20 Top Country Western Songs For A Great Party

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Planning your wedding can be stressful at times. But, when it comes time to plan your wedding playlist full of country western songs, there’s a clear exception. It’s pure bliss.


Keep reading and you’ll find 4 categories full of country song recommendations to fill your playlist from First Dance to the Last Call.

Top Country Western Songs To Dance To

When choosing your country and western wedding playlist, your primary concern should be choosing songs to dance to. People aren’t at your reception to tap their toes, they’re there to celebrate!

Get them on their feet with these country-style songs.

  1. Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver
    It’s hard to imagine a list of older country songs that don’t include this gem. It’s the perfect balance between fast and slow, which means anyone can dance to it. Play this early in the night to set a proper tone.
  2. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley
    The UB40 rendition is fine, but nothing beats the original classic. This song lives deep inside the hearts and souls of your parents and grandparents, which makes it a perfect choice for one of the official dances.
  3. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    With all the love songs in the air, you’re going to want to kick it up a notch once in a while, and this is the song to do it! If karaoke is on the menu, you can bet your bottom dollar this will be one of the first songs up on the docket.
  4. These Boots Are Made For Walkin – Nancy Sinatra
    Some of your older friends and family members may have trouble shaking it to some of today’s faster songs. But, they won’t be able to resist the siren call of Old Blue Eyes’ daughter.
  5. Love Story – Taylor Swift
    Ok, so it’s up for debate if this is a pop song or a traditional country song. But, nobody can argue that this is one of the best upbeat country songs you can hear on the radio today.

Texas Country Wedding Songs

Country music is all about hometown pride, and nobody does it quite like Texans. These Texas country wedding songs are fun for all ages. Give a listen and you’ll see why.

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  1. Somewhere Down in Texas – Jason Boland & The Stragglers
    Hometown values are baked right into this title. If your family is from Texas, this is more of an anthem than it is a song. This is a great choice to kick the night off with.
  2. Who I Am – Wade Bowen
    The beautiful thing about Texas country music is the traditional values found throughout. Lyrics like “I love to watch the sunset, as it fades behind the trees, I love to talk with God and get down upon my knees” perfectly summarize the origins of the wedding ceremony. Strongly consider this for your first dance.
  3. When You Say Nothing At All – Keith Whitley, Alison Krauss
    Beyond hometown pride and biblical values, great Texas country music (like most of the best country western songs) is seated in a strong foundation of love. There’s no bad time to play this song at your reception.
  4. Hard Man to Love – Kevin Fowler
    Every experienced couple knows that love takes work, and not all marriages had a smooth start. This song celebrates the dedication and the understanding it takes to love someone unconditionally.
  5. The Road Goes on Forever – Robert Earl Keen
    Love comes and goes, but marriage-quality passion is once in a lifetime. It’s rare, and it should be celebrated. Play this song as an homage to what a healthy marriage is all about.

Red Dirt Country Wedding Songs

If you’re not familiar Red Dirt refers to the color of the soil you find in Oklahoma, home to some of the best country music on the planet.

  1. Restless Spirits – Bob Childers
    If you mention Red Dirt, you have to talk about Bob Childers. Widely regarded as the Father of Oklahoma Red Dirt, Childers pumps out tunes that are absolutely perfect for mid-reception slow dances.
  2. Drink’ Problem – Midland
    If the bar is pouring all night and you’re perfectly happy with that fact, this is a great song. Lean into your relatives’ habits with a fun, upbeat red dirt wedding song.
  3. On My Way To You – Cody Johnson
    Red Dirt music is beautiful because it’s honest, and there are few songs that do it justice like Cody Johnson’s sincere ballad. Play this towards the end of the night when you want to slow things down a bit.
  4. Keep The Wolves Away – Uncle Lucius
    This song’s a little sad, you can tell within the first few seconds. But, if you read between the lines, it’s a perfect metaphor for what a father is willing to go through to protect his family. If the groom comes from a stoic family, play this as the mother-son dance.
  5. With You I Am – Cody Johnson
    Yes, Cody is making a second appearance on this list. If your family is from Oklahoma this is your first dance. This song somehow represents the strength traditional men are expected to have with the softness modern women desire. He’s your everything and he’s very proud of that fact.

Best Country Western Songs To Sing-Along

Music is best when it’s familiar. Choose a variety from the 100 greatest country songs to get your guests singing along. After a few bars, you’ll notice ear-to-ear smiles on each and every one of them. To give you the widest variety of top country-western songs, we’re going to suggest the originals along with modern covers for multi-generational satisfaction.

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  1. Jolene – Dolly Parton
    So, a song about another woman stealing your man isn’t the most appropriate choice for a wedding, but the fun is undeniable. Spice things up by playing Mylie Cyrus’ (shockingly wholesome) rendition.
  2. The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks
    Garth Brooks is already a multi-generational hero. Garth Brooks is most popular with Generation X (the generation right after Baby Boomers, starting in the mid-60s and ending in the early 80s) but appeal to both their parents and their children. To appeal to the generations that follow, play the version by the highly-technical metal band All That Remains.
  3. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
    Everyone knows this simple song. They can at least sing along to the chorus. If you have a younger crowd in your midst, consider Social Distortion’s punk cover. It’s not half bad.
  4. Simple Man – Deftones
    Lynyrd Skynyrd, bad boys of the country in the 1970s. Deftones, alternative juggernauts of the 1990s. Put them together and you have one song that father and son can both agree on. Even better, something they can both sing along to. If you’re listening to this trying to decide if it belongs on your playlist or not, old-school over-the-ear headphones are required for full enjoyment.
  5. Royals – Craig Campbell
    Flip the concept on its head by playing Lorde’s Royals covered by county’s popular Craig Campbell. Played like this, it’s hard to tell this was ever a pop song!

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this list of country western songs as we did making it. If you’re still having trouble deciding, the key to a winning wedding playlist is balance. Choose songs that you love, but will also satisfy the multiple generations of your guest list and offers a combination of slow and fast to dance and sing to.

And, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!