12 Breaking The Rules Bridal Separates + Faqs

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Bridal separates are perfect for brides who love breaking the rules and traditions. Besides, two is better than one, a fact that the wedding day symbolizes. Fashionista brides are going crazy about two-piece bridal gowns and designers are eating them up. Talk about sexy, modern, unconventional, and edgy stylish takes on traditional dresses!


From the days of Bianca Jagger with her iconic blazer and skirt courthouse wedding look to Olivia Palermo’s chic sweater pairing, it’s been long coming. Now, brides are taking this look for a spin again and we agree. …because why not a bridal attire that you can re-rock in multiple ways?

Think high waist skirts paired with crop tops or power suits and blazers paired with hot bottoms. It doesn’t end there. They come in dream luxury materials, designs, and accents. Illusion lace, florals, velvet, tulle, sequins, popped and high collars, beautiful sleeves, necks, and even embellishments are but a few.

So if you are a bride stepping out of the box, find your style here! Breaking the rules bridal separates!


Pretty Two-Pieces Bridal Gowns

Pretty two-piece bridal gowns are wonderful solutions whether you are glamorous or minimalist.  This style expresses a fun youthful vibe without sacrificing the elegance associated with bridal looks.

Its versatility allows the bride to customize her look from head to toe. Whether she wants to go all out in crop tops, ruffles, volumes, or simplistic, these flirty bridal styles are simply timeless. The bride is sure to turn heads from the ceremony to the reception.

Expert Tip
What fabrics are best for comfort and ease of movement?
For maximum comfort and fluidity, silk chiffon, jersey, and charmeuse are go-to choices. These fabrics drape elegantly and move gracefully with the body, making them ideal for both form-fitting and flowing gown designs. Their breathability and soft texture are perfect for keeping the bride comfortable throughout her special day.


Simple Bridal Skirt Separates

A bridal skirt separate is eclectic and untraditional, with the ability to switch up the bride’s overall look. Its versatility is a stand-out point when you think of the many designs and materials of bridal skirts. You’re covered regardless of your style.

Whether you favor the frills, ruched skirts, or layered and voluminous tulle, you can work a skirt. If your bit is the embellished designs, floral, or fringes, you’ve nailed the drama, glitz, minimalist, and chic look.


Lace Breaking The Rules Bridal Separates Ideas

Lace bridal separates holds an allure for the sensual, passionate, and elegant bride. Add some confidence, and a lace crop top on a maxi organza skirt showing the midriff will be the choice. Alternatively, balance the crop top with long sleeves or large ball gown skirts. The bohemian bride will love the lace on embroidered skirts with layers and length.

Want to look minimalist and modern? Create a clean, sleek silhouette with structured lace tops on pencil skirts for a crisp fresh look.


Beautiful Bridal Separates Top

Combine modern versatility and bohemian flair by pairing a silk form-fitting top with a long sheath skirt for assertive brides. Make it modern with effortlessly intricate shift bridal tops showing off the midriff. Maintain a fashionable and romantic look with tops in elegant layers of pearls creating a flapper-style outfit.

For the whimsical bride, combine fluttering appliques, whisper-thin illusion neckline, cap sleeves, and plunging back top with a sleek skirt. Alternatively, a simple ballet cropped bodice, semi-sheer bodice, or bridal separates top will give the killer look.


Brides Often Ask

What are bridal separates?

Bridal separates are a traditional, sassy, and modern two-piece combo of the normal wedding dress. This is simply a bridal skirt and blouse. The bridal combo will look like the traditional wedding dress and comes in a choice of luxury fabrics. These dress styles are casual and relaxed approaches to wedding dresses that allow you to express your personality. Bridal tops and skirts can be as daring or as demure as you want them

Can I wear bridal separates instead of a wedding dress?

Absolutely! They are perfect alternatives to traditional wedding gowns. Bridal separates let the bride mix and match alluring combos, reflecting her true style. Another advantage is that it’s a great way to save money, especially for couples on a budget. Where a dress will cost a king’s ransom, a two-piece costs a tiny fraction. Moreover, with a two-piece bridal separate, you can switch your look throughout the day.