15 Romantic Spanish Wedding Songs

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Spanish wedding songs are well known for quite a few things, which put them in a separate category. Romance, fun, depth, passion, sonorous voices, accompanying classic instruments, and love, are but a few.

These are the energy you’d want at your wedding, but you must learn to pick these Latin wedding songs right. So follow through, as we do a rundown of 15 appropriate romantic Spanish songs for a wedding.


Most Popular Spanish Wedding Songs

  1. El Amor by Jose Luis Perales
    Ever found the true meaning of love? This classic piece is one of the most interesting wedding songs in Spanish. It explains love in the most basic yet complicated words. As a bond between mother and son or lovers, this is perfect for the mother-son dance and even the first dance.
  2. Te Amare by Miguel Bose
    This is a song that means “I will love you”. This is a song of depths on so many levels, perfect for wedding vows. It’s also an inspiration for those who intend to write their vows, as the lyrics are everything. All you need to do is translate it into English.
  3. Por Ti Me Casare by Eros Ramazzotti
    Perfect for your wedding playlist if you have found the one. The song says “I’ll get married because of you.” Even though the singer Eros, hasn’t found her since the time he sang this, it’s a reassurance to your beloved. You’re telling her that she’s worth taking this step for.
  4. Somos Novos by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera
    Andrea Bocelli, an Italian tenor legend creates history with Christina Aguilera on this amazing piece. This duet happens to be one of the romantic renditions of all time. Other versions of this song include ones done by Luis Miguel and Armado Mazanero. But the beauty of this piece remains unfading.
  5. Hasta Que Te Cono Cí by Maná
    Slightly upbeat, this is a must for your wedding playlist. This is a cover version of the original done by Juan Gabriel. It remains one of the evergreen Spanish first dance wedding songs. Guests won’t skip the chance to vibe to it all night, with its romantic and sensual rhythm.
  6. Por Amarte Asi by Christian Castro ft. Ana Isabelle
    This is the ideal Spanish wedding music for a powerful entrance to your wedding. It is romantic, deep, calming, easy on the ears, and wedding appropriate. Christian and Ana combine their sonorous voices to build a vocal powerhouse. Walk down the aisle to this one, and your day remains unforgettable.
  7. Tan Enamorados by Ricardo Montaner
    This title means “so in love”, and it lives up to its hype. Ricardo, a doyen of romantic ballad yet again gives us one of the deepest Latin wedding songs. Make an unforgettable entrance at your wedding as you walk up to the love of your life with this song.
  8. Bailar Pegados by Sergio Dalmar
    You ever heard of a couple dancing glue together? That is the literal translation of this masterpiece. A 1991 hit, it remains an evergreen favorite for a father-daughter dance. It is also one of the best Mexican wedding songs for a first dance. So glued together, they can never be separated.
  9. Amor Del Bueno by Reyli Barba
    Reyli Barba may be your favorite singer and songwriter at the moment. That’s if you have a thing for soft rock. There’s little of it featured in this song. This is all new age with a classic touch. It’s filled with a loving and soothing rhythm for that first passionate dance.
  10. Bailar Contigo by Carlos Vives
    This piece is one of Mexico’s wedding songs that talk about a forever kind of love. Carlos wants to marry his beloved, come to her and die in her arms. He wants nothing else. This song rates top Latina love songs, and is so perfect for when taking your vows.
  11. Experiencia Religiosa by Enrique Iglesias
    If you’re a huge fan of Enrique, you can’t miss out on this. Rating as one of the most popular Spanish wedding songs, it’s perfect for a soulful first dance. A slow, passionate, and sensual dance with your newly hitched partner. This song will take you into romantic depths unknown.
  12. Te Amo by Franco de Vita
    He says “I loved you from the moment I saw you”. And even though he’s been looking for a long time, she turned out to be like he imagined. One of the best Latin wedding songs you’d find. Isn’t that romantic? Add this to your wedding playlist for your reception songs.
  13. Que Me Alcance La Vida by Sin Bandera
    This song talks about how his beloved makes his life long enough. She gives his life clarity, happiness, passion, and fantasy. This is one of the top Spanish wedding songs, as it’s perfect for an entrance, vies, procession, and even first dance. A very flexible kind of song this one is.
  14. Amarte es un Placer by Luis Miguel
    “To love you is my pleasure.” That’s what the title says. This romantic ballad weaves sensual magic around you even as you take your vows. For decades, Luis keeps regaling us with hits after hits that make us fall in love the more. This one is a wedding winner.
  15. Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti by Christina Aguilera & Alejandro Fernandez
    Christina and Alejandro recreate this 1976 hit into a new-age masterpiece. This is one of the best Spanish father-daughter wedding songs. It’s romantic, yet decent and audience-friendly. Originally sang by Miguel Gallardo, the vocal prowess of these singers on this duet makes it one of a kind.

So, we’ve come to the end of this list, with 15 romantic Spanish masterpieces of all time. But this doesn’t scratch the surface of the extensive list of Spanish wedding songs. There is so much more we couldn’t put up here. But in this post, you’d find all the Spanish wedding music you would need for vows, first dance, entrance, reception, etc. Best to know the English translation of these beautiful ballads and duets, and you’d appreciate great rich cultural music.