Top Summer Wedding Colors: How To Pick And Blend Them

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Selecting the perfect wedding colors is crucial for setting the tone and ambiance of your special day. With summer weddings offering a distinct charm and ambiance, it’s essential to explore their unique color palette. From vibrant hues to soft pastels, the right colors can enhance the beauty of the season and create unforgettable memories.

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The Most Popular Summer Wedding Colors

Bright Summer Colors

Bright and bold colors like coral, turquoise, and fuchsia bring energy to your wedding. Pair with neutrals like white or gray for balance, or incorporate metallic accents for a touch of glamour.

Soft and Romantic Wedding Colors

Soft and romantic pastels like blush pink, mint green, and lavender exude elegance as perfect wedding summer colors. Combine these hues with ivory or gold for a classic look, or mix them with metallics for a contemporary twist.

Natural Tones

Natural and Neutral tones like sand, sage green, and pale yellow create a serene atmosphere. Blend with earthy textures like wood or burlap for a rustic theme, or add pops of bright colors for contrast.


June Wedding Colors

June is the very early part of summer and the primary colors are Red, Pink and Green. For beautiful June weddings, let’s work within the different shades of them.

Sage Green And Peach

Sage green and peach are perfect colors for lakeside weddings. They are neutral tones that match the natural ambiance of outdoor wedding venues. Workaround a farm or garden-inspired theme to create a romantic mood.

Make the summer wedding suit colors in grey with peach boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen. Match it with sage green bridesmaid dresses and a combination of sage green and peach bouquets. Sage green and peach centerpieces, floral arrangements, and wedding stationery are also amazing.


White And Green

White and green are smashing summer colors for weddings in the backyard. Set off a vibrant, yet intimate and cozy atmosphere. Make wall to wall floral arrangements with greenery and strategic drops of white.

Rock a white calf-length gown together with your bridesmaids. Finish the look with a Grecian greenery flower crown in place of a veil. Alternate between white and green bouquets for each bridesmaid, while you have a combo of both. The men can sport white suits with moss bow ties.


Mint And Pink

Mint and pink are the perfect colors for an elegant hall wedding with a princess theme. Both colors set off a calm and bright ambiance for the wedding, making them an ideal summer wedding color palette. Have your wedding cake and invites done in pink. Decorate the cake with mint edible flowers and letter invites in hot pink. Quite unusual but a hit.

Curate a mixed bouquet of mint and pink for yourself and the girls. Match the bouquets with mint green dresses for the bridesmaids. The groom can put on a pink inner shirt and a mint green tie.


Dusty Rose And Gray

Dusty rose and grey colors perfect for edgy tented weddings. The combination of a lively dusty rose to the calming grey is superb for soft, minimalist themes. Match dusty rose cocktail napkins with grey reception menus and mixed centerpieces. Choose dusty rose bridesmaid dresses for that soft fragile look, and match with a grey bouquet. The groom and groomsmen will suit up in grey, matched with dusty rose bow ties.

Blush And Gold

Blush and gold are beautiful combinations for a formal grand ballroom wedding. Gold is a statement color and blush being softer brings a romantic side to it. Lean towards blush and sequined tablecloths with gold flatwares and reception menu. Use gold lettering on signage and blush-colored invites. Get your girls into blush-colored dresses and gold pieces of jewelry. A gold designed blush cake is also gorgeous.

July Wedding Colors

Start the mid-summer with primary colors Yellow, Blue, and Orange. Creating a combination of their many shades will create vibrancy for various wedding styles.

Lilac And Lemon

These colors are classic fiesta-style wedding colors. The lemon energy complements the laid back lilac to give an airy mood. Perfect for beach weddings, lilac will make beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Match with lilac bouquets peppered with lemon. Opt for a naked cake with lemon blooms in place of traditional toppers. Use lilac as the primary color for venue decor with a strategic appearance of lemon. Lemon stationery, tablescapes, and place cards are stunning.


Red, White, And Blue

What’s a summer wedding without the hot color red? Pair this classic color with a virginal white and a regal blue to get awesomeness. This combo is the dream of indoor and intimate weddings. Together, they create a romantic mood for the couple and guests. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear blue dresses and suits. The groom can wear a black suit with red ties or boutonnières. Make your bouquet in white details with sprinkles of blue and red. Finish off with a white cake with red and blue decor.

Blue And Orange

Blue and orange are bold color combinations for a vibrant summer wedding. These colors are fit for a camp styled wedding for the vintage couple.

Have the girls wear royal blue bridesmaid dresses while carrying orange flowers like gerbera daisies. The bride can carry the same color of flowers, or you can incorporate a bit of blue and white to match your gown. The groomsmen can wear tuxedos with royal blue.


Yellow And Green

Yellow and green and vibrant wispy colors to wear to a summer wedding. With these colors, you can incorporate your guests into your playful theme. Rock a flower crown of greenery with yellow touches. Have a yellow coated cake with greenery as decor. Run green centerpieces through your reception table with touches of yellow. Make your food colorful with loads of greens and bright yellow. This set up is perfect for a small restaurant wedding.

Light Blue And Coral

Nautical and bohemian weddings can’t get more beautiful than these breezy colors. These colors set an atmosphere of freedom and playfulness with their richness. Go for light blue bridesmaid dresses and coral bouquets with touches of cream. Make your stationery with a light blue background and metallic gold lettering. Match cream tablecloths with a blend of light blue and coral centerpieces.


Wedding Colors For August

The bright August ends the summer and heralds the fall. Late summer wedding colors for this month include Brown, Yellow, and Gray.

Yellow And Pink

Yellow and pink summer wedding colors are bright and retro. They are perfect for outdoor weddings with a big hall. Employ sunset yellow string lights on hot pink centerpieces. Alternate your bridesmaids between sunflower yellow and hot pink dresses. Make your bouquets out of sunflower sprinkled with greens. Arrange your dessert table with sunflowers and have the men wear it as boutonnieres.

Orange And Rich Pink

Orange and rich pink are perfect for the wanderlust bride having a park wedding. Use orange in its many shades as the primary color and complement with rich pink. Tangerine bridesmaid dresses with a bouquet combination of rich pink and orange. Decorate tents, chairs, and tables with more orange than pink. Make wedding stationery in pink with glittery orange lettering. Decorate a white cake with orange and pink florals.


Brown And Mustard

For the perfect barn wedding with a rustic vibe, match brown with mustard. Brown in most shades are serious, so combining playful mustard creates the balance. Incorporate brown in your stationery, signage, and decor. You can also work with textures and materials such as burlap, using mustard for aesthetic appeal. Make naked brown cakes and finish off with mustard decor. Throw in more brightness with mustard and brown centerpieces.

Pearl Gray With Light Blue

Pearl gray is a neutral tone and light blue gives it the attention it deserves. Perfect for a destination beach wedding, this color combo suits men. A pearl-gray suit on a light blue tie and white shirt. The bride matches a white dress and bouquet pearl gray, light blue, and white colors. Bridesmaids in light blue dresses and tables in light blue table cloths. A cake iced in light blue and decorated in pearl gray and greens is the perfect finish.


Champagne And Baker’s Chocolate Brown

These colors are perfect for winery weddings with laid-back moods. Bridesmaids will wear champagne dresses with a mix of both colors in bouquets. Table runners can be in champagne with brown place cards and menus. Bakers chocolate brown cake with champagne decor and a touch of cream. Finish with brown stationery and champagne lettering.

The Best Summer Color Schemes

Tropical Colors Scheme

Color Palette: Coral, Turquoise, Palm Green, Sand, and White

Theme: Embrace the vibrant and lush elements of a tropical destination. This theme is perfect for beach or outdoor weddings, creating a relaxed yet lively atmosphere.

Decor Ideas:

  • Flowers: Hibiscus, orchids, and palm leaves.
  • Decor: Bamboo chairs, tiki torches, and seashell centerpieces.
  • Attire: Bridesmaids in coral dresses, groomsmen in light beige suits with turquoise ties.
  • Stationery: Invitations with tropical leaf prints and calligraphy in turquoise ink.

Rustic summer wedding colors Scheme

Color Palette: Blush Pink, Sage Green, Ivory, Gold, and Lavender

Theme: A charming and romantic garden setting with a touch of rustic elegance. Ideal for outdoor venues like gardens, vineyards, or barns.

Decor Ideas:

  • Flowers: Roses, peonies, lavender, and eucalyptus.
  • Decor: Wooden tables, string lights, and vintage lanterns.
  • Attire: Bridesmaids in blush pink dresses, groomsmen in grey suits with sage green bow ties.
  • Stationery: Invitations with watercolor floral designs and gold foil accents.

Classic Summer Wedding Palette

Color Palette: Navy Blue, Champagne, Soft White, Gold, and Dusty Blue

Theme: Timeless and sophisticated, this theme exudes elegance and grace. Perfect for a formal wedding in a grand ballroom or historic venue.

Decor Ideas:

  • Flowers: White roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath.
  • Decor: Crystal chandeliers, gold-rimmed glassware, and navy blue table runners.
  • Attire: Bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses, groomsmen in classic navy suits.
  • Stationery: Elegant invitations with gold calligraphy and navy blue accents.

Each of these summer color schemes offers a unique and stunning approach to your wedding, ensuring a day filled with beauty, joy, and unforgettable memories.

Summer wedding colors are energetic, bright, and zesty. They also move on a spectrum of warm to cool depending on the tone and style of the wedding you choose. You can pick a contrasting range of colors from the two opposites of the wheel. They may also be analogous to give off a complementary look. These and more ideas for summer wedding colors will you find in this article.