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Wedding officiant speeches could be a bit tough to put together, especially if the officiant is green at the ears. This poses the issue of anxiety, trying to over-impress, or flopping totally.

Well, there is no one size fits all wedding minister speeches, because you tailor your speech according to wedding style. The kind of relationship you have with the couple also matters in the structure of your speech.

In this post, we’ll show you how to prepare different wedding officiant speeches and their associating etiquette.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the officiant introduce themselves?

The wedding officiant does not necessarily have to introduce themselves as everyone would know who they are and why they are there. They could start with a few lines such as: ‘Welcome everyone and thank you for being here to witness the union of (bride) and (bride).’

How does the officiant introduce wedding vows?

There is no official line for introducing the wedding vows, but a generic and one goes like this: ‘We have come to the point of your ceremony where you’re going to say your vows to one another. But before you do that, I ask you to remember that love, which is rooted in faith, trust, and acceptance, will be the foundation of an abiding and deepening relationship.’


How To Prepare Wedding Officiant Speeches?

  • If you’re officiating wedding speeches, you must discuss with the couple on what types of wedding ceremony they desire. Know their ideas, length, tone, style, and order of ceremony.
  • Start of ceremony
    Begin your wedding minister’s speeches by welcoming the guests and passing on important information. Let them know if phones, pictures, or videos are prohibited.
  • The processional
    Let the audience know it’s time for the couple to come in.
    “All guests stand as you see fit.”
    After the processional, ask them to sit. At this point, some officiants ask “who gives out the other.”
  • The officiant’s speech
    Wedding ceremony speeches by officiants begin with a love story about the couple. You may also read a funny poem that makes meaning to the couple. Talk about love, commitment, and faithfulness.
  • Rings exchange
    Say lines on commitment and ask them to repeat after you. For instance…
    “I honor you with this ring as a sign of my love…”
  • Signing and pronouncements
    You’ll tell the guests what’s about to happen. After the couple signs, you’ll pronounce them as a couple.
  • Close remarks
    Tell the guests what’s next. If there will be a photo session, reception, or get-together. Then thank them for coming.


Best Wedding Officiant Speeches

The best wedding officiant speeches are amazingly heartfelt. It’s respectful, genuine, detailed, and carries everyone along. Great wedding ceremony officiant speeches aim to help in the seamless conduction of the wedding. They also keep in mind that the guests are there to have some fun, so it has some humor.



Traditional Wedding Officiant Speech Sample

Traditional officiant wedding ceremony speeches follow the age-long template and procedure. Although things are changing, there are parts of the structure that remains untouched. And many other speech styles have adopted parts of the template. Traditional speeches by officiant have depth and are particular about love, commitment, and faithfulness.


Friends, _____ and _____ have invited us here today, in the presence of God, to share in the celebration of their marriage. We who gather here today are separated by the many different experiences that we have had.

Despite these differences, we gather here today in this place because we share something in common. We share a desire to affirm and support the relationship of _____ and _____.

Marriage is an act of will. It requires a commitment to care for another person. By caring we show concern for the life and growth of those whom we love. Marriage requires a commitment to take responsibility for another person. By responding we experience the needs of that other person and try to help meet those needs.

Today, guided by God’s love and wisdom, we affirm and celebrate _____ and _____ wedding day.



Before God, your friends, and your families, I ask you to affirm your willingness to enter the covenant of marriage and to share all the joys and sorrows of your lives and your relationship, whatever the future may hold.

_____, do you take this woman to be your wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
Groom: I do
_____, do you take this man to be your husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
Bride: I do

Repeat after me. I take you, _____, this day as my wife/husband. I promise to walk by your side forever as your best friend and your soul mate. You are my beloved one and I am proud to marry you. I promise to support your dreams and to be there for you all our lives.


From the earliest times, the circle has been a symbol of completeness, a symbol of committed love. An unbroken and never-ending circle symbolizes a commitment of love that is also never-ending. This ring should be a reminder of the commitment to love each other that you have made today.

Repeat after me. I, _____, give you _____, this ring as a symbol of my commitment to love, honor, and respect you.



_____ and _____, you have now affirmed your love for each other before your family and friends. You have come from different background, have walked different paths. You are different individuals. Your love has transcended these differences. In the years before you may the richness of the traditions that have nurtured you enhance and brighten your lives as you help to create and shape the future.


May God bless you and keep you.
_____ and _____, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Groom, you may kiss the bride.


It is my pleasure to present to you _____ and _____ as husband and wife.



Wedding Officiant Speech For A Friend’s Wedding

If you’re officiating a friend’s wedding, then you’ll have a relaxed environment. Your tone should be playful and even comedic. Get creative by lacing your speech with fun stories of your years together. But you must study and understand your audience so you don’t come across as crass and unappealing.


Welcome everyone! On this beautiful day, _______ and _______ have brought us together to celebrate their love and union in matrimony. Thank you all for joining us and being a part of their love story.

After years of nurturing a beautiful, strong relationship, it’s great to see these two taking the next step towards building a family.

I remember the day _______ told me about their first date. There was a light in her eyes that I’d never seen before. She was excited and nervous. She worried that ______ didn’t feel the same connection she felt.

It warms my heart to see the way _______ looks at _______. He looks at her as if she’s the last and only woman on Earth, and to him, I know she is. I’ve seen these two be there for each other through life’s unexpected twists and turns, only growing closer and stronger from each setback. I’ve seen them share laughs, exchange inside jokes and most shocking of all, I’ve seen _______ share his dinner with _______, which is when I knew this was serious.

Marriage isn’t easy but I trust these two. I have trust in their love, their friendship, and their commitment to one another. With that, I think it’s time to let them speak on their love.


_______ and ______, have you come here today of your own free will to declare your commitment to one another?

We have.

Do you promise to be there for each other in the good and the bad? To grow with, understand and respect one another during your life together?

We do.

Then please face each other and share your vows.



Let these rings represent your eternal love and the promises you have made here today. Let them be a symbol of your unbreakable bond and this new beginning of your life together with no end in sight.

______, take _____’s ring and place it on her finger and repeat after me:

With this ring, I promise to love and cherish you to the end of my days.

______, take _____’s ring and place it on his finger and repeat after me:

With this ring, I promise to love and cherish you to the end of my days.

Your love has now been strengthened by the promises you have made here today and the rings you have exchanged.

______ and ______, we have heard the sincerity in your promise to share your lives in marriage. We recognize your love and support your decision to build a home together. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

_______, you may kiss your bride!

Everyone, give it up for Mr. and Mrs _______.



Funny Wedding Minister Speech

A funny ceremony speech has humor-laced all over the script by officiants. The officiant uses humor to relay life facts. Humor gets easier if you have a personal relationship with the couple. But if you aren’t close and you’re not sure about how much to say, keep it light.

Welcome to all of you. Thank you for being here today. We are glad you could make it and hope you enjoy the

We’d like to take a moment to also remember the people who can’t be here today. We are sure they are with us
today in spirit.

Marriage is so many things and we’ve created this ceremony to express many aspects of marriage. And the best
the advice can come from the most interesting places.

“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of
chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute
and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl (or in the case of the reason we gather today, special boy or
girl) for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”

On cold winter nights, love is warm. It lies between you and lives and breaths and makes funny noises. Love wakes you up all hours of the night with its needs. It needs to be fed so it will grow and stay healthy. Love doesn’t like being left alone for long. But come home and love is always happy to see you. It may break a few things accidentally in its passion for life, but you can never be mad at love for long.

Is love good all the time? No! No!
Love can be bad. Bad, love, bad! Very bad love.
Love makes messes. It leaves you little surprises here and there. Love needs lots of cleaning up after.

But love makes you meet people wherever you go. People who have nothing in common but love stop and talk to each other on the street.
Throw things away and love will bring them back, again, and again, and again.

But most of all, love needs love, lots of it. And in return, love loves you and never stops.
And now, for the wedding vows.
Are you ready?
Are you sure?

Do you _____, solemnly swear that you will support and defend the institution of marriage against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
Do you promise to honor and love _____ in sickness and in health, in good times and bad times, Do you promise to cherish
her as your most beloved according to the regulations and the uniform code of love justice, so help you God?

Yes, I do.

Do you _____, solemnly swear that you will support and defend the institution of marriage against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
Do you promise to honor and love _____ in sickness and in health, in good times and bad times, Do you promise to cherish
her as your most beloved according to the regulations and the uniform code of love justice, so help you God?

Yes, I do.


The wedding ring is an unbroken circle, which symbolizes unending and everlasting love. It is a visible symbol that represents your inner commitment to one another. Because these circles are designed without an ending they speak of eternity. May the incorruptible substance of these rings represent a love glowing with increasing luster through the years. May these rings which you give to each other be a sign of your love, trust, and faithfulness.

Repeat after me:

_____, I give you this ring as a sign of my lifelong devotion. Wear it and know that I love you.
_____, I give you this ring as a sign of my lifelong devotion. Wear it and know that I love you.

May your home be filled with laughter and the warm embrace of a summer day. And may you find peacefulness and beauty, challenge, and satisfaction, humor and insight, healing and renewal, love and wisdom, as in a quiet heart.

May you always feel that what you have is enough.

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife!

You may kiss the bride!!!


Same-sex Wedding officiant Script template and Speech

Even as an officiant, it might not always be easy to give great wedding officiant speeches. This template can serve as a guide to writing speeches for wedding officiants, for any type of wedding.

  1. Make the research – You could start by doing your homework. Go on the internet, and check places such as Google, Pinterest, Instagram, or Youtube for wedding officiant speech samples for same-sex weddings. You could streamline your search to find only funny speeches or more regular speeches and get unique ideas to work with.
  2. Start writing the draft – The beginning is always the hard part, so don’t procrastinate writing your officiant speech for a wedding ceremony. Even if you feel like you haven’t researched enough, just start. You can always edit your draft as you go along or write another one.
  3. To write awesome wedding speeches for an officiant for a same-sex wedding, you have to keep an open mind. A lot of the material you will find online would be for CIS heterosexual couples, so always keep your couple in mind and edit your speech where necessary. Create that speech that is uniquely theirs.

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony Speech Template

This can be considered an official guide or template for wedding officiant ceremonies and speeches for same-sex weddings. Following each step, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting your speech done anymore.

  • Welcome Everyone
    No matter the type of wedding, whether you’re making a Persian wedding officiant speech or non-denominational, you’ll begin by welcoming all the guests and thanking them for their support to witness the couple get married and celebrate with them. Lots of them might have canceled schedules or traveled far to be there, so it would be nice to appreciate them.
  • Talk About Marriage
    The body of officiant wedding speeches usually includes some lines about marriage. Since it’s the topic of the day, you could talk about it in general, reminding the couple why they are there and the seriousness of their commitment. You could also give them some advice on the ups and downs of marriage, the sweet and the bitter, the highs and the lows. Also, how the love that they share is what will get them through anything that life throws their way.
  • Share a Personal Story (If you have one and time permits)
    Some of the best wedding officiant speeches come with a story. Stories are often the best way to pass a message across because it helps you to connect with people. It also helps them remember the message. So, if you have any stories about marriage to share, this would be the perfect place to share them. As the officiant, you might have a personal bond with the brides or grooms. Sharing your stories would be meaningful to them, and you could choose to share a sentimental and loving story or even an embarrassing one that could crack them up.
    You could also share an experience that you’ve had with the couple. A most loving or affectionate one that lets you know that they can weather any storm together. After this, you can continue with the vows.
  • In Closing
    Wedding speeches for the officiant at same-sex weddings are usually not very different from those of CIS heterosexual couples. You can only make your wedding ceremony officiant speech unique by factoring in the specific couple when writing your speech. If their experiences and your experiences with them are present in the speech, then it should be perfect.

Every couple is unique so wedding officiant speeches should be crafted to fit each couple, same-sex, CIS gender, heterosexual or other. With these tips, you can hone your craft and write the best wedding officiant speeches ever.


Inspirational Quotes and Verses

  • Selecting Appropriate Quotes: When choosing quotes for your wedding officiant speech, consider ones that reflect love, unity, and the couple’s journey. For instance, a quote like “Love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together. Love is about how much you love each other daily.” – Unknown, can emphasize the enduring nature of their love.
  • Incorporating Religious Verses or Texts: If the couple has a religious background, incorporate meaningful verses or texts from their faith. For example, you might use Corinthians 13:4-7 from the Bible, which speaks about love’s qualities: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…”
  • Non-religious Inspirational Quotes: Opt for non-religious inspirational quotes for secular ceremonies. A quote like “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn, beautifully conveys the idea of cherishing the relationship and finding strength in each other.

Wedding Ceremony Speeches Dos And Don’ts

  1.  Do get creative with your speech by blending in a sweet short story of the couple. If you’ve been a part of their lives for a long time, then you’re in the best position to make it rain. Talk about everything that’s okay for public ears. Tell their love story.
  2. Don’t veer off-topic or get over-excited that you start to sound boring. Stay on point and if you don’t have so much to say, keep it short. We advise that you have discreet cue cards that you can refer to. It helps keep you in check.
  3. Do keep humor light especially if you’re not close to the family. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown because your joke fell flat. Humor is a great icebreaker for weddings. But when you’re not sure about what to expect, keep it light. Don’t go overboard.
  4. Don’t forget to practice your speech until you can recite it naturally and off the heart. Also, spend some time learning the names you’d be pronouncing. You want to call these names right so you don’t end up pissing off guests.
  5. Do give a copy of the speech to the couple for keep.

Wedding officiant speeches can be very interesting and fulfilling if done right. You only need a few expert hacks to get by. You’ll consider the wedding style, the tone the couple wants to set, and the length of the wedding. This will help you determine how creative you can get with the officiant’s wedding speech. For creative inspiration, we’ve dropped some tips for writing officiant wedding speeches and officiant speech etiquette.