8 Flower Girls Hair Accessories Ideas For 2023 & Video Tutorials

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Flower girls hair accessories can make all the difference between a simple hairstyle and one that is unique and special. Some hair accessories include flowers, ribbons, pins, and bows. Other hair accessories are headbands and headpieces. Hair combs are also included, you can use them to hold back hair or to hold up a headband or headpiece. There are many different types of toddler flower girl hair accessories that you can use for your special day.



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What wedding hair accessories to choose for a flower girl?

There are many types of accessories you can choose from, including flowers, ribbons, bows, feathers, and much more. When choosing these accessories, consider what kind of look you want to achieve.

Flower Girl Birdcage Hair Accessories

The birdcage hair accessory is a simple accessory that flower girls of any age bracket can wear on the head or pin into place on the back of their head. There are many styles available, including headbands with nets or veils that sit on top of your hairpins.

The net veil gives it a more vintage look, while the headband style is more modern and sophisticated. There are many flower girl accessories for hair designs, so you can choose something that matches your wedding theme and complements your flower girl’s dress.


Flower Girl Hair Accessories Tiara

A tiara is an accessory that ladies wear during special occasions. There are many different types of these tiara flower girls’ hair accessories, including ones that have feathers, pearls, or rhinestones. Flower girls can wear a tiara to contemporary, classic, or vintage weddings.


Hair Accessories Flower Crown

Flower crowns are admirable wedding hair accessories for flower girls especially if they are older children or teenagers. These accessories come in different sizes, colors and shapes so that you can find one that fits your little princess’ head well. You can make these little girl hair accessories flower crowns from fresh flowers, dried or artificial flowers like silk roses or tulle, depending on what kind of look desire.

During spring, summer, and early fall, it is best to use fresh flowers instead of artificial flowers. They have more color and also smell better. Use a mixture of contrasting flowers such as roses, violets, and peonies. The colors should be bright and contrastive against the hair color of your flower girl. These fall flower girl hair accessories should also match her dress since she will wear them together at the wedding.


Flower Girl Hair Pieces

Hair pieces are another great option for your little princess’s hair. You can find these hair accessories flower girl at any beauty supply store or online, but if you want something simple and inexpensive, try creating your homemade hair pieces. You can also make your hair bows, headband, and barrettes at home with ribbons or fabric scraps. Styling a flower girl’s hair with hair pieces flower girl dresses hair accessories help you express your creativity, and you can style these hair pieces to match any wedding theme and flower girl dress.


Flower Girl Hair Accessories DIY

How to make flower girl hair accessories at home? Find the answer in the video below.

  • Satin rose hair comb: Satin rose hair comb: Create your handmade rose with satin material that perfectly fits to any wedding style.
  • Baby’s breath floral crown: Make your handmade flower crown using flowers.

Boho Flower Girl Hair Accessories

If you have a boho theme, try suggesting to your flower girl hair accessories out of natural materials such as wood, green flowers, macramé or lace, leather, or fabric. Choose these flower girl hippie hair accessories because that is more in line with the look you are going for.


Flower Girl Hair Clips

This is simple and elegant. Some girls prefer to put their hair up in buns or ponytails with clips. Also, hairpins will look good on the loose hair. It is a universal accessory for any age and style of wedding.

Flower Girl Hair Accessory Pearls

Pearls are a great way to add elegance and beauty to any outfit. Also,they are perfect for adding glamour and sparkle to a simple flower girl dress. You can use them to create beautiful designs on curls or braids. These flower girl hair accessories pearl has been around for centuries and were originally worn by royalty. Today, they are still considered a symbol of elegance and beauty. Pearls are considerable for flower girl hair accessories, and there are many ways to wear pearl hair accessories.



Flower girl’s hair accessories are vital in a wedding. They add beauty and glamour to your flower girl’s look. All you need is to consider the type of wedding. Also, you need to know what style of dress your flower girl will be wearing and what accessory fits.