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30 Wild And Free Hippie Wedding Ideas


If you are inspired by nature, outdoor and love, than pay attention to the hippie wedding ideas. It is not a celebration where there are luxury and glamour accents appropriate. The eclectic and organic will help create a cheerful atmosphere and save the budget. You do not have to be a hippie to have a hippie-styled wedding. What is necessary is that you like the culture!
Do you love nature? Do you like lush floral designs and mismatched decor? Do you live in peace and harmony with people?
If your answer is yes, our gallery is created specially for you.

Photo 1-3: Bright Hippie Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Source: June Bug Company, Farhad Samari, Todd White Photography


Photo 4-6: Beautiful Bouquets For Hippie Brides

Source: Neima Pidal, Tec PetajaChris And Ruth


Photo 7-9: Amazing Hippie Inspiration For Suspended Flower Decor

Source: Daisy B Photography, Jonathan Ong Photography, Arielle Vey


Photo 10-12: Pacific Symbol In Wedding Decor For Hippie Couples

Source: Souder Photography, andreasnusch via Instagram, Birds of a Feather Photography


Photo 13-15: Hippie Volkswagen Bus Flower Decor Ideas

Source: LJM PhotographyIcons PhotographyJose Villa

Photo 16-18: Chilling Tent And Teepee Ideas For Wedding

Source: Ever After Vintage Weddings via Instagram, Megan W Photography, mypinkmartini via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Lace And Wildflowers Table Decor

Source: Kristen Bienke, Andi Mans PhotographyAnna Veranstaltet

Photo 22-24: Spectacular Decor Ideas With Flowers In Glass

Source: Stacey Hedman Photography, Jon Schaaf PhotographyUlmer Studios


Photo 25-27: Simple And Cheap Hippie Decor With Ribbons

Source: Ashley Bartoletti PhotographyThe Portos, Samantha Bonpensiero Photography

Photo 28-30: Grab A Blanket Wedding Ideas For Cold Summer Evenings

Source: Ryan Horban PhotographyScarlet O’Neill, Kristen Bienke

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Main Photo: A Sea of Love