12 Wedding Hair Trends 2023 Guide + Expert Tips

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Wedding hair trends, just like other aspects of a wedding, from the dress to décor, entertainment, and accessories, come and go from year to year. And while it is important to choose the best hairstyle for your face, style of dress, etc. Some brides will also like to go with what is trending at that point in time. And so, while you are shopping around for inspiration for your special day, it wouldn’t hurt a bit to look at the wedding hair trends in 2022/23.


Here we have collected the hairstyles and accessories you can expect to see more of during the rest of this year. Whether you need wedding hairstyles for long hair or wedding hairstyles for short hair, you are sure to find something that will make a perfect fit. So, check out these latest 2022/23 easy wedding hairstyles for the bride of the new decade.


Brides Often Ask

What are the latest bridal hairstyle trends?

When you move through social media into reality, you’ll see that brides are upping the ante when it comes to their Looks. They wear some of the trendiest hairstyles that give all it’s supposed to give. Some of the most popular styles are the undone bridal updos, bridal waves, half up half down, and braided updos. You can also consider braided and bubble braid ponytails, natural curls and waves, and bohemian wild-out styles. Don’t forget statement hair accessories like headpieces, hair pieces, crowns, tiaras, and floral accouterments.

Should a bride’s hair be up or down for a trendy look?

To make this decision, you must first ask yourself three questions. What is the regular way you wear your hair? Does leaving your hair up or down make you comfortable? What style of dress are you wearing. So take a step back and look at these questions. Hair up and hair down is exquisite, but your personality and circumstances are determinants. You may also enjoy both worlds by going with a half-up hairstyle. Whatever you choose, wearing your hair down, up, or halfway between is trendy.


Relaxed But Elegant Wedding Chignon

This classic and yet simple and sweet hairstyle, is one that fits most facial structures and looks fabulous on any bride. The chignon is romantic and simple at the same time. The relaxed version is just a little bit undone, which adds even more to its appeal. It can be created as a knotted bun, or the regular chignon, but a little loose than usual for a different and more elegant effect.


Classy High Ballet Bun For Wedding

A great choice of hairstyle for a bride with a dress that has a high neckline, the classic high bun draws the hair away from the face. This can give a beautiful, sleek finish that can be worn with a tiara, a comb or even a barrette. Whether you’re in need of medium length wedding hairstyles or hairstyles for long hair, the bun is quite easy to create and maintain throughout the wedding day.


Spectacular Wedding Ponytail Ideas

Another beautiful option for wedding hairstyles for long hair is the ponytail. However, for a wedding, you might want to jazz it up a little bit and create something more than the usual. You could try a half-up wedding hairstyle with the ponytail at the top half, or you could have the regular ponytail, but tied in a bow or a delightful scarf.

If you have shoulder-length hair and would prefer a much longer ponytail, then consider extensions. Either way, a ponytail is a long-lasting trend that has continued into the new year and is a great style for brides on their wedding day.


Stunning Long Braids

Another trend that is still going strong in 2022/23 is wedding hairstyles braids. While braided hairstyles for weddings are not new, it’s great to see the different ways that they can be applied. From French braids flowing to the side, to loose braided crowns, to half up half down wedding hairstyles with braids incorporated.

There are so many stylish ways of using braids on your wedding day. They are also fun to accessorize. For instance, beach wedding hairstyles with braids can be decorated with seashells, combs with nautical motifs, tiaras, slides, clips, and so much more. Either way, this year, braids have come to stay.

Feminine Wedding Hair Trends Half Upstyles

The fun of wedding hairstyles half up is that there are so many options to work with. From braids, to ponytails, to curls, and even straight hair. There is a variety of hairstyles that will work with half up, half down hair, and also a variety of hair lengths. With the right braids in half up hair, you can create a fairy tale, romantic look that is a modern day hairstyle at the same time.


Trendy Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

While wedding updos are great and can give a bride a classy look, there are also great ways to wear your hair down for your wedding. If you are thinking of sleek hair, then perhaps consider a neat and symmetrical center part. This style is making a huge comeback this year and is a great look for different shapes of face.

Brides who struggle to maintain curls, or who just don’t enjoy curling their hair, can opt for this sleek and simple variety. A minimalist bride will also love this as it greatly demonstrates the beauty in simplicity and will not take attention away from her magnificent wedding dress. Whether you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for thin hair or full tresses, this is a good choice.

Modern Hairstyles With Loose Curls

Soft, loose curls are in these days, and not the least because of their classic look. Once you have the type of curls that you want, be it tousled curls or finger waves, you can style your hair either up or down. You can leave it bare or use stylish accessories, it is up to you. One thing we know is that well-textured curls add some volume and depth to your hair like nothing else, and any bride looking for some glam on her wedding day, and doesn’t want sleek and straight, should consider some classy and fabulous curls.


Airy and Loose Natural Bridal Hairstyles

Many brides are opting not to over-style their hair, and going with the natural texture they were born with for their wedding day. This makes the whole process easier, and to match the natural look, is loose and airy hairstyles that just complement the relaxed ambiance that this type of bride is trying to create.

There are a number of hairstyles that will fit into this overall look. From vintage wedding hairstyles with curls and wraps, or even Indian wedding hairstyles with big, but loose, airy braids that would look great on any bride. Up or down, over your shoulder, or trailing down your back, either way, you can decide to steal the show with your natural curls and effortlessly loose hairstyle.

Textured Updos For Brides With Thin Hair

While extensions are great to add volume to hair, some brides would rather do without that inconvenience. So, if you are looking for an updo that would still look great with thin hair, try the new, loose and airy French twist. This is an old-time classic hairstyle that incorporates airiness and an effortless look to your updo. You can allow a few loose tendrils for that slightly messy look. While it will look best with full hair, it still looks great on a less than full head of hair. The perfect textured twist for wedding hairstyles updo.


Messy Wedding Hair Ideas

If you have a thing for that tousled, “I just woke up like this” look, then perhaps messy hair is for you. While some might think no effort is needed to create messy hair, that is totally wrong. What you need to do is create the desired hairstyle, but in a more loose manner, with wisps of hair flowing from the front and the sides.

This look would be great for a relaxed, bohemian bride, a destination wedding, or a wedding on the beach. The type of look that will still look great after hours of a fun-filled day, because it wasn’t too serious, to begin with.

Wedding Hair Trends for Long Length

Finding wedding hairstyles for long hair is not as difficult as it might seem. While there might be more options for short or medium-length hair, there is still a lot that can be achieved with longer hair. The great thing about long hair is that it will look great whether in an updo or half up half down wedding hairstyle, or even just let down in all its glory.


Trendy 2022/23 Wedding Accessories

Wedding hair accessories are great for all hair types and lengths. There is also a wide range to choose from, depending on your desired hairstyle. From hair jewelry that would be great with wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair, to those that will look beautiful in long, full hair. From sleek hair to curls and tresses, there is an accessory for all types.