The Whimsical Wedding Guide for 2024

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A whimsical wedding is one in which you can get all of your heart’s desires and more. This is because a whimsical wedding is unconventional and unrestrictive. It is the type of wedding that you can fill with whatever brings you joy, while you throw the status quo out the window.


These types of weddings can seem quirky, but be sure that you will have the most unique day of your life, because every item there will be unique.

Express yourself the best way you know-how with a whimsical wedding to celebrate your big day. If you are looking to make a statement, and hate being put in a box, then this might be perfect for you. Combine childhood magic, with rustic vibes and fairy tale charm to create the wedding you have always dreamed of. Allow your personality to shine through every single piece of whimsical wedding décor that you use.

The possibilities with this theme are endless, so be ready to have fun while you tap into your inner child.

How to pick a venue for a whimsical wedding?

Seeing as the convention has nothing to do with a whimsical wedding, choosing a unique and unconventional venue would be right at home with such a theme. You could choose to have a garden wedding or a semi-outdoor soiree inside a tent. Take advantage of nature’s beauty with elements like trendy flowers and greenery to act as the background for your once-in-a-lifetime event.


Color Palette for Whimsical Wedding

Mix and matching colors would be great for this type of casual wedding. The most fun colors for whimsy would be pastel shades. However, if you prefer something brighter, consider shades of orange, pink and purple, paired with green and white. All the colors that would make you happy. The more vibrant the color is for your décor, the better. You can choose to play around with various intensities of one color against another contrasting one. Don’t forget to mix and match the attires of your bridal party too to add to the fun.



Unusual Wedding Arch Ideas

Make the most of your wedding venue for a unique wedding arch. If your outdoor whimsical wedding location has a lot of trees, then you can personalize one or two, wrapping them in greenery and a flowy drape for a romantic and ethereal type arch. For something truly different, you can ditch the whole idea of the traditional wedding arch, and make one from balloons instead. Be sure to get balloons in the color palette of your wedding.



Whimsical Wedding Aisle

Your wedding aisle should not be left out of the whimsical wedding theme. Your guests should know right from when they step inside, that they are attending a fun, carefree and whimsical affair. Adorn your welcome sign with flowers, take some inspiration from nature and cover the aisle in fresh petals in your wedding colors. Forget a red carpet, you will create a colorful whimsy petal carpet for the aisle. You can add foliage and climbing vines along the arms of the aisle chairs for a more rustic vibe.



Whimsical Wedding Centerpiece

Each piece of your wedding décor should be unique and fun, and so, centerpieces dare not be left out. Your centerpieces are a way to make a statement. Bold or subtle, they will add to the overall look that is your wedding theme. Think beyond traditional for your décor ideas. Consider trees instead of blooms. Mini trees, perhaps bonsais, that can sit, one per table, adding to the ethereal and fairy tale feel of a whimsical wedding. You can also choose to weave dreamy blooms together in long runners that will drape each table from one end to the other. The ideas are limitless.



Whimsical Wedding Table Decor

Adorn your tables with cute details to delight and amuse your guests. Scatter rosemary sprigs, and rose petals on the tables in true whimsy fashion. Also, you can never have too many flowers when you are decorating with such a theme. Cover your chairs, tables and the table runner in bright and gorgeous blooms for a delightful whimsy finish.


Whimsical Wedding Reception

A whimsical wedding reception should look just as the name implies, like something out of a dream. To achieve this, you can string twinkling lights around your reception space. Make your wedding night glitter and shine like a fairy tale. To complete the magical day, get paper lanterns. Your guests can make a wish as they send each one floating into the sky. This would make for a wedding day to remember for a long time to come.



Hanging Wedding Decor Installations

You can’t be short of wedding décor ideas for a whimsical wedding. Consider an installation of lush greenery and white florals hanging for the ceiling for a garden effect. Turn your reception space into a natural habitat complete with a soundtrack of nature sounds playing in the background. This would truly be unique and a gorgeous addition to your whimsy theme.


Whimsical Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding confectionery cannot be left out of this list. A drip cake or forest cake would be the perfect way to add the whimsy to your dessert table. A three or four-tiered black forest cake, or drip cake in your wedding colors would do nicely. Adorn the cake with greenery, flowers and berries for that touch of magic.

Display your dessert on a vintage, pedestal like table complete with floral and ivy table runner, and your elegant whimsical wedding reception would have been complete.



Whimsical Bridal Beauty Inspiration

The unconventionality of your wedding theme doesn’t have to stop with just your décor. Allow your personality shine through by ditching the traditional white wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to wear an ethereal creation of mix and match fabrics and silhouettes. Find an original wedding look to complete the picture, think lace, organza, chiffon or tulle.

As for your hair, keep it simple. A messy updo, cascading waves or loose bun would work perfectly with this theme. Place flower petals loosely in your strands, or make a floral crown to accentuate your veil.


Whimsical Wedding Bouquets

Don’t be shy, go wild with your wedding bouquet in line with this chosen wedding theme. Choose wildflowers for a unique and special floral arrangement. Go with in season blooms to highlight the season for the wedding. Also add greenery as accents for the bouquet. You can create a fuller design than usual, or even a cascading bouquet.


A whimsical wedding is a non-restrictive affair, one complete with whimsical wedding decorations, unconventional menus, completely different from the traditional wedding. With the right whimsical wedding decorations, one foot in your venue, and your guests will be transported into your magical whimsical dream.