50+ Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles Ideas: 2024 Guide & Expert Tips

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If you think that ponytail hairstyle isn’t an option for your wedding, you are wrong! It all depends on the accessories, wedding makeup, and wearing. Combine, experiment and be creative. Take a look at our gallery of ponytail hairstyles and find the trendiest tips, that will help you to choose the best ponytail for your wedding!


Brides Often Ask

Are ponytails good for weddings?

It may seem that ponytail is inappropriate for a wedding, but it can look gorgeous. There are a lot of stunning ponytails to try, from the usual sleek ones to some textured options. You can combine ponytails with different wedding styles, from boho to modern.

What is a modern ponytail for the wedding?

The best option for a modern wedding is a sleek ponytail. Sleek is chic! A sleek ponytail is ideal for a modern or minimalist bride. The main advantage is that it will easily fit both medium and long hair. It’s a timeless option for any girl.

What ponytail hairstyle will be appropriate for a bride?

The braided ponytail is the best for the bride because of its versatility and dimension. However, we also love the minimalist loose ponytail. It gives the bride an effortlessly chic look. Other options include the voluminous pony, French braided mix, bumped-up pony, and the simple fishtail pony.


Romantic Ponytail Hairstyles For Your Wedding

With this style volume and texture is key. This type of ponytail looks best with irregular S-shape waves and straight ends. Romantic updos are perfect with scattered pearls, silk bows or even fresh flowers. Don’t forget about the front though. Ask your stylist to leave plenty of soft face-framing tendrils to finish the look.

As our wedding expert Kasia Fortuna says: “Romantic styles couldn’t be complete without a lace wedding gown. This type of ponytail looks fabulous with French lace, appliqué floral bodices, as well as heavily crocheted lace”.


Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

The wedding stylist advises to wear paired with an A-line dress. If your hair is very fine, it might well be the style for you.

The front can be tightly parted in the middle creating a very elegant red-carpet look, and to the back you can add a wrap-around ponytail to give you an illusion of full luscious locks. You could wear these elegant ponytail hairstyles with any style for any occasion.

Expert Tip: If you add a flower crown to the front it will look great with boho styles. If you place elegant leafy pins at the back, it would be a fantastic option even for a cathedral length veil.


Elegant Ponytail Hait Tutorial For Bride

See how easy it is to make an awesome hairstyle. All it takes is a little practice and it will work! Watch and try.

Chic Twisted Ponytail

Twist wedding hair with braids in a ponytail look effortlessly chic and are very quick to create. They are a fantastic way of adding texture to the style without making the look overly fussy.

Twist braids are perfect for layered hair as they keep it in place without the use of endless amounts of pins. This low ponytail hairstyles look gorgeous with boho-inspired gowns and are perfect for windy outdoor unique wedding ceremonies.

We encourage you to try a combination of a twisted ponytail looks best with fresh or dried flowers, fabric accessories, nature-inspired motifs, individual pins and lace. Heavily embedded, large or sparkly beaded pieces would clash making it look overly fussy.

Easy Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles

This ponytails hairstyles is ideal diy wedding hairstyles for long hair. The loose large waves give it a casual, modern feel.

Add a couple of simple slides to the side, and you have a more casual look. Scatter large pin pearls and add statement earrings, and you have a style suitable for any type of gown.

Expert Tip: Your stylist can apply dry texture spray or volume powder to guarantee lasting volume and texture.


Topsy Tail Throwback

This type of ponytail looks stunning with boho-inspired styles, heavy laces, open backs, slinky or flowy skirts, and paired with a pale straw or felt hat. Wedding hairstyle is most suited for long medium-to-thick hair.

Topsy throwback wedding tail looks amazing with fresh flowers. Simply ask your florist to prepare individual stems or clashes of flowers wrapped in moisture tape or find an artist that specializes in dry flowers. It’s a fantastic option for an outdoor windy ceremony. Don’t worry if the pony gets wind-swept as it will only add beautifully undone charm to the style.

Expert Tip: If your hair is fine or short, but you’d still like this style consider purchasing a wrap-around ponytail which can be curled the day before, cutting the prep time dramatically. Add a ribbon, individual pins or fresh blossom to the complete look, and you’re ready to wed!

Wrapped Around Ponytails

Such an elegant timeless style. With this look precision and immaculate proportions play a huge part. It looks best when the crown area is perfectly polished and flyaway-free.

It is beautifully feminine and would look divine with figure-hugging bridal gowns exaggerating an hourglass shape.


Extremely High Ponytail Hairstyles

This option is ideal for humid conditions as the hair is tightly swept away from the face and firmly secured in place.

High ponytails look beautiful with simple slides, beaded or satin hairbands and also heavily embellished sparkly accessories. It’ll look fantastic with dresses that have a closed off neckline, shoulder pads, or even heavily beaded bodices, and also with backless dresses.

Expert Tip: If your face is oval very high ponytail will suit you perfectly. However, if your face is long with a prominent forehead, or if you have a deep hairline, it would be best to leave some face-framing bangs out.

Casual Wedding Ponytail Styles

Who says your wedding hairstyle has to look complicated? This high tail hairstyle looks gorgeous with off-the-shoulder simple and elegant wedding dresses, spaghetti-strap slip-ons or even more structured fitted gowns.

Expert Tip: To dress up this voluminous ponytail simply add a silk ribbon or large statement earrings. If your hair is fine, your stylist can add 3-4 tracks of clip-in hair extensions to add volume, length and texture.


Cute & Simple Ponytail Hairstyles

This is a “must have” for brides with a tight schedule, especially for those with large bridal parties or an early ceremony. The creation of cute ponytail hairstyles it’s easy and requires minimum time for completion.

Expert Tip: For fine hair, your stylist can add a halo hair extension, which will add volume and length to your natural hair.

Braided Pony Tail Hairstyles

This style is fun, playful and soft. It’s best achieved on long medium hair wedding styles, but if your hair is shoulder-length your stylist can apply a halo or a full set of clip-in hair extensions for thickness, length and volume. It looks absolutely amazing with lacy, floral A-line gowns with light and swishy skirts.

Expert Tip: If the lace on your wedding dress is floral try to choose hair accessories that are of a similar pattern. For example, if you have some appliqué daisies incorporated in the bodice of your bridal dress, try to find delicate blooms of a similar shape made out of china, metal or lace for your hair.


Half Ponytail

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and uniqueness. Embrace your natural hair texture and personal style when choosing your half-up ponytail, ensuring it reflects your personality and makes you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Ensure your half-up ponytail is comfortable to wear throughout the day. Avoid styles that pull too tightly on your scalp, as you want to feel relaxed during your celebration.

Smooth Wedding Ponytail

A smooth wedding ponytail is an excellent choice for formal and elegant wedding styles. It suits sophisticated venues such as ballrooms, upscale hotels, or traditional banquet halls. This sleek hairstyle adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to your bridal look, making it perfect for black-tie or evening weddings.

Pair your smooth ponytail with a chic gown featuring clean lines, luxurious fabrics, and intricate details like beading or lace. Complete your ensemble with classic accessories such as pearl earrings, a delicate necklace, or a sparkling hairpin to enhance the elegant aesthetic.

Messy Textured Ponytail

A messy textured ponytail is the perfect hairstyle choice for bohemian-chic or outdoor weddings. Its relaxed and effortless vibe complements the natural surroundings and laid-back atmosphere of garden ceremonies, beach weddings, or rustic barn celebrations.

We highly recommend trying these ways to create texture on your hair:

  • Salt Spray or Texturizing Spray: Start by spritzing salt spray or texturizing spray onto damp or dry hair. Scrunch the hair gently with your fingers to create tousled waves and enhance natural texture.
  • Curling Iron or Wand: Use a curling iron or wand to add loose waves to your hair. After curling sections of hair, run your fingers through the curls to break them up and create a more relaxed, textured look.
  • Braiding: Braid sections of damp or dry hair before bed and leave them overnight. In the morning, unravel the braids to reveal soft, beachy waves. Alternatively, create small braids throughout your hair and gently pull them apart to add texture.

Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail strikes the perfect balance between modern elegance and playful charm. It’s a refreshing alternative to traditional bridal hairstyles, ideal for brides looking to make a stylish statement on their wedding day.

If you’re drawn to contemporary trends and unique hairstyles, the bubble ponytail offers a fresh and fashion-forward look that stands out.

Wavy Ponytail

Create barely visible waves using medium-hold hairspray to add shine and lasting effect. Tease the crown area with volume powder, remember that the firmest point of the backcombing has to be located by the scalp to give your style structure and stability.

Ponytail Hairstyles With Veil

If you have a high ponytail, the veil can be attached above the ponytail or underneath it, depending on your preference. For mid or low ponytails, the veil is typically attached below the ponytail.

Before the wedding day, it’s a good idea to have a trial run with your hairstylist to test different veil placements and ensure everything looks perfect together. Practice wearing the veil with your ponytail hairstyle to get comfortable with the placement and make any necessary adjustments.


In conclusion, ponytail hairstyles offer a versatile and stylish option for brides looking to achieve a chic and modern look on their wedding day. Whether you opt for a sleek high ponytail, a romantic low ponytail, or a playful bubble ponytail, this classic hairstyle can be tailored to suit a variety of bridal styles and preferences.