Natural Wedding Hairstyles Superb Ideas For 2024 [Guide & FAQs]

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Brides have grown more confident, coming into their allure and serving us faces through natural wedding hairstyles. There are a lot of textured afros, twist-outs, locs, and textured ponytails making the rounds, with enhanced curves and waves by brides. We love to see it!


Now you may be one of these beauties who either want to transition or have natural locks that you don’t know what to do with. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered with stunning styles to wear down the aisle. Just check this post for natural hairstyles’ wedding ideas, tips, and answers to your questions.

Brides Often Ask

Can I wear my natural hair for a wedding?

Yes, you absolutely can if you feel most comfortable and confident in your natural hair. Also, if you are the type that doesn’t manipulate your hair too much, go for it.

How to style natural hair for a wedding?

Ensure that you wash, detangle and moisturize. You may also stretch or flat iron it if you would be wearing an updo. However, for afros, Mohawks, and free rein styles, simply moisturize to keep it glossy, get your bobby pins ready, and let your creativity shine.


Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long natural hairstyles for weddings are enough to create almost any hairstyle you dream of. If you have lengthy locks, make it into a high bun to achieve a regal look. In the absence of natural dreads, opt for faux locs. We also adore free-flowing texture, especially with curls or waves. Just make your hair into a simple twist or braid out to achieve this style.

Alternatively, wear a goddess crown braid that sweeps hair off your face to lend a regal look. You may need a little bit of extension to ensure fullness and length that can go around your head. Are you a minimalist bride, try two side twists in a sleek twisted crown or a braided natural Mohawk. This chic look is everything. For more glamorous brides, make your natural texture into a fluffy halo or wear a low textured bun for a no-fuss look.


Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Brides would love the messy updo of natural wedding hairstyles for medium hair. This style is perfect for brides with kinks, coils, curls, or wavy hair textures. It is a balance between wild and calm with bohemian and vintage perfection. Another defined style is the twisted Mohawk with cornrows on the absolute double duty. It is reliable and will last a while yet needs minimal maintenance.

If you don’t know what to do with your hair, opt for a regal tucked-in textured high bun that works for all themes, dresses, and styles. You may also blow out your hair, make it into flat twists, and pin-up into a stunning updo. Finish with sheen spray and you are ready to go. We love pompadours, braided updos, and roll and tucks for the girly, glam, and queenly vibe.


Short Wedding Hairstyles

African natural wedding hairstyles for short hair are for girls with a big chop and hair length below 12 inches. If you’ve got a big chop going on, rock your hair in all its glory complemented by a fascinator or statement headband. Alternatively, if your hair is a bit longer, rock your curly fro proudly.

A way to achieve this style is by making your hair twist out, undone Bantu knots, or curl with rollers. The rod set hairstyle on a tapered cut is another style that is smashing and would accent a fascinator or shot veil. But if you want to go without, pull your crop into top coils for a romantic and edgy look.


Wedding Hairstyles with Veil

Some of the best wedding hairstyles on natural hair with a veil include the blooming spirals updo. Pepper your hair with tiny buds and blooms and pin your cathedral-length veil low at the back of your head. You can also wear an updo with cornrows and a veil pinned to the side.

Take off the veil for reception and show off your hairstyle. If you don’t want to wear the lengthy traditional veil, wrap your sister’s locks in a low bun and complement it with a birdcage veil. A curly fro-hawk hairstyle can also hold wedding veils when you split the crowns at the crown and pin your veil to the base.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

We can’t get enough of the bride’s elegant wedding hairstyles for natural hair. Pair your blown-out fro with a floral wreath for the perfect beach wedding look. You may also wear a braided bun with extension especially if you have short hair. Match this look with an encrusted bun for a dazzling look.

For diamond-faced brides, try the side swept half sleek, half curls look married to a statement hair piece. Alternatively, a high bun with jewels at the bun is one of the most glamorous looks that you could flaunt. Opt for crystals, rhinestones, or pearl chains to or around the bun in a protective embrace.


Natural Curly Hairstyles for Wedding

Lengthy hair brides will love long twists out paired with a classic but messy chignon. Add a fierce side part to the thick spirals to up the ante. You can also wear a relaxed half up half down style infused with French braids.

Pair this hairstyle with a diamante veil for a magnificent look. You can also channel a minimalist look by wearing a relaxed low bun adorned with a floral barrette or a curly asymmetric French braid for a romantic look.

But if you have a curly lob, wear with fresh blooms or sweep it back and hold it in place with a slide.

Wedding Updos

Updo wedding hairstyles for natural hair are classics perfect for brides with or without extensions. Opt for a sleek braided bun adorned with a Swarovski pin for a modern and chic look. We also have an elegant pin-up with curled angles and gold embellished clips.

If you want a minimalist yet glamorous look, consider a center part low chignon with rhinestone chains running down both sides, ending at the bun. Alternatively, wear a twisted Mohawk or a textured variation.

Finish this look with a bejeweled vine or statement floral clip on the side. However, channel the pure African look with a double twisted bun dotted with floral buds.


Wedding Hairstyles Down

Down wedding natural hairstyles are versatile like the curly cascades pinned with floral hair vine. This style is the perfect whimsical look idea. You can also opt for loose textured siren waves with a little manipulation for a relaxed look. If you have corkscrew curls, go in with a center part and tease your curls for a jaw-dropping look.

Bob bride? Just give it a side part and finish with a statement clip. You can also wear your hair in mermaid style of tightly wound zig zag kinky curls. On the other hand, flowing spirals, full wavy hair, and flat ironed sleek hair down are great alternatives.

Braided Wedding Styles on Natural Hair

Braided hairstyles give a contemporary twist to traditional updos just like a work of art. Wrap your long braids into a sophisticated top knot with a refreshing twist. You can also wear a fishtail ponytail with face-framing tendrils and peppered with florals for the bohemian look.

We love the idea of pairing soft waves with cascading braids to look all dramatic yet whimsical. The perfect minimalist hairstyle is the braided knot. Beautify this hairdo with statement clips and intentionally placed embellished clips. You may also flat iron your hair and make it into the perfect milkmaid braid for that rustic and countryside feel.


Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Whether you are a guest or bridesmaid, class and simplicity are the guiding principles of your natural hairstyles. Some of our favorite bridesmaid natural hairstyles for weddings include the elegant chignon. If you want some drama, throw in a fierce side part and finish with a side swept bang.

For the very essence of sophistication, girls with shorter hair would love the bouncy curls hairstyle with sparkly accessories. This is everything retro chic. But if you lean towards the rocker chic idea, pack your curls and waves into a messy laid back bun. This look is not only sexy but relaxed.

Natural wedding hairstyles are the hallmark of confidence for every bride with kinky and textured hair. So we say yes to upping your natural hair game, whether it is straight, wavy, curly, or coily. Just check this post for stunning hairspiration and ideas even if you have a crop. From fro to Mohawks, locks, lobs, and braids, there is something for you.