined sophistication that complements a range of veil lengths, from fingertip to cathedral.

Veil Over the Hairdo

When the veil is placed over the hairdo, it envelops the entire hairstyle, creating a soft, romantic aura. This technique enhances the veil’s visibility, making it a prominent feature of your bridal look. It works particularly well with voluminous or intricately styled updos, as the veil drapes gracefully over the contours of your hair, adding depth and dimension. This placement is especially striking with longer veils, such as cathedral or chapel lengths, which create a sweeping, majestic effect.

Classic Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

Classic wedding hairstyles like sleek chignons, ballerina buns, and elegant finger waves exude timeless sophistication. Pair these styles with a Mantilla or Cathedral veil for a touch of grandeur. Enhance the look with lace embroidery or pearl embellishments to create an elegant and refined bridal appearance.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

When envisioning a wedding, many picture a romantic image of the bride characterized by softness, flowing lines, and natural curls in her hairstyle. Perfect for this look are loose buns adorned with a veil, half-up styles, and cascading waves of wedding hair down with veil that highlight natural or curly textures. A chapel-length veil enhances this romantic vibe, especially when decorated with flowers or pearls, adding a touch of dreamy elegance.

Boho Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

Boho wedding hairstyles must be natural texture. The best looks include messy, textured updos and braided styles, which can be paired perfectly with half up half down and veils. For bohemian bridal look with veil consider a Juliet Cap Veil, Mantilla Veil, or a single-tier veil. It is also good for rustic wedding wedding hair updo with veil. Add touch of whimsical elegance with embellishments, think floral appliqués, delicate beadwork, or metallic accents. These veil styles effortlessly enhance the bohemian aesthetic.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

Vintage hairdos for brides take the classic sophistication and elegance of yesteryears. Picture luxurious Hollywood waves, bountiful crown looks, or stylish beehive updos. These glamourous choices are best paired with a birdcage veil, a scallop lace edge veil, or an elegant fingertip veil. Add pearl, lace, or embroidery to the veil to bring the vintage look into your ensemble. These classic details will not only elevate the charm of the veil but will definitely give a trace of nostalgic retroglam aura which honors the unbeatable style so you’d definitely exude timelessly chic glamor on your wedding day.

Black Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Elegant black wedding hairstyles with veil are a thing of beauty with or without extensions. Take advantage of the natural curls and make a messy bun for your veil. Alternatively, you can go for an understated yet elegant look with a wavy ponytail. If you want to bring a little drama or show off the iconic black hair, opt for twisted braids rolled into an updo.

For naturalists, you can leave your hair as is while enhancing your natural curls. However, a hidden Weave in the middle of your hair would form a stable base for the veil. Other styles include the sleek bun, pompadour twisted updo, and curly waves among others.

PRO Tips
Choosing a Veil Length

When choosing a veil, you need to know which length will look best with your dress. Veils are available in various lengths; these are cathedral length, shoulder length, elbow length and fingertip length. Some bridal veils have a “front veil” as well; it is shoulder-length, no matter which length of veil you choose.

  • Cathedral-length veils pair well with long-trained dresses and are more regal than some of the shorter veil lengths
  • Shoulder-length veils can be paired with nearly any style of wedding dress.
  • Elbow-length veils work well with dresses that have their ornamentation starting at the waist, as well as dresses with no train and where the skirts are not overly luscious. Nearly any dress can be paired with an elbow-length veil.
  • Fingertip-length veils fall to the tips of the bride’s fingers and can be paired with any wedding dress except those which are fairly short.
  • The front veil is an included part of many veils and is considered very romantic. If you’re pining for a traditional wedding, you’ll probably want to opt for a veil with a front veil, regardless of the veil length.

Wedding Hairstyles With Veil And Tiara

Wedding hairstyles with crown and veil have their unique and special appeal. Go for a bohemian spin with a side-braided hairstyle that’s tidy and easy to pull off. Whip it up in an updo and place it on a tiara that endows the regal look. A tiara and veil can also Accentuate the half up half down and low bun hairstyles.

For a grand appeal, keep your curls at bay with a slick back tiara. Then put the curls in a messy bun and pin the veil beneath the bun. But if you’re going for dramatic, glam, and charming, think rose curls, loose curls, messy updos, and finger waves.

Wedding Hairstyles With Veil And Headpiece

Wedding hairstyles with veils and hairpins come in many shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. For head clips and barrettes, you can wear flowing or cascading curls. The clips would hold your veil in place while doubling as an accessory. Whereas hair combs and fascinators would match your dress, giving off a vintage vibe. Wear them on your buns, chignons, ponytails, and waves.

The combs can stay on the crown or to the side, while the veil sits beneath the crown. Hairpins can also form elegant hairpins when attached to updos. Stylishly fix them to make a statement or attach them to the veil for a continuous look. Other options include headbands, hair ribbons, and hats that suit almost every wedding style and hair length. They bring on the retro vibe for days.

Bridal Look with Veil and Flowers

Wedding hairstyles with veils and flowers are stunning and we’re not ashamed to say it. We love flower-veil combinations for garden, rustic, beach, woodland, and country weddings. They match the Mermaid silhouette, tea-length dresses, slips, strapless, and mono-strap dresses. Match a flower crown of wispy petals, lush foliage, and Scottish ferns in a partial crown.

Pair this crown with a veil on your chosen hairstyle to give an ethereal edge. You can also make floral petals into headbands using textural succulents to give an organic look. There’s also the option of flower combs using multiple flowers to give pops of color. Combs are perfect for partial updos. And if you’re minimalist, a single bloom on your hair would do.

Brides Often Ask

How to secure a veil comb in my hair for all wedding days?

Start by raising the top section of your hair and fixing hair-colored Bobby pins beneath in cross-section. Cover your prep work by bringing down the raised section, depending on your hairstyle. Fix some crossed hair-colored Bobby pins on your veil comb and pin them into your hair. Whatever style you choose, we’re sure it will stay firm.

How to choose the length of the wedding veil?

Three factors determine your veil length — the dress, venue, and hairstyle. As a rule, your veil should work with your dress silhouette. It should also match and accentuate your dress without overpowering or detracting from the details. In addition, the wedding venue determines the length of your veil. For instance, a beach wedding would need a shorter veil length, while church weddings could accommodate cathedral-length veils. Lastly, your hairstyle plays a role in your veil length choice because of the supportive base. The lengthier the veil, the stronger the supportive base.

What hairstyles look best with a veil?

Many people believe that a veil is a symbol of a wedding. But not all hairstyles are suitable for this accessory.

If it is a low beam, then the veil is worn in front of the beam. It is neatly distributed and securely fastened. Important to fasten the veil so that at the moment when you take it off, the hairstyle does not deteriorate. Better to choose a light, single-layer veil so that it does not overlap the entire hairstyle. Give up the two and three-layer veil, as well as the veil, which consists of several tiers. It’s no longer fashionable. Tail and veil are incompatible. If you have picked curls as a wedding hairstyle, the veil should be very light and transparent. Choose light flying fabrics.


Wedding hairstyles with veil channel many looks. We see formal to modern, retro to vintage, casual, flirty, romantic, and more. So if you’re getting married soon and confused about your veil and hairstyle, check this post. You’ll learn the appropriate veil lengths, hairstyles, and how to accessorize.