Bridal Hair Pins and Combs 2024 Guide & FAQs

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Many things go into creating the perfect bridal ensemble. Think hair, make-up, dress, shoes, jewelry, and then there are hairpins. Bridal hair pins can’t be overlooked because they put the finishing details to your hair hairstyle. They offer more range of motions and help with easier styling. Bridal hair pins and combs are versatile, suiting every hairstyle from chignons to buns, braids, hair down, and styles between.


So if you’re looking for minimalist, vintage, bohemian, classic, or glamorous hairpin ideas, we’ve got you covered. Check this post for all your unique hairspirations and accessories.

Which hair pins are best?

The most popular bridal pins for hair are Bobby pins. However, the best of them are pressurized hair pins that snap back in place. These kinds of pins hold the hair firmly and in place. While you can use Bobby pins to pull hair away from the face, pressurized pins are more reliable for actual styling.

How do you secure a hairpin?

Texturing your hair or spray the pin with hair spray. This will help it grip your hair firmly. On the other hand, point your pin towards the scalp and raise it back up. Such a method would help it stay in place.

How do you wear flower hair pins?

Flat iron or pump up the section of your hair to pin. Then go in with a bobby pin to clip back the rest of your hair. Once secure, put the flower hair pins a bit over it and remove the Bobby pin. This will get you a smooth look. At the end of your styling, make the flower on the pin directly opposite your part, facing the outside.

Bridal Pearl Hair Pins

Bridal pearl hair pins are the poster gems for classic and elegant brides. Pearls are simply timeless and refined to match every kind of wedding. So place pearl pins haphazardly in your undone waves to evoke a bohemian vibe. Alternatively, place them strategically for Parisian sophistication and an elevated style. Pearl hair pins just speak to our taste in aesthetics.

Some of our choicest pearl pins include the traditional pearl Bobby pins or bendable pearl barrettes. You can secure strands and fringes with these options. But to hold down textured waves, we love the Kitsch pearl pin stack options. You can also level up your look with gold-and-pearl poppies in a sleek low bun. Whereas, boho waves and braids will work perfectly with swirl pearl pins.


Crystal Bridal Hair Pins

Bridal crystal hair pins are the epitome of glamor. So you’re sure to find them at more fall weddings, enchanted themes, and princess themed-weddings. You can opt for either the natural or cultured crystals or variations like Swarovski. You may also blend them up with rhinestones, garnet, or other gems that match. Crystal bridal hair pins would go well with simple and classic dresses without much drama.

Some of our ideas include pins or hair claws made of filigree metalwork and crystal embellishment for top knots. We also love the idea of a Metallic pin Swarovski Five Star Headband for your straight hair down. If you favor the art deco style or have short hair, stack the 1920s-inspired crystal hair slides. Other options include crystal snail clips, push-in hair pins, barrette clips, bracket clips, and charm headbands.


Bridal Flower Hair Pins

Bridal flower hair pins are delicate pieces that make powerful statements. We love the versatility, especially in sizes and shapes to complement the bridal look. For instance, flowers can feel more proportional and balanced when paired with a heavily embellished or simple sheath gown. It all depends on the look you want to portray.

They’re also perfect for country, princess, and garden-inspired weddings, creating an effortless and romantic vibe. Opt for the whisper hair pins for they’re feminine and whimsical. These pins feature various blooming flowers perfect for a half-up or romantic updos. Juniper hair pin berries are perfect for tousled hairstyles and they hold veils beautifully. You can also wear tea rose pins on bridal buns, wild roses, meadows, and orchids for a tender and romantic look. They work for waves, curls, and knots.


Butterfly Bridal Hair Pins

We all adore the colorfully winged beauties called butterflies as they move around gardens. Hence, butterfly bridal hair pins are perfect for princess-themed, garden, and nature-inspired weddings. They are also whimsical and put a stamp on romance and all its accouterments. So embrace ideas like the golden butterfly clips paired with colorful blooms on cascading waves.

You can also incorporate them in traditional hairstyles like crown braids with pastel butterfly pins on and baby’s breath. Oversized butterflies also win any day when you add them to your side-swept curls, chignons, and volumized ponytails. We also love its cluster on rose buns, Dutch braids, and beach waves.


Vintage Bridal Hair Pins

Wear vintage bridal hair pins on your updos for a classic and elegant look. They are simply charming and timeless, exuding old-world sophistication that put the finishing touch to your look. For instance, pearl leaves and pearl dust pins are perfect for romantic chignons. If you’re leaning towards a chic French pleat, crystal heirloom pins and rose gold slides are winners.

Channel some feathers and lace straight from the 1920s into your waves, curls, and, hair-down styles. And if you’re doing the traditional Asian styles, carved wooden pins are just demure and gorgeous additions to the flamboyant look.

DIY Bridal Hair Pins

Who says you have to buy your bridal hair pins already made? If you’re artistic, opt for DIYbridal hairpins. This is a great way to leave your touch and personalize hair accessories that suits your overall look. Creative hairpin options include materials like wire, mesh, beads, and gems. You may also use faux flowers, feathers, and metal accents to create something stunning.

We love the idea of DIY pins because they come out more durable as they aren’t mass-produced. Also, the style is one of a kind and custom-made. Guests will ask you where you got them from because your ingenuity, style, and taste are stamped on them.


4 Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairpins

There are rules guiding bridal hairstyles with hairpins, regardless of the wedding theme. So when choosing your hair pins, here are some factors to consider.

Wedding Style

The first thing to consider when choosing hair pins is your wedding style. Your Wedding day isn’t the time to experiment or over-spice. Follow through with your style up to the hairstyle. If you’re working with a rustic or romantic theme, try a sweet floral comb or hair vine. Feeling like doing a whimsical theme? Opt for buds, blooms, and butterflies. Dramatic, nature-inspired, or statement pieces would work great for bohemian and beach settings. So whatever you do, ensure your hair pins reflect your style.


Bridal Dress

Another thing to pair right is your bridal hair pins and wedding dress. Your dress is the most important item on your for the wedding and pins add detailing to the overall look. So if you’re wearing a simple, unembellished fit, then go all the way with your preferred accessories. But if your dress has details, especially the dramatic, then you want to work with delicate and subtle accessories. Also, consider the dress color and fabric when choosing pins. Sequined fabrics wouldn’t work right with sparkly pins.


Your Wedding color palette may be the most important factor to consider because it’s all about cohesion. The most popular color for wedding pins and bridal accessories, in general, is silver. However, you can play up with tons of colors as brides are getting bolder. Think Turquoise, rose gold, onyx, opal, ivory, champagne gold, and blush.

When you wear these colors, make sure they coordinate with your body jewelry for consistency. You may also mix your colors like gold and cream or ivory, white and Turquoise, etc. Also, have a touch of these colors on your dress, bouquets, and maybe your shoes.



The season as a factor for choosing hair pins is so cool. The different times of the year possess accents that make them unique. And you can incorporate the beauty into your hairpins. For the winter, hair pins embellished with faux snowflakes, berries, and more are perfect. If you’re getting married in the summer, you could opt for pins with sunshine. Fall brides would love golden leaves and faux foliage pins. All of these ideas would help leave a touch of the season on your big day.

Do you want an overall stunning look on your big day? Consider wearing bridal Hair Pins for your wedding. We’ve curated varieties of hairpins for weddings in different styles and themes. So check them out, take your pick, and get inspired.