21 Fashion Wedding Dresses + Tips / Advice

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Today, we’ve completed this list of fashionable wedding dresses that you will absolutely love! We are sure that these bridal gowns make your heart flutter!
Besides, in our article, you will find pro tips from the famous fashion designer Oksana Mukha. This talented fashion designer has really made a mark in the world of fashion with his beautiful gowns. She has a lot of experience in the wedding industry and is ready to help you to choose the most suitable dress for you.

So, check out our gallery and choose the dress, that you like the most!


Brides Often Ask

What are the wedding dress trends for 2021-2022?

  • Clean and Simple (Effortlessly Chic) – We see a number of brides who are asking for something with clean lines and a classic shape. It’s elegant without having to be heavily embellished. The plunging V-neckline continues to be our number one requested neckline to try on. The pleated bodice gives this silhouette an unexpected twist.
  • Redefining the classics / Oversized Lace patterns
    One of the most traditional styles of wedding gowns is lace. Brides are loving oversize lace patterns. It’s not traditional lace, it’s modern lace but still timeless.
  • Statement / Over-the-top pieces – Ruffles
    Since Covid, we are seeing brides asking for their dream dress and wanting something statement worthy. Ballgowns are our number one ordered silhouette. Romanza is so feminine and romantic. Who would not feel like a princess in this gown? It has a fitted bodice and a full ruffled tiered skirt.

What advice would you give to brides who choose a wedding dress?

Congratulations on finding your dream wedding dress! Be sure to start shopping for bridal accessories and bridesmaids’ dresses once your dress has been selected. These details can really pull the entire look together. Many of our designs now include separates and detachable pieces to coordinate with our gowns such as toppers, veils, or capes. Also, be mindful that continuing to shop for bridal gowns after your purchase can lead to being unsure of your original purchase.

Top Wedding Dresses

What are the most flattering wedding dress styles?

PRO TIPS:  The most flattering wedding dress style is A-line gowns! This style is flattering for every body shape and height. A skirt that flares out starting at or just below the natural waist makes the waist look slimmer and creates an hourglass silhouette. A-lines are perfect for the petite bride who still wants a princess moment because a full ball gown skirt can sometimes be overwhelming. The skirt starting from the waistline actually makes the legs look longer!

Delicate Lace Bridal Gowns

Are lace wedding dresses in style?

PRO TIPS: Lace wedding dresses will always be in style. However, the lace structure, materials, and décor are constantly changing. It’s either a lace skirt with a simplistic top or a skirt with decorated corsets. There are also fully laced dresses, but in order for them to remain stylish, they better be combined with a simplistic and laconic cut.

Lace dresses are better suited for light-haired brides, with romantic hairstyles. The height doesn’t matter, since if a bride is not very tall, you can have the same dress with a high slit skirt, which will visually transform the bride and make her look much taller, and accompanied with the high heels, it will be an absolute win-win.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

For whom ball gown style of dress suits the most? Can short brides wear ball gowns?

PRO TIPS: Of course, every bride should wear the dress that she thinks is best for her, regardless of other factors. But if we to give fashion advice, ball gowns look great on girls of any height, considering their body type is harmonious in terms of proportions (legs versus body versus waist).

Ruffled Wedding Dress Ideas

Is a ruffled wedding dress in trend now?

PRO TIPS: It depends on the wedding theme. If the bride chose a bohemian theme wedding, in this case, the ruffled dress will look splendid and trendy. This style will help the dress to look harmonious in the atmosphere of the occasion

Fashion Wedding Dresses With Puff Sleeves

Can the bride wear puff sleeve wedding dresses in the warm weather?

PRO TIPS: Of course, the bride can wear a wedding dress with puff sleeves in the warm weather! First of all, the fabric should hold the shape and be light and breathable: tulle, organza, or lace. But if the weather is very hot, it’s best to make the sleeves detachable! It’s a perfect solution for those who really like the puffs, but are not sure how it will feel over the course of the celebration

Simple Wedding Dresses For You

How to style a simple wedding dress?

PRO TIPS: Simple elegant wedding gowns are quite trendy now. More and more brides choose to make an accent on the accessories like capes, purses, shoes, or jewelry for example! Details will add charm to your look and easily transform your him.

Fashion Wedding Dresses With High Slit

Is a great option a high-slit wedding dress for someone who wants to look super sexy?

PRO TIPS: High slit can look super sexy if that’s the main goal of the bride. Also, there are dresses that have a short dress with a long detachable skirt over it. In this way, you get two looks and can change them according to the occasion, with the overskirt at the ceremony and without at the party. The open neckline is also very sexy, as well as the open back. But in order to make it look sexy and elegant, it’s better to choose one accent.