The Ultimate Mexican Wedding Songs Playlist

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Like the tequila drink, Mexicans are fun, interesting, romantic, and energetic. These traits span everything including Mexican wedding songs. The Latinas who are culturally rich, know how to party and serenade. So you can be sure of having a blast at your wedding if you curate a songs list. Where to start? Check out some of the best Mexican wedding songs we collected.


Popular Mexican Wedding Songs


Suavemente – Elvis Crespo

Cuando tú me besas, me siento en el aire
Por eso cuando te veo, Comienzo a besarte

Suavemente by Elvis Crespo is one the most requested songs at weddings because of its iconic status. It is one of the popular Mexican wedding songs that can make guests go gaga on the dancefloor. This 1998 Spanish rhythm is energetic and perfect for the last dance and after-party.

Piensa en mí by Luz Casal

Si tienes un hondo penar, piensa en mí.
Tu párvula boca que siendo tan niña…

Piensa en mí by Luz Casal is one of the most emotional Mexican father-daughter wedding songs. A father reminds his daughter that he will always be there in good or bad, sorrows and pains. This song is also perfect for a mother-son dance. Every child wants to know that their parents would always be there for them.


Mundo De Amor Los Tucanes de Tijuana

Digo tu nombre y yo no me doy cuenta
Eres mi vida, yo no puedo estar sin ti
Todos me dicen que estoy enamorado…

This is one of the best Mexican wedding songs for the first dance. A groom can also serenade his bride with this romantic wedding song. The groom tells the bride what everyone else sees. That he’s in love, and she’s his life. What else does a bride want to hear on the day she signs the dotted lines? Mexican wedding songs don’t hit better than this.

Agua salada by Los Tigres Del Norte

Ya convertida en mujer, Aquella que cuando niña…

This is a song for the dancefloor, but especially for the bride. The bride is reminded of her growing up, the promise that she would fly one day. It is a heartfelt song that will leave a few wet eyes on the dance floor even while having fun.

Yo no Te pido la Luna by Fiordaliso

Yo no Te pido la lunaa
Tan solo quiero amarte…

Apart from the upbeat melody that gets the guests dancing, this song takes the couple down memory lane. It is a perfect wedding reception entrance song for romantic couples. The song can also feature in the first and last dance.


Casas de Madera by Ramón Ayala

El viento sopla y nada me Consuela
Sin ti mi vida se acaba y Ni te enteras…

This is one of the fun traditional Mexican wedding songs that a couple can use for the first dance. The couple tells their spouse that nothing comforts them except their presence. This is a reassuring number of their commitment for all time. Every couple needs this song on their playlist.

Me llamo Raquel – Banda Machos

Me le acerque y le dije hola guapa
Y Como un lobo sobre ella me lanze…

Me llama Raquel – Banda Machos is one of the most popular Mexican wedding songs for the dance floor. It is a fun love story that talks about the bride’s beauty, her attraction to her beloved, and how they fell in love. It is light-hearted, romantic, and brings a fulfilled vibe to the whole affair.


El Pasito Perron by Grupo Dinastia Mendoza

Que toda la gente brinca de emoción
Se mueven muy rico con esta canción.

Mexican wedding songs for after-parties don’t get better than El Pasito Perron by Grupo Dinastia Mendoza. All the guests will love to move to this emotional but upbeat song. There’s no better way to party the night away.

La Cumbia Sampuesana – Aniceto Molina

La cumbia sampuesana
La que baile con ganas…

Here is one of the Mexican wedding dance songs bound by desire. This song can either be choreographed or the couple can gyrate to. It is popular and a staple request for weddings among Latinas.


El Reloj by Luis Miguel

Ella es la estrella
Que alumbra mi ser…

If you’re looking for the best Mexican wedding songs for the first dance, this piece from Luis Miguel is the perfect hit. It says that the bride is his star, Lighting up his being. It is romantic, mid-paced and the lyrics are amazing.

The power of Mexican wedding songs is infectious. From their rhythms to lyrics, dance steps, and more. We’ve curated the best songs out of Mexico, so make your pick, curate your playlist, and dance till you drop.