The 40 Best Bridesmaid Shoes: 2024 Guide & FAQs

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When creating your look as a bridesmaid, your dress is important, but so are your shoes. There is so much focus on the bridesmaid’s dresses that it can be easy to overlook bridesmaid shoes. However, if you want to look good for that wedding, you’ll have to consider your footwear as well. From formal to casual bridesmaid shoes, we’ve put together a variety of ideas that can help you make your pick no matter the type of wedding.


Brides Often Ask

Should Bridesmaids All Have The Same Shoes?

Bridesmaids can wear different shoes, but ideally, their shoes should be the same color. Do not forget that shoes should match the color and style of the bridesmaid’s dress.

Should bridesmaids wear heels?

No, bridesmaids don’t have to wear heels. They can choose flats or low heels, wedges, sneakers, slip-on shoes, sandals, etc.


Nude Bridesmaid Shoes

If you want modern and stylish shoes that can go with almost anything and still be worn later, then choose nude shoes. A closet staple for every woman, you can get them in any style from stiletto to pumps, slip-ons, wedges, or even block heels. The great thing is that this color is so versatile, it would pair beautifully with any color of bridesmaid dress.


Silver Bridesmaid Shoes

Silver bridesmaid shoes are another great option. If you’d like something shiny for a toned-down dress, perhaps black, nude, or deep blue. Silver will complement a solid color dress be it bold or dark. You could use a sparkly or embellished pair of silver shoes to dress up an understated look or a sleek matte silver to add that touch of sophistication.


Bridesmaid Shoes In Gold

Get that shimmery look with metallic gold bridesmaid shoes. Whether you’re wearing a flowy chiffon dress, a formal gown, or even a semi-casual midi dress, a pair of gold shoes will complete your look. The metallic color looks good in stiletto ankle straps, wedding flats, or even kitten heels. And after the wedding, they would still look perfect worn to any occasion.


White Shoes

White is the ultimate bridal color, however one you should wear if it’s part of the bridesmaid requirement since the bride might just be wearing the same. The great thing about white bridesmaid shoes is that they can be versatile too. Yes, you can wear them again after the wedding since white pairs well with almost anything.

Whether they are block heels, kitten heels, flats, or stilettos, white shoes are a closet staple that you can dress up or dress down for any type of occasion.

Black Bridesmaid Shoes

Black is a classic, the ultimate color for versatility where shoes are concerned. If you want the pair that you can wear again and again after the wedding, then get black bridesmaid shoes. They’re great for bold or muted colors and different styles of dresses. Black wedge pumps, stilettos, or even flats can be worn to dress up and afterward dressed down with a casual tee shirt and jeans.


Blue Shoe Ideas

Blue bridesmaid shoes add a charming touch of color to any wedding ensemble. From soft pastels to vibrant shades, there’s a blue hue for every theme. Whether opting for heels, flats, or sandals, embrace this versatile shade to create a cohesive and stylish look for your bridal party.

High Heels For Bridesmaids

Sometimes the best bridesmaid shoes are shoes with high heels. Get that stiletto pair or high block heels that would look good paired with flowy dresses or even formal midi dresses. There is a way that two strap ankle heel or minimalistic stiletto pump flatters the legs and anything else that you wear with it. You could choose them in any color that suits your dress, just make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the effect.


Low Heel Shoes

The most comfortable bridesmaid shoes are low heel shoes. So, if you prefer comfort over style, then consider bridesmaids’ shoes with low heels. They could be kitten heels, block heels, or wedges. The cool thing is that you won’t have to sacrifice style as many low-heeled shoes look fantastic, especially peeking from under long or floor-length dresses.

Flat Shoe Ideas

Considering your duties as part of the bridal party, sometimes the best choice for shoes for bridesmaid dresses is flats. Choose a simple and classic pair of slip-ons or ballet flats. They can be glittery, plain, or sleek. Balance the look with an outstanding dress and enjoy the comfortable feel of your feet.


Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential for a joyous wedding day. Opt for cushioned insoles and low-to-medium heel heights to keep your squad dancing all night. Look for stylish designs that don’t sacrifice comfort, ensuring happy feet and happy bridesmaids throughout the celebration.

Closed-Toe Shoe Ideas

Closed-toe bridesmaid shoes are a classic and elegant choice. They offer both style and practicality, providing additional support and protection for the feet. Look for designs with comfortable padding, exquisite detailing, and versatile colors to complement any dress style while keeping your bridesmaids’ toes cozy and comfortable.

Sandals For Bridesmaids

The cutest bridesmaid shoes are sandals, hands down. Sandals will always be a delectable choice from ankle wrap to two straps, stilettos, and block heels. They can be worn for casual or formal events, look great in any color, and can be worn over and over afterward.

Beach Bridesmaid Shoes

If you need beach bridesmaid shoes for that outdoor wedding, then forget stilettos and go with flats, block low heels, or even wedges. Comfort is key over sandy ground and who says you still can’t look glamorous? Whether glittery, embellished, or simple and sleek, be sure to choose a comfortable pair.

Winter Bridesmaid Shoes

Winter shoes should prioritize both style and warmth. Opt for closed-toe designs with plush, insulating materials like velvet or suede. Consider shoes with a low heel or flat sole for stability on slippery surfaces. Don’t forget to add some cozy details like faux fur accents or thermal lining for extra comfort.

Finding the right bridesmaid shoes can be as difficult as finding the right dress. With so many styles and colors to choose from, we have helped you round down the best types. You wouldn’t want to miss the types of shoes that you can wear to the ball and the picnic. The right shoes to get because you will look great and still get to wear them over and over again after the event is done.