25 Best Wedding Anniversary Songs For Your Celebration

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After so many years together, you want to celebrate, because it’s no easy feat. In all the preparation you make for the event, wedding anniversary songs rank top on the checklist. The best anniversary songs should represent the love you share and shed light on your journey so far. It may not be anything new but could be your first dance song, your first date song, or a song both of you love.


Top Wedding Anniversary Songs

Good anniversary songs can also be from any genre such as pop, r&b, country, soul, or other choice genres. To help, we’ve rounded a list of top wedding anniversary songs you and your spouse will love.

  1. Because you loved me by Celine Dion
    This heartfelt song by Celine Dion is one that should make your anniversary music playlist if you’ve survived the marriage storm. It’s one of the best 50th wedding anniversary songs because, at this point, the couple has seen it all.
  2. Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran
    Hear the chorus opening, “darling, I will be loving you till 70.” It is one of the new songs that give all the promises a couple of needs. This is one of the 25th wedding anniversary songs that should make a playlist.
  3. That’s all by Michael Buble
    This song is a 2003 cover by Michael Buble. It’s a passionate promise song that says they’d give each other everything. Michael Buble is also a great feature for all parts of a wedding.
  4. All of you by John Legend
    For great wedding anniversary dance songs, “all of you” is just perfect. It’s one of the very slow dance songs you can waltz to. It’s so passionate, and deep and talks about loving fully, through imperfections and all. A masterpiece!
  5. Forever and Always by Shania Twain
    Forever and always is one of the best songs for a wedding anniversary. This is one of the country songs by Shania Twain that took the world by storm. Dance in the arms of your beloved to this cool country ballad.
  6. Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross
    This is a duet by two legends that emphasizes the love they share. It says no one can deny the love they feel inside. This will pass for 50th-anniversary songs for the slideshow. It adds passion to the moment.
  7. By your side by Sade Adu
    This piece by Sade is one of the love songs that makes you feel like you’re taking your vows all over. It says “when you’re down, I’ll be there by your side”. It’s a solemn promise worthy of hearing again.
  8. Dance me to the end of love by Leonard Cohen
    A hit ballad from the 80s, this is a slow dance song written by poet, Leonard Cohen. Perfect for slow anniversary dance songs for a wedding reception. You’d dance with your beloved till the end of love.
  9. P.S — I love you by The Beatles
    The Beatles have done major with this passionate number. Sing like you’re writing a letter to your lover. It promises that even as you write, you’ll always be in love with them.
  10. The rest of our life by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    Tim and Faith are arguably the power couple of country music. They’ve been together for over two decades. And they declare that with each other, they’d stay young for the rest of their beautiful lives.
  11. This will be an everlasting love by Natalie Cole
    A hit number of both r&b and pop upon its release in 1975, it’s the perfect upbeat song for the first dance. It’s passionate, filled with enough romantic sentiments to make it unforgettable.
  12. When I’m sixty-four by The Beatles
    If you’re celebrating between years zero to 25th-year anniversary when I’m sixty-four is your plug. This pop hit by the Beatles assures you of all the love you’d share even then.
  13. Still the one by Orleans
    A 1976 wonder, it remains one of the top wedding anniversary songs to tell your spouse that they’re still the one. After all this time, reaffirmation is all they need from you.
  14. Can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley
    This one is by the legendary Elvis Presley. The song talks about how helpless he is with falling in love over and again with his beloved. It takes its place among the top wedding anniversary songs for the 50th vow renewal.
  15. It had to be you by Frank Sinatra
    With all your many faults, with all your imperfections, it had to be you spending forever with your beloved. This song is a fact, portraying the real nature of love, yet very passionate.
  16. All my life by Kc & Jojo
    If you’re looking for slow anniversary dance songs for the wedding reception, this is the perfect number. The lyrics do justice to both wedding reception and a solely wedding anniversary event. It’s also romantic and a highly treasured classic hit.
  17. You’re still the one by Shania Twain
    Shania Twain says “you’re still the one that I run to, belong to, and want for life…” This right here talks about endless love. If your spouse is the one who does all this to you, this is your song.
  18. Through the years by Kenny Rogers
    This 1981 hit ballad is arguably one of the best love songs ever to grace our ears. It talks about enduring and sweet love. Perfect for your anniversary if you’ve weathered hard times together. It is simply evergreen.
  19. Anniversary by Toni Tone
    This is one of the most sought-after wedding anniversary dance songs. Being one of the r&b hits of the 90s, it has such beautiful lyrics. Toni Tone says “because we’ve had good times… It’s our anniversary. Reminisce while dancing.
  20. I got you, babe, by Sonny & Cher
    Sonny and Cher are the sweetest couples out of the 1960s and this song was a hit then. We’d say it’s timeless because it remains one of the best wedding anniversary songs. It says they got each other for life.

Songs for Milestone Anniversaries

  1. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

    Ideal for: 1st Anniversary

    Significance: A classic love song that beautifully captures the essence of falling in love.

  2. Amazed by Lonestar

    Ideal for: 5th Anniversary

    Significance: This heartfelt country ballad perfectly expresses the amazement and deep love that can grow stronger with each passing year.

  3. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

    Ideal for: 10th Anniversary

    Significance: A song that reflects the enduring nature of love and memories.

  4. At Last by Etta James

    Ideal for: 25th Anniversary

    Significance: This song symbolizes the joy of finding a soulmate after a long wait.

  5. Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

    Ideal for: 50th Anniversary

    Significance: A timeless song that represents the unbroken bond of love.

From classics to new wedding anniversary songs, we’ve rounded off a selected list of masterpieces to serenade you. Most of these songs for a wedding anniversary can also double as wedding reception songs. The lyrics, ambiance, and intent are what you’d put into consideration. You want to create a passionate atmosphere injected with the love vibe. Now, choose your genre and make a pick of your best wedding anniversary song.