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30 Whimsical Wedding Trends 2019


Whimsical is an adjective that means “intricate, intricate, not ordinary.” It looks like the perfect word to describe a wedding unlike any other! Whimsical wedding style has become a trend in weddings around the world. Wedding organizers and couples strive to preserve the unique playfulness that they saw in fairy tales, and bring it to the wedding celebration!


Photo 1-3: Whimsical Reception Décor

Source: Jules Photographer, Lara Hotz Visual Storyteller via instagramPaloma Cruz Eventos via instagram


Photo 4-6: Beautiful Wedding Arch

Source: Sylvie Gil PhotographyAllison Harp Oehler via instagramTara Bielecki Photography via instagram


Photo 7-9: Whimsical Table Décor

Source: Josh Elliott Photography, Giuliegiordi via instagram, Andrew Jade Photography via instagram


Photo 10-12: Best Ideas For Centerpiece

Source: Miss Freckles Photography via Instagram, Chelseamaras via instagram, Lisa Boggs Photography


Photo 13-15: Whimsical Wedding Decor Ideas

Source: Sarah DiCicco via instagram, Maxeen Kim Photography via instagram  AZ Wedding Photographer via instagram

Photo 16-18: Place Settings Decoration

Source: Josh Elliott Photography via instagram, Tim & Bethany Tabailloux via InstagramSephory Photography via instagram


Photo 19-21: Hanging Flowers In Wedding Decor

Source: Rebecca Yale via instagram, Wedding Planner London via instagram, Kiel Rucker Photography via intagram

Photo 22-24: Enchanted Forest

Source: Oscar de la Renta Photography via instagram, Morgane Photography via instagram, Mattan Dashley Photo via instagram


Photo 25-27: Wedding Twinkle Lights

Source: Anna K. Photography via instagramLara Hotz Visual Storyteller via instagram  Docuvitae via instagram

Photo 28-30: Whimsical Wedding Cake

Source: Shotbykismet via instagram,  Esteban Gil Photography via instagramCody James Barry via instagram