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10 Cool Line Dance Wedding Songs You’ll Want To Try


Line dances are great fun at a wedding. However, at such an event you will have guests of all ages, and you would need really good, popular songs that can get them to this dance floor. For this, you will have to find popular line dance wedding songs. This is why we have put together a collection of the best line dance songs, music that your guests will recognize and not hesitate to move to.


Wedding line dances should be upbeat and fun, and this is what we have provided right here. Wedding group dance songs with just the right vibe, that will pump life into your wedding party.

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Best Line Wedding Dance Songs

Here we have some of the popular group dance songs for dancing at a wedding. The top line dance songs that have guests rocking to their feet.


1. Electric Boogie

Also called Electric Slide is a fun hit by Marcia Griffiths, a popular tune for wedding line dances.


2. Blurred Lines

This hit song by Robin Thicke will certainly get your guests on their feet and on the move.


3. The Locomotion

This old classic is popular with the Harlem Shake, especially after the song went viral years ago.


4. The Cha-Cha Slide

A fun and popular line dance song, the moves to this song are easy to learn.

5. Achy Breaky Heart

By Billy Ray Cyrus, this song is popular with the Wagon Wheel line dance.

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Pop Line Dance Songs

If you are looking for a list of line dance songs in the pop category, then you are in the right place. Below are some pop wedding reception songs your guests will love.

1. Gangnam Style

This 2012 hit by Psy is one song your guests will not be able to ignore even for one second.


2. Crank That

A great tune by Soulja Boy will be a fun addition to your line dance list for sure. Have a listen and you will find why.

3. Mashed Potato Time

A genius tune by Dee Dee Sharp, this has just the right amount of pop to get your guests rocking.


4. C’mon N’ Ride It

From 1996, this would be a hit with the baby boomers and even some of the millennials in your guest list.

5. 5, 6, 7, 8

Such a fun song to dance to. This number from Steps will bring back happy memories for every one of your guests.

There is nothing like great music to get a crowd going. From r and b line dance songs to pop line dance songs and modern line dance songs. There is a tune for everybody to enjoy, from new wedding songs to oldies that hold joyful memories. Choose from some of these line dance wedding songs and watch your guests shuffle their feet to some great tunes.