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25 Romantic Quotes You Should Say To Your Love


Romantic quotes are so great! They capture how we feel with eloquence and communicates our passion across multiple layers of intellect and emotion. Whether you want to use quotes to inspire your own words or copy them into a wedding speech, you can’t go wrong. They are great inspiration for personalized wedding vows and perfect to include in speeches and toasts.

The love quotes we adore are easy to explain. They remind us what love truly is. They stir up memories of the first meeting, the first time you say “I love you” out loud, and all of the happy moments that were share. For those of us not in a relationship, romantic love quotes teach us how much there is to look forward to. They give signals on how to treat the man or woman of your dreams. They pave the way to wedded bliss.

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When you start planning a wedding, speeches are always part of the mix. It’s sometimes hard to express yourself in your own words and some help is needed. We have assembled a fantastic list of the romantic quote from movies, literature, and poetry to help those of you who need a little inspiration for an upcoming speech.

This quote is a great place to start off. This one takes a little thought to truly appreciate. It doesn’t focus on the frivalities of love, but it does touch on the core components that mean so much to us. As such, it’s the perfect appetizer for what’s to come.

“Hold not another’s hand in verity,
But hold his soul and treat with infinite care
That which he offers, yet restrains from prying eyes;
For have you not the selfsame love within your very being
Which both give freely, transferred by thoughts and words
Which bless you both in infinite and united love.”

Helen Earle, Love’s True Care

Whether you’re looking for wedding invitation wording samples or help with your upcoming speech, our romantic quotes have you covered. Click through to find the web’s most inspirational romantic quotes and get ready to feel the love.

Romantic Quotes For Her

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Brides, maids of honor, and mothers all have a tough task throughout the wedding. Speeches and vows can be expected throughout the pre-parties, ceremony, and reception.

This section focuses on romantic quotes especially for Her. No doubt your speech will be filled with anecdotes and personal feelings. However, your speech will be in front of a crowd who may have trouble connecting. To bring your speech home to them, famous romantic quotes are just what the doctor ordered. Familiar quotes stand alone, but they mean much more with context. For example, who can read “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” without picturing Juliet on her balcony, and thinking about how this couple defied all odds just to be together? In this case, and many like it a simple sentence can epitomize an entire story. This is why including a quote or two in your speech works so well.

Some of the best romantic quotes for her come from good literature. Kahil Gibran has many throughout his classic “The Profit” including;

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

“One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.”


“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”

These are especially beautiful because they come deep from within. They do not require musical accompaniment. They do not require a handsome actor to speak them for their meaning to be delivered. Although not everyone is familiar, any of these 3 quotes are perfect to include with all of the wedding toasts and even in the vows.

For those of you who feel that Kahil Gibran to be a little obscure, we’ve also collected a few samples from authors who almost everyone is familiar with.

“Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

“You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.”

John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

These quotes are permanently etched in history, and resonate with any reader. They span the confines of language and deliver a strong message of love. Because of this, these quotes and many like them are perfect to include in your invitations or speeches.

This is the most important thing to remember if you are writing your own vows. These quotes summarize entire relationships in the span of a few words or sentences. If you can accurately convey how you feel and what your dreams consist of, you’ve done your job. However, if you really want to deliver a memorable speech you’ll have to choose your words wisely.

Good romantic quotes paint a brilliant picture of all that love has to offer. Great romantic quotes go a little deeper. Truly insightful quotes talk about both the good and the bad. They talk about the glory of love, but also the struggle that some go through in order to attain it.

It’s smart to include a little bit of both. Everyone enjoys hearing about the upside of love. But, your partner will very much appreciate the fact that you’ll never give up despite what obstacles you may face.

Romantic Quotes For Him

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Many guys aren’t exactly the “romantic type”. However, a lot of them will surprise you. For the former, it’s best to appeal to his romantic side with something he can connect with. What man didn’t grow up with Dr. Seuss?

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Dr. Seuss
Not only is this quote very approachable due to who wrote it, it’s also rich with emotion. Other great romantic quotes that he’ll love – or love to use in his speech – comes from movies.

Believe it or not, men have been dreaming of their one and only since they were kids too. They planned ahead for the men they would become and how they would treat the lady. The best quotes for him stem from these deeply seeded dreams. They appeal to his childlike nature and sense of wonder:

“Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”

William Goldman, The Princess Bride

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

Nicholas Sparks, A Walk To Remember

“I’d always let her know that I was OK. Then I’d sign each letter, “Love, Forrest Gump.””

This last one is obviously from Forrest Gump. It’s not the words themselves that make us swoon. Rather, it’s the uncompromising love that this man devotes to this woman his entire life. Although the movie didn’t have a “happily ever after” moment, this is the kind of love the men and women alike seek out their entire lives.

Fathers of the bride will, of course, be giving a speech. There’s no better inspiration than Heartland’s “I Loved Her First”.

“I loved her first
I held her first
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
And I prayed that she’d find you someday
But it’s still hard to give her away
I loved her first”

This day is bittersweet for many dads. Every father simultaneously dreams of and dreads giving his daughter away. He spends each day of her childhood demonstrating what it means to be a man and showing her what it means to be treated well. The trouble is, no man is ever really good enough for his little girl. “I loved her first” states this literally, but each and every song from a father to a daughter carries the same spirit.

Even the toughest father or groom won’t be able to hold it entirely together when thinking of his bride to be. These quotes are perfect sample wedding vows to help him on his way to writing his speech. These, and quotes like them, should also be passed around to the best man or father of the bride and groom to help with their reception toasts. Men sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings but have a great depth of love in their heart. Famous quotes like these are just the kickstart they need.

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Romantic Quotes For Wedding Invitations

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We have some great wedding invitation wording samples for you! Invitations are often the first time your friends and family will hear the big news. Including a romantic quote with the first interaction starts you off on the right foot and gets your guests in the mood for romance.

For the wedding invitations, it’s best not to get too personal. You need something accessible to your entire guest list. The best ones are familiar and hold a special place in our memory. We’re referring to the music of course. Your favorite lyrics that make you swoon find a perfect space for your wedding invitations.

“I wouldn’t leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times; I’ll take the bad times
I’ll take you just the way you are”

Billy Joel, Just the way you are

“Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be”

Elvis Presley, Can’t help falling in Love

“When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be,
I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next you
When I go out, yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who goes along with you”

The Proclaimers, I’m Gonna Be

Although these songs drastically differ in style, they all share a few things in common. They each perfectly encapsulate the emotion and sentiment of the traditional wedding vow. These men each write and sing about falling helplessly in love and devoting their entire being to the one they love regardless of the ups and downs. With a few simple words, crafted in just the right order we receive a multitude of emotion. Choose one of these or any other song that deeply resonates with how you feel about your one and only.

The recipients of the invitation probably have their own interpretation of the song. But the second they read these beautiful lyrics they will immediately understand how passionately in love you are, and won’t be able to wait to attend your wedding.

If songs don’t accurately sum up who you are as a couple, try something a little more universal!

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”

Albert Einstein

“Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


These romantic quotes have stood the test of time and come from a place of deep intelligence and meaning. Using these few – but very wise – words are a great way to announce your nuptials.

Romantic quotes aren’t just for invitations. Pretty well everything you print can be spiced up with a famous sentence or two. Save-the-dates, thank-you notes, and wedding programs can be will add an extra splash with one of these:

“In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities.”

János Arnay

“Love is a game that two can play and both win.”

Eva Gabor
Wedding ceremonies and receptions are romantic times for all attendees. Spread the love as often as you can for an event that will leave everyone swooning.

Romantic Quotes For Wedding Vows

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Romance is the name of the game, but writing your own vows can be incredibly tricky. Not only do you have to express all of your passion and devotion within a few short minutes, you have to do this that’s understood by your one-and-only as well as an entire crowd. No easy task.

“Life is a flower of which love is the honey.”

Victor Hugo
This sentiment should be at the heart of your speech. You can use either a metaphor or a literal quote word-for-word. Or, you can use any of these samples as inspiration to write your own speech. If you are writing your own, make sure to include anecdotes from when your daughter was growing up. A heartfelt story of a sacrifice you made or a cherished memory goes perfectly with a quote from a movie or song. Get the combination right, and your audience will have a really hard time keeping their eyes dry.

Hitting the heart in just the right place is only half of your duty as the father of the bride-to-be. You’re also relied on to shed wisdom. Most other friends and family will purely focus on the good and positive. You, as a well-lived father understand all too well that marriage is not 100% bliss 100% of the time. It’s up to you to be realistic and give them advice when they need it most.

“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.”

Leo Tolstoy

Many quotes are long and – especially with movies – require some elaboration in order to make complete sense. If this isn’t your style and you prefer Short and Sweet, we’re leaving you with these final examples that you’ll absolutely love.

“Just in case you ever foolishly forget; I’m never not thinking of you.”

Virginia Woolf, Selected Diaries

“Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”

Charles Dickens, Pictures From Italy

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As we said, romantic quotes are the perfect inspiration for your speeches and set great examples to inspire you. One more thing they are great at helping with is the proposal. It’s wise to choose your own words to describe how you feel about the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s also very clever to include a romantic quote to sweep her off her feet. If we haven’t found it yet, don’t stop looking now! The perfect snippet of a romantic movie, song, poem, or literature will perfectly reflect that moment you first saw her, or the moment you realized that she’s the one!