Modest Wedding Dresses: 30 Elegant Looks + Advice

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Who says a modest dress can’t be stylish? Modest wedding dresses are charming and beautiful; hold all of the elegance and carry along with them a high level of grace and sophistication that many brides of today desire. So, if you are looking for classic wear that is seamless, fashionable, and modest, you are in the right place.

From modest a-line wedding dresses to ball gowns, boho dresses, and vintage, there is no limit to the styles that are available to the bride in want of a modest dress. Think modern romance and you will have captured the very image of most of our elegant modern wedding dresses!

Brides Often Ask

What is a modest wedding dress?

Everyone has their own definition of modesty, but typically, modest wedding gowns feature high necklines, covered shoulders, and floor-length silhouettes.

How Can I make my bridal dress more modest for the ceremony?

Jackets, faux fur stoles, and boleros are all stylish ways to cover up for the ceremony.


The Best Modest Bridal Gowns

Here we have the most popular modest wedding gowns from the latest collection. These sophisticated, elegant, and graceful dresses are ideal for the bride who wants simplicity without sacrificing style. Modest, beautiful dresses give you the right balance of coverage, grace, and exquisite taste that every bride will desire.


Modest Boho Wedding Dresses

A successful trend is modest boho wedding dresses. Thousands of available models in beautiful, gentle designs. A lovely variant, bohemian modest bridal dresses give you the opportunity to stand out in a unique and tasteful way. Delicate laces, light fabrics, and stunning ornaments create the most fabulous wedding gowns ever.


Long-Sleeve Modest Wedding Dresses

A wedding gown with sleeves might be the perfect choice for winter weather, or any other season actually. Modest long-sleeved wedding dresses are available in so many styles and designs. Sleeves can complete the look for a modest wedding gown, create harmony and give it that finish that it needs.


Delicate Lace Bridal Gowns

It is not a must that modest gowns be totally simple. A wedding gown can capture our unique style in every way possible. You can add a little bit of lace. This exquisite fabric is delicate, and eye-catching, and will be an elegant look design as would fit a stylish bride.

Modest White Wedding Dresses

These beautiful, white modest bridal dresses are for the traditional bride. Who loves classic and elegance? Dresses that will make you look and feel like the stunning modern bride that you are.


Elegant Modest Bridal Dresses

The most elegant modest wedding gowns for the bride of the season. Every bride would love these sophisticated classic dresses for their wedding. Gorgeous wedding gowns that create a refined, feminine image. The perfect choice for any special celebration.

Simple Modest Wedding Gowns

If you are looking to stand out without any fuss, then simple modest bridal dresses might be the right choice. The beauty in simplicity is an easy way to steal the spotlight without any stress. Simple, modest wedding gowns easily combine elegance and tenderness with sophistication for the most beautiful bride.


Modest A-line Wedding Dresses

The classic A-line dress is one where the skirt for dress flares out from the waistline, forming an “A” shape. It is a universal bridal choice for the most obvious of reasons. You can hardly go wrong with the modest A-line. A classic style that suits brides of all shapes and sizes, it is a lovely choice for a modest wedding dress.

Modest Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Designed with a full skirt and tight-fitting bodice, modest ball gown wedding dresses are the perfect choice for a fairy tale wedding. These glamorous dresses are trendy, luxurious, and fitting for brides of various shapes and sizes. Modest ball gown wedding dresses combine the perfect amount of whimsy with sophistication and class.


Meghan Markle’s Similar Wedding Gowns

Meghan wore one of the prettiest celebrity wedding dresses of all time that expressed simplicity. This dress was simple and drew attention to the bride’s gorgeous face. We have similar bridal gowns. See and inspire!