Fall Wedding Decorations 20+ Best Ideas

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The fall, or autumn, is a beautiful time of year. Leaves change color, animals flock to warmer destinations, the weather is still warm but carries a comforting breeze, and the harvest is mature and ready to eat. It’s impossible not to consider the season’s symbolism of abundance, prosperity, and wealth.
No wonder so many couples want to get married this time of year!
If you are like the millions of brides who want to wed during the season of maturity and growth, you are going to need some fall wedding decoration ideas.
Keep reading and you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Fall Wedding Decorations

You have a lot of easy options when it comes to fall wedding decorations. A good place to start is your color pallet. Achieve harmony with the beauty of the outdoors by bringing it indoors. Combine harvest colors with late bloom florals for a warm, inviting, atmosphere.
Think foliage, summer squash, pumpkin, cranberries, and so on. These rich hues can be vivid or muted. Either way, traditional, rustic, boho, and many other wedding themes work extremely well with these colors.



Vibrant Fall Floral Arrangements

Instead of a single, prominent flower, think mélange. This trend prefers a wide variety of sizes, textures, and colors over your classic bundle of roses and baby’s breath. For best results, look for the freshest late-bloom flowers you can get your hands on such as dahlias, cymbidium orchids, pampas grass, calla lilies, and chrysanthemums. Create consistency by using the same choices for your centerpieces, aisle decor, and archway.



Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Fall weddings tend to have an old-world appeal to them. Lean into it with vintage lanterns or antique candelabras. Again, make use of harvest veggies and fruits whenever possible. For a trendier, more modern approach, think glass. Create a transparent box around your plants of choice. Or, fill glass containers with cranberries, water and candles, or flowers. Make sure to complement all of these colors and textures with other natural elements such as stonework, especially for boho and rustic wedding themes.



Berries Decor Ideas For Fall Wedding

You just can’t go wrong with berries this year. They look fantastic, photograph extremely well, add an attractive scent to the air, and there’s just something wholesome about it.
You can use berries everywhere. Place them in glass containers, integrate them into your florals, create seating cards out of them, or sprinkle them throughout the reception directly on top of surfaces for an added splash of color.
Oh, and don’t forget about your signature cocktail. Vodka cranberry is always a big hit, and that unique blackberry blend you’ve been eying is sure to be received well.



Decorating Tricks For Your Chairs

Take a cue from the rest of your fall themed wedding decorations and go au naturale. A simple set of wooden plants with “Mr” and “Mrs” etched on them is all you need to stand out from the rest of the seats. To glam it up a step, incorporate your chosen flower scheme in the form of wreaths for the bride and groom, and hanging planters or bouquets for the rest of the guests.


Fall Table Decorations For Wedding Receptions

The fall season is all about food. Consider bringing this element into all of your fall wedding decoration ideas. For example, place berries and holly in your floating candles. Place apples, gourds, or other fruits and veggies directly on the table as ornamentation. You can even offer up unique and useful favors like spiced olive oil or herbed salad dressing.
When using leaves, string them together. This way you can create majestic weaves around your other table decor or even create a waterfall design!