30+ Rust Wedding Decor Ideas Guide 2023

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The rich rust color palette has been trending at weddings in recent times and is a beautiful choice for a unique celebration. A rust wedding theme is one of different shades and hues of orange terra cotta, brown and copper. In incorporating this elegant palette in your wedding, you’d have to look into getting rust wedding décor for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.



The colors associated with rust can give a bohemian or rustic vibe to a wedding, however this theme can be implemented for other wedding types as well. Be it a classic, vintage or modern wedding, this throwback color can give it that vibrant and romantic vibe that most couples would love.

Read on to discover rust wedding décor ideas and suggestions that would fit your special day and every décor element, from your florals to wedding centerpieces, table setting and more.

Brides Often Ask

What wedding colors go with rust?

A rust color palette combines well with neutrals, blue, yellow, teal, and even a dash of pink. Using complimentary shades will bring depth and interest to your wedding, even if you just use a little tiny bit.



Arches For Rust Color Wedding Theme

You would have to consider your wedding arch when arranging for rust wedding décor for your wedding. Considering the color palette for this theme, a wedding ceremony arch built out of organic oak branches would be a charming choice. Decorate with orange or ombre tulle and garden roses for a fantastic finish.

If your venue already has a wooden ach or arbor, it makes things much easier. Decorate this with orange blossoms, eucalyptus branches and rust colored linen for an elegant outdoor setting in the rust theme. A wedding arch in rich earthy colors is sure to give your wedding ceremony a natural and unique vibe that you and your wedding guests will adore.



Aisle Décor Ideas For Rust Wedding

There are lots of ways to decorate a wedding aisle in the rust wedding theme. One of which would be to create a dreamy aisle lined with earthy florals such as wildflowers and lush foliage to tie in that rust compliant look. If you would prefer the flower arrangements sit in vases, birch wooden vases would be lovely to complement the overall design for the wedding.

Medium sized wooden or birch planter boxes to line the aisle while they hold the wildflower arrangements that will guide the bride to the altar. These earthy aisle decorations can sit on a crisp white or pastel colored aisle runner for a contrasting or monochromatic effect.



Centerpiece In Rust Wedding Colors

One of the major elements to consider when putting together your rust table design for a wedding is the centerpieces. For that elegant and yet rusty look you can get wooden lantern pieces and fill them with fairy lights to give off that enchanting feel.

You could combine these with wood crate centerpieces to act as flower boxes that can overflow with abundant arrangements of seasonal blooms. These wooden crates can be replaced with Mason jars if you prefer. They can be left transparent or wrapped in ribbons in colors of deep orange or nude.

Gold plated or gilded votives acting as candle holders can add a sparkle and gleam to your tables that would introduce a romantic vibe to your wedding space.



Rust Colored Wedding Reception

A rust colored wedding reception is a warm and vibrant place to be and can be so much fun to decorate. With so many ideas to choose from in creating your rusty dream, you cannot run out of options.

Consider adding a rusty chic vibe to your wedding reception venue with slabs of wood or wood slices. They can be used as bases of decorative arrangements, be it florals, candles or even lanterns.

Some other element that is sure to stand out is neutral copper tones that would only enrich the rusty look. Copper tableware paired with chargers or glasses in fuchsia or amber hues, alongside copper mugs, would add a warmth to the aesthetic. Combine with rattan lanterns for texture and canopies of bougainvillea, eucalyptus and roses for some pops of fresh and contrasting color.


Rust Table Design For Wedding

Your table designs shouldn’t be left out of your rust color wedding theme. Create colorful and eclectic tablescapes with this divine color palette that will give you an enchanting atmosphere.

Cover bare, wooden tabletops in tableware and glassware of amber hues, and pops of deep greens or blues. Top these with metallic or jewel tones that gleam off the other colors, creating full fairytale dinner tables.

Some small details you could include would be DIY place card holders. Create grooves in wine cork pieces to sit place cards and escort cards for your guests, for creativity that won’t go unnoticed. Metal lanterns for candles would also be a delightful addition to this divine arrangement.



Ideas For Seating Place In Rust Colors

Design your wedding reception seating places in rusty colors in keeping with your rust wedding décor theme. If you are having an outdoor ceremony or wedding reception, you can tie in your design with nature. Go for minimal style seating with wooden bistro chairs and amber pillows with the backdrop of birch trees or an olive grove.

If you need decoration for your seats, you could consider golden and amber dyed bunches of wheat tied to the back or side of each chair. This alternative to the usual floral blooms could make your seating décor stand out in a most unique way.


Rust White Ideas In Wedding Décor

Rusty colors are great to combine with white when designing the décor for a wedding. White is a neutral canvas that can work with all types of colors and hues.

For your wedding seating, you can consider wooden or metallic bistro chairs with off white chair pillows on some chairs, and amber hued pillows on others.

Your guests would also love to see elevated lanterns and string lights hovering over the tables in a glow. This idea would work for an outdoor or indoor wedding, rustic, vintage or even a traditional wedding. The lanterns can be alternated, one brown and the next white, in line with the rust white theme. Add some wreaths and greenery for some pops of color and an ethereal vibe that would only make your event feel more special than ever.



Rust Wedding Décor Lounge Zone & Signs

If you plan to have a lounge zone at your wedding, then you bet it should be in the wedding theme colors as well. Luckily, this is one color palette that excels where comfort and coziness are concerned.

For a décor piece that will truly stand out, you could go with a wine barrel or several wine barrels for a bar table. Arrange the barrels side by side and set a wooden slab on top of them. A unique and focal point that would definitely draw the attention of your guests. Decorate with amber hued dried flowers and garlands of greenery, and it is set.

Your lounge can have unique signs as well. Create wedding signs out of wooden hoops and ribbons in your theme colors, for truly adorable décor.



Trends in rust wedding theme – Dried flowers & pampas grass

As the rust wedding theme grows in popularity, there are certain elements that continue to pop up with this theme and we seemingly cannot do without.

Some of these elements include dried flowers. Their crispness and varying shades make them a unique addition to any type of wedding décor, be it for tablescapes, hanging installations, or aisle decorations. At the same time, décor such as pampas grass can be dyed in any desired color and still look as majestic and beautiful as ever. A plus to any wedding theme design.

Rattan furniture and décor are also quite trendy, adding texture to any space you choose to decorate. For hanging installations, you could consider rattan pendant lights or floral vases accented with greenery to add a sentimental charm to your wedding.



Beautiful ideas for rust wedding with Candle & light

Candlelight is an inexpensive and elegant element that does justice to any form of wedding decoration you incorporate it with.

Place candles in wooden lanterns for that combination of white and brown or metallic hues that add a rusty charm to your environment. These décor pieces can act as table centerpieces, decoration for your wedding entrance, or hang in suspension from the ceiling to add a gleam to your dinner tables. Surround with greenery or seagrass for a most enchanting effect.

Enjoy the many benefits and design styles of the rust wedding décor this wedding season. Choose the one that best suits your wedding type for the most charming and magical wedding day.