Mexican Wedding Cake Ideas Guide for 2024

mexican wedding cake
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If you would like to connect with your Mexican heritage or just love the bright and colorful theme of Mexican weddings, then it is a great idea to consider Mexican wedding cakes and cookies for your big day. A very bold and rich culture, you will find that popular features of Mexican-themed weddings include bold patterns and florals. Fun cake toppers and accents and geometric designs that do not stop at confectioneries alone. Allow us to show you some simply beautiful examples for your Mexican-style wedding cake.

Traditional Mexican wedding cookies are another feature of Mexican weddings, and you won’t have to look far for the wedding cake cookies recipe. Similar to the traditional Mexican wedding cake, the cookies are designed in a spicy and playful spirit with contrasting bold colors. The cakes usually consist of a plain white background that serves as a canvas for a myriad of bright colors. Scroll down for more ideas on Mexican wedding cakes and Mexican wedding cake cookies.


Mexican Wedding Cake Ideas

If you are wondering how to make a Mexican wedding cake, keep in mind that traditional Mexican wedding cakes are often made of buttercream and have a plain white bridal background. This is then covered in fun and colorful botanical patterns. These patterns can be almost in a color that you like, the more contrasting, the better. The cakes can also be adorned with décors like greenery, sugar flowers, paper blooms, edible tile decorations, or paper leaves. Fun toppers can also be used to decorate your cake; from flowers to cacti, significant animals, banners, or laser-cut calligraphy.

Traditional Hand-painted Mexican Wedding Cake Ideas

One of our favorite styles resulting from Mexican wedding cake recipes is the hand-painted Mexican wedding cake. A bold and beautiful cake, it can be hand-painted in bright colors of geometrical patterns and adorned on each tier with a red or pink ribbon to add to the color contrast. You will find this style on most Mexican-style-inspired wedding cakes.


Mexican Themed Wedding Cakes With Cactus

If a bride wants a design that is not strictly traditional, she may go for something a bit unconventional like a fun topper. A modern-styled wedding cake with bright and bold brushstrokes or patterns adorned with bright blooms and finished with a cactus cake topper would be a winner. A fruit cake such as Mexican wedding cake pineapple can be topped with fresh fruits as another alternative to the usual. Keep a unified Mexican-themed design on the tiers and top with something cute and unique.


Wedding Cakes With Ornament Decor

Edible tiles, florals, banners, skulls, and ribbons are just some of the many ornaments that you can find decorating a Mexican wedding cake. Whether you are making an easy design or a complicated one, if you follow the general theme of the plain white background and the beautiful bright patterns, you are sure to have the perfect idea. Top it with the ornament of your choice for the win.


Mexican Cake Design With Santa Muerte Skull

For something even more unique and unconventional on your Mexican wedding cake, consider honoring the tradition with Santa Muerte accessories. If you are having a Dia de Los Muerto-themed wedding party or just prefer these accessories, then sweet sugar skulls and skeletons could be used as the cake décor or topper. Another option would be a skull-painted banner as a topper or skulls hand-painted across the cake.

Mexican Wedding Cakes With Flowers

A classy modern bride might want a wedding confectionary with floral designs. For this, you can consider one of the best Mexican wedding cake recipes, designed with bright floral patterns. These can be hand-painted or 3D patterns. Complete with a décor of cascading blooms down the side of the cake, or a small bouquet on every tier.


Wedding Cake Cookies Ideas

Wedding cake cookies are a great addition to any modern wedding, regardless of the theme. These can be stacked similar to a wedding cake or arranged on the dessert table for guests. Popular wedding cake balls are made with nuts and shortbread and covered in powdered sugar. The best wedding dessert.

Mini Cake Stacked Cookies

Pastelitos de Boda can be stacked in a tier or two like mini cake stacks for a Mexican-themed wedding. Also known as snowball cookies, they are a perfectly tasteful choice for a wedding.


Wedding Cake Shaped Cookies

Another fun and chick style you can try for Mexican wedding cookies, are wedding cake shaped cookies. They can be cut in the style of wedding cakes and decorated with white icing in the several layers of the cake. Add a few brightly colored sugar flowers for the most perfect finish.

Fancy Wedding Dresses Shape Cookies

Consider cookie-cut shapes for a wedding, such as wedding dress shapes. These types of cookies would be perfect not only for a Mexican-themed wedding but also for a classic, vintage, or ballroom wedding.


Diamond Rings Cookies For Wedding Party

Diamond-shaped cookies can signify the diamond ring worn by the bride for the wedding, along with the longevity and prosperity wished for the relationship. They can be sprinkled with sugar for that extra sparkle.

Cute Rose Hearts Cookies

Another shape that would be great for wedding cake cookies is the heart shape. Signifying the love shared by the couple and celebrated by all, it is a popular choice.

Honor the strong and beautiful Mexican culture with a Mexican wedding cake your guests are sure to love. You can’t go wrong with the rich taste and bright colors of Mexican wedding cakes and cookies.