Great Frank Sinatra Wedding Songs

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One of the most popular and best-selling music artists of the 20th century and all time, Frank Sinatra’s music is known for being timeless. His songs had a distinct style and signature sound, as well as lyrics that transported you right into the story within their tunes. Fabulous love songs that continue to play in your head long after you have turned off the stereo. They are good for love, and romance, and also, everybody loves Frank Sinatra’s wedding songs.


If you are one of those adorable people who love Sinatra’s sound, then you would want his music playing at your wedding. Frank Sinatra’s romance songs are so distinct, that they make a good fit for every aspect of a wedding. Make your special day complete with a choice of songs from the music of one of the greatest singers of all time. Check out our list of Frank Sinatra’s greatest love songs.

Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Love Songs

Whether you need mother-son dance songs or wedding prelude songs; these options from some of his greatest hits will serve you well.

  1. The Best Is Yet to Come
    Top on our list of Sinatra wedding songs is this gem released in 1964. From the album, “It Might as Well Be Swing”, you’ll be glad to know that the title of this jazzy song is etched on Sinatra’s tombstone.
  2. My Funny Valentine
    If you’re looking for a fun, old-school wedding song then perhaps try this lovely number.
  3. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
    A slow and sultry tune, this number from 1956 will definitely get under your skin if you include it in your wedding playlist.
  4. The Way You Look Tonight
    A marvelous choice for a memorable first dance. “The way you look tonight”, is undoubtedly one of Frank Sinatra’s best love songs.
  5. It Had to Be You
    Another great love song by Frank Sinatra is a wedding love song that would fit almost any aspect of your special day.


Frank Sinatra First Dance Songs

It would be difficult to make a choice of first dance wedding songs from the Frank Sinatra collection. However, with so many to choose from, you are sure to find the one that best fits you as a couple and your endearing love story.

  1. As Time Goes By
    Featured in the movie Casablanca in 1942, this famous number from Sinatra will make a most beautiful and memorable first dance tune on your special day.
  2. Some Enchanted Evening
    Another one of Frank Sinatra’s romantic songs, this hit number from the 1967 album, “The World We Knew” was recorded in three versions by Frank after the author, Richard Rogers wrote it for “South Pacific”, the musical in 1949.
  3. All the Way
    This Academy Award-winning number was written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen. It featured in the movie, “The Joker Is Wild”, and became a hit in 1957 after Sinatra released his version of the song as a single. A beautiful choice for an enchanting first dance.
  4. Fly Me to the Moon
    As far as Frank Sinatra’s first dance songs go, this is no doubt a favorite. While it can play in any part of your wedding day, it can also be a nice kick-off for the dancing part of your wedding reception. Written by Bart Howard, this sentimental number was the first music on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.
  5. More (Theme from Mondo Cane)
    Another great choice for first dance music is this Frank Sinatra version of the Nino Oliviero and Riz Ortolani song for the 1962 film, Mondo Cane. From the album,” It Might as Well Be Swing” this is the tune you are sure to enjoy on your special day.


Best Frank Sinatra Wedding Songs

Whether you need Frank Sinatra slow songs for your wedding or just a mix of styles, you are sure to find what you need here. Frank Sinatra’s songs for weddings are timeless classics that are hard to ignore, especially by his fans all around the globe.

  1. Nice N’ Easy
    A relaxing and romantic number, a chill song for a first or last dance.
    You make me feel so young: As laid back as most Sinatra songs tend to be, this fun-loving number is a great choice for almost any aspect of a wedding.
  2. Cheek to cheek
    If you want a memorable first dance, then this sweet and romantic song will definitely put you both at ease and give you that moment in time that is just for you.
  3. Love and Marriage
    One Frank Sinatra song title that is difficult to ignore for a wedding. It was released in his “This Is Sinatra” album of 1956 and is a perfect choice for any of his fans hoping to include his tunes in their wedding.

If you want to have a wedding with classical music from one of the best-selling music artists of all time; then it best is Sinatra. With the variety of Frank Sinatra wedding songs available to couples, you cannot run out of options to choose from.