7 Wedding Hair Trends 2024 Guide + Expert Tips

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As the calendar turns and trends evolve, wedding hairstyles remain timeless, transcending the ebb and flow of passing fashions. But we’ve noticed some wedding hair trends stand out, capturing the essence of modernity. Brides are opting for a touch of ‘old money’ sophistication, embracing a trend that exudes minimalist chic. This translates into a surge in popularity for sleek and classic updos, as well as the effortless allure of natural, relaxed curls.


Here we have collected the hairstyles you can expect to see more of during next year. So, check out these latest 2024 easy wedding hairstyles for the bride of the new decade.

Brides Often Ask

What are the latest bridal hairstyle trends?

In 2024 the combination of glam, elegance, and minimalism is trend!
So brides are gravitating towards a smooth and classic updos and relaxed curls and embracing natural textures, allowing for an effortlessly beautiful and contemporary look.


Smooth Low Bun

The beauty of the Smooth Low Bun lies in its universal appeal. Ideal for individuals with medium to long hair, this hairstyle complements various face shapes and outfits.

It is especially favored by brides seeking a graceful and enduring look that seamlessly pairs with both traditional and modern wedding gowns.


High Updos

We recommend this high updo hairstyle to brides, as it effortlessly pairs with veils, tiaras, and other bridal accessories.

Tips on how to achieve the Wedding high updo:

  1. Prep the Hair:
    Start with clean, dry hair. Apply a volumizing mousse to add texture and grip.
  2. Create a High Ponytail:
    Gather your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure it with a hair tie.
  3. Tease for Volume:
    Tease the ponytail slightly to add volume and create a solid base for the updo.
  4. Twist and Secure:
    Begin twisting the ponytail and wrap it around the base to form a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins, ensuring it sits securely at the top of your head.
  5. Refine the Look:
    Gently pull out a few strands to frame your face for a softer appearance. Smooth any flyaways with hairspray or a lightweight styling gel.
  6. Secure in Place:
    Use additional bobby pins as needed to secure the updo, and finish with a medium-hold hairspray to ensure longevity.


Swept Back Hair

Swept-back hair suits a wide range of hair lengths and textures. This style is particularly flattering for individuals with medium to long hair, providing an airy and open feel. Its face-framing effect makes it suitable for various face shapes, accentuating facial features with a touch of softness. Wedding hair trends include this style because it makes a classic and romantic bridal look.


Vintage Pony

We’re starting to see softer, delicate ponytails come back into the trend. It’s a must-add to your hair collection if you’re looking to show your hairstylist a look that is both feminine and delicate.

This style adapts gracefully to various hair lengths, making it an excellent choice for those with medium to long hair. Its simplicity and adaptability make it suitable for different face shapes, providing a youthful and lively feel.

Relaxed Curls

Curls have become a prevailing trend in the realm of wedding hairstyles for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they offer a versatile canvas, adapting effortlessly to various wedding themes, from bohemian and rustic to classic and glamorous. The relaxed and organic feel of curls resonates with the contemporary desire for natural beauty, steering away from overly structured looks.

Moreover, curls beautifully complement diverse bridal ensembles, enhancing the overall charm of the bride on her special day.


Natural Texture

This style is a great way to show off your natural curly hair texture. Pulling your hair back from your face helps to accentuate your features and show off your wedding glamour.

This enchanting updo is a perfect match for romantic and whimsical wedding styles. It adds an air of dreaminess to outdoor ceremonies, garden weddings, and bohemian-chic celebrations.

Wedding Hair Trends – Whimsical Vibes

For the boho bride seeking an organic and nature-infused aesthetic. It harmonizes beautifully with rustic and outdoor wedding settings, creating an enchanting focal point that aligns with the natural surroundings.

The versatility of this hairstyle allows it to complement various bohemian-inspired bridal gowns, from flowing lace dresses to vintage-inspired attire.



In conclusion, this year’s trend in wedding hairstyles epitomizes simplicity, chic elegance, and a clean aesthetic. Embracing a less-is-more approach, the emphasis is on highlighting the bride’s natural beauty.