Latest Wedding Trends To Plan An Exclusive Wedding In 2020/2021

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Doing research when planning a wedding means also finding out what the newest wedding trends are going to be so your wedding will be right on-trend. We have all of the hottest 2020 wedding trends from cake designs to wedding decor to trending wedding dress styles and more to walk you through planning the most perfect wedding day.



Brides Often Ask

What is the wedding color for 2020?

Taking a cue from the Pantone Color Of The Year for 2020 which was simply just called “blue” we are seeing a huge rise in a dark blue color taking over all things weddings.

Are wedding favors out of style?

Wedding favors can be fun for the couple to plan as it allows them to get super creative and even thoughtful such as a donation to a charity close to the couple. Many wedding favors are heading out of style and that seems to be mostly centered around the idea of giving something without much meaning such as a small candle, candy, or matches and are being replaced by something more meaningful and special to the couple.

If you are thinking of skipping the wedding favor all together you are in good company since couples are deciding to not spend money on favors and just plan one heck of a wedding with fun details like a photobooth or desserts to go.

What will be trending in 2021?

Micro weddings will be the biggest trend heading into 2021 as many couples will be keeping things small in light of the global pandemic everyone has had to deal with. Another major trend we will be seeing couples planning a wedding ceremony separate from the actual wedding celebration day. Couples will tie the knot at home or at the city hall and then plan a big wedding celebration day at a later date.

Current wedding trends are always evolving and emerging and this season is no different. From hosting small intimate weddings to non-traditional wedding parties we are seeing some major newest wedding trends on the horizon.


Bridal Subscription Boxes


Bridal subscription boxes are perhaps the hottest trend in wedding planning these days and it is very easy to see why. With a bridal subscription box, you get all sorts of goodies that will celebrate your engagement and help you plan your dream wedding.

The Miss To Mrs Box offers themed boxes filled with exclusive products and planning tools. For only $35 per box, the Miss To Mrs Box offers you over $100 worth of bridal goodies and full-size items such as bridal accessories, exclusive apparel, party essentials and so much more.

With the Miss To Mrs Box you have the opportunity to tailor your plan to your wedding day and have your box delivered right to your door so there is a perfect plan for every bride-to-be. The Miss To Mrs Box makes a perfect gift but it also can be the perfect treat to yourself!

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Eco-Friendly Weddings


Thinking about the environmental impact your wedding can have is one main reason couples decide to plan an eco-friendly wedding. The good news is that so many wedding companies, venues, and vendors are offering more eco-friendly wedding options than ever before. From farm to table food options to recycled paper invitations you will not find a shortage of options when planning your eco-friendly wedding.

Most everyone has some sort of understanding of the environmental impact we as humans have on our planet so it seems only natural that when planning a large scale event we would consider some of the impacts of that event.

If you are looking for ways to create your own eco-friendly wedding you should start by finding a venue that offers outdoor space which will help to cut down on energy costs and you can most likely use the beauty of the surroundings to cut down on the amount of decor and florals you need.
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After the venue is nailed down you should work with a catering venue who can source local food so you don’t have to add to large shipping and transportation issues. Beyond the venue and catering, you can work with a florist to find flowers that are local and in the season as well as choosing reusable and recycled decor items as to not have any one-use items. If you are planning a rustic, country, or outdoor style wedding an eco-friendly wedding will be perfect for you to plan!


Intimate Weddings


Never has intimate weddings been more in style than this year thanks to so many limitations about gathering size due to public health concerns. Intimate weddings or “micro weddings” offer couples the opportunity to host a small wedding for just family and close friends but in no way do these weddings have to skimp on style and elegance. If you are looking for something between a large scale wedding and eloping this is the perfect wedding for you.

Having an intimate wedding can be perfect for the couple who is looking to keep their guest list to a minimum but still celebrate the big day. Couples who are looking to work with a smaller budget will find intimate weddings perfect since keeping the size of a wedding small means keeping the budget low as well.

Many venues offer packages for small or intimate weddings so if this something you are interested in you should not have any trouble finding the right venue to host your event.

If a traditional venue is not what you have in mind you can certainly plan an intimate wedding in a backyard, public park, local beach, or other open spaces.
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Intimate weddings also offer perhaps some fun food options that could not be possible when hosting a larger event. Food trucks, pizza stations, appetizers only, or picnic style dining are all great options when hosting an intimate wedding.

Stressed out about wedding planning? We’ve got you covered! Check out our printable wedding planning checklists, suitable for all stages of your wedding planning journey.
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Non-Traditional Wedding Parties


It seems like with every traditional wedding idea there is a non-traditional one that is just as popular. It is no surprise that couples everywhere are deciding to have a non-traditional wedding party and instead craft one that is special and unique to them. Couples are surrounding themselves with wedding parties filled with kids, grandparents, and even their animals.

    • Kids: Couples are welcoming kids into their wedding party and many times in a more advanced way then just flower girl and ring bearer. It seems the trend of having lots of page boys and bridesmaids are on the rise thanks to the coverage of the Royal Weddings and their tradition of having children serve a large role at the wedding.
    • Grandparents: Highlighting grandparents may not be totally new at a wedding but couples are asking them to play fin roles such as grandmothers playing the part of flower girls and grandfathers serving as ring bearers.
    • Bro-maids: Brides want their bridal party to be made up of special people so many are asking the important men in their life to play the role of “bro- maid” instead of having the traditional bridesmaids.
    • Groom Woman: Just like the trend of “bro-maids” we are seeing many grooms ask the important women in their life to stand beside them and be “groom women”.
    • Pets: Sometimes a couple really wants to share their love of the pet and having their dog or cat as part of the wedding party is a sweet way to do that. Couples are having their special pet walk the aisle and take part in the festivities. Of course, if you are considering having your pet part of your big day you should consider an outdoor ceremony location and make sure you have one dedicated person in charge of your pet for the day.
    • Special Person: The beauty of planning your wedding is that you can make the rules so you have the chance to ask anyone to be part of your wedding party. Breaking with tradition, many couples are asking their father to be the best man or having their children serve as maid of honor and groomsmen. The best part of a bridal party is being able to surround yourself with the people who are supporting you and you have the control to create a bridal party that fits you!

2020 Wedding Color Palettes

Creating a wedding color palette is part of making sure your wedding day all comes together. More now than ever brides and couples are crafting amazingly unique color combinations and themes to bring their wedding day to life.

Silver Sage, Mustard + Dusty Rose


The color mixture of silver sage, mustard, and dusty rose is a somewhat new color theme that is taking over. Brides are loving this color theme when planning a boho, rustic, or garden wedding. Perfect for early spring and fall weddings this color theme is going to only gain more momentum.

Coral Is The New Wedding Trend


If you’re trying to decide on a trendy theme for your wedding, consider one of the living coral. This will no doubt cross into 2021 as one of the colors to look out for. This vibrant, warm and buoyant color will be a great choice for any bride or wedding planner in search of fresh new wedding ideas.

Dark Color Palette


Once only described as moody wedding color palettes the rise of dark colors is taking over Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds everywhere. These color themes are on the rise not because couples want to shadow their big day but because they are rich and complex making it the perfect look for couples who want to plan a fall and winter wedding without going with the traditional hues.

Bright Wedding Colors


Wedding colors have always been an option for couples who were planning a tropical, beach, or destination wedding but now it seems more couples hosting weddings at other locations are loving this theme as well. Bright colors in the pink, blue, green, and orange families seem to make a big and bold statement at spring and summer weddings.

Color trends that we are seeing head out of style are the yellow and gray combination which became super popular a few years ago along with the trend of stripes and patterns which seem to not be as much in favor as they were the past few years.
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Fashion plays a major role in a wedding. From the bridal gown to the bridesmaid dresses we are seeing new wedding fashions emerge each season. From pantsuits to one-shoulder gowns and white bridesmaids dresses we are seeing fashion take a front seat at weddings in the 2020/2021 season.

2020/2021 Wedding Dresses Trends


Let’s face it – the wedding dress is a big part of the wedding planning process. Some brides-to-be spend years thinking about what they will look like when they walk down the aisle. It seems for the 2020/2021 wedding season we are seeing some pretty fun trends including one-shoulder gowns, tons of sparkle, and elaborate lace gowns.

  • One Shoulder Gowns
    Modern brides everywhere are eating up this trend. Taking the traditional wedding gown but making it a fashionable one-shoulder gown is perfect for the 2020/2021 wedding season. Designers such as David’s Bridal, Badgley Mischka, and BHLDN all are making one-shoulder gowns that brides will be happy to sport at their modern romantic wedding. One-shoulder gowns can be found from the most formal to the most simple of designs so for this look it is just about finding one that fits your venue and wedding style.
  • Sparkle Gowns
    It seems like designers everywhere are adding tons of sparkles to wedding gowns and brides are loving it. Adding tons of sparkle, beading and sequins can help a bride create either her ideal goddess look or bring out her inner rockstar. If you are ready to celebrate in the grandest of fashion should consider a gown like this one from Anna Campbell, or this one from BHDLN and even this one from Wtoo.
  • Elaborate Lace Gowns
    Lace has always been a staple for wedding gowns but designers are punching up the look and brides are loving it. Elaborate lace gowns are perfect for any bride who is looking to add a little sophistication and style to their wedding day look. For years rustic and country brides were all over the lace wedding gown trend but now with these new designs we are seeing them at large city weddings, modern loft weddings and everywhere in between. A few of our favorite elaborate lace gowns are this one from Grace Love Lace, this stunning one from Rue de Seine, and this romantic one from BHLDN.

2020/2021 Bridesmaid Dresses Trends


If you think the only new trends we are seeing in the bridal world are just for wedding gowns you should think again because bridesmaid gowns are getting a full design overhaul making them more elegant, more stylish and extremely fashionable. The bridesmaid dress trends hitting the 2020/2021 wedding season are all white gowns, stunning lace and wrap gowns.

  • All white gowns – It used to only be that the bride wore white but we are seeing a lovely trend of bridesmaids sporting white gowns as well. This monochromatic color trend is perfect for a beach or destination wedding along with high fashion city weddings.
  • Stunning Lace – There was a time when lace was reserved for the bride but bridesmaids all over the globe are eating up a fashionable lace bridesmaid dress. Perfect for a boho or rustic chic event it is easy to see why this has become so popular when you can purchase dresses like this from ASOS.
  • Wrap Gowns – The classic wrap dress got a major upgrade when designed for bridesmaids and made to look and feel soft and beautiful. Wrap gowns like this one from Lulus and this lovely one from ModCloth.

What fashion trends are going out of style?
With the rise of new trends, we are seeing some other trends going out of style. A few wedding fashions making their way out are the mix and match bridesmaid dress trend that was so big in the mid-2000s along with short reception gowns and the sweater trend for the bride and bridesmaids have been replaced with jean jackets.

No wedding day look is complete without the perfect makeup and hair to go with it. Makeup trends have shifted for brides and now include a few new details like metallic shades, dramatic bright red lips, and a natural face look with bold eyes and hair trends have moved to floral crowns, beach waves, and braids. Brides everywhere are spending equal amounts of time planning their wedding hair and makeup as they are for the dress and shoes.


Hottest Wedding Hair Trends


Floral crowns, beach waves, and braids are the hottest wedding hairstyles for the 2020/2021 season. The floral crowns have been around for a while but we are seeing a less boho floral crown and a more high fashion one take over. Beach waves and natural hairstyles are no longer reserved for destination or beach weddings and can be seen on brides everywhere. While braids have not been a traditional wedding hairstyle it seems thanks to social media brides are loving this new look.

  • Floral Crowns
    Forget what you know about floral crowns because they are getting a new look and feel for the 2020/2021 bridal season. Floral crowns are being updated from the traditional boho look to a much more elegant and sophisticated look. Floral crowns are not only perfect for the bride but we are seeing them on bridesmaids and flower girls as well.
  • Beach Waves
    Getting married in a major city or in a trendy loft well you too can rock the beach waves that once were almost always saved for the destination bride. The natural hair look has made a major jump to weddings everywhere since brides are embracing a more elegant beach wave and adding a hairpiece to finish off the look. This hairstyle works great for any hair length but brides with shoulder-length hair or longer have the ability to pull off a really amazing look.
  • Braids
    Braids are popping up everywhere as a hair trend that women can not live without. Brides are embracing this boho-chic look and adding a simple braid to the back of their hairstyle, creating a headband style braid look or a relaxed fishtail braid.

Wedding Makeup


Makeup is an important part of the overall wedding day look and brides want to make sure they have the perfect makeup to match the perfect hair and perfect dress.

  • Bold & Dramatic Red Lip Color
    A bride wants to stand out and it seems one way they are achieving this is to go with a bold red lipstick. Making a bold choice with a red lip can help create a glamorous look and bring some drama to the otherwise colorless wedding day look.
  • Natural Face With A Bold Eye
    Many brides are adding a big bold eye and pairing it with a more natural look. Brides don’t want to look too over made up and of course, want to look like themselves so having a natural face but adding a bold eye dresses up the look appropriate for an evening wedding.
  • Natural Bridal Make Up
    Minimalist bridal makeup is the latest wedding trend to hit weddings. Brides want to look as natural as they can. The secret is to invest in good skin prep before the wedding. This leaves the skin ready and a makeup artist’s delight. For the brows, fill the sparse areas to give a natural depth to the face. The brows flatter the eyes and forehead, so it should get filled out. If a sun-kissed look is what you desire, have a little spray tan on. You could also hit light bronzer on the places where the sun rests like the forehead, nose tip, cheeks, and chin.

What fashion and makeup trends are going out of style?
When something is in something else is out so in makeup we are seeing a shift away from a super smokey eye and the overdone full makeup look seems to be taking a backseat to a more subtle make style.

Wedding decor is a big part of pulling off the wedding you want since so much of the decor will bring together the look and feel of your special day. Brides are making choices to add in dramatic flowers, create an industrial look with a metal arch, and using tables with no linens to stand out.


The Most Popular Wedding Flowers


Flowers are a big chunk of the wedding budget so it is important to pay attention to how and when you will be using them. Every season we see a few new wedding floral trends and this season we are seeing the rise of monochromatic flower pallets, sustainable options like potted plants, and floral moon gates.

  • Monochromatic Flower Pallets
    Couples are loving the idea of using one color for their wedding decor and that is popping up with floral as well. All white, green, and pink seem to be the most popular monochromatic colors to work with and when done correctly this look can make a major impact on the overall decor.
  • Potted Plants
    This might have been viewed as perhaps not elegant enough for a wedding but that is changing and quickly. Couples are using the more sustainable option of potted plants to create centerpieces and floral arrangements at their ceremony. By getting creative with the pots, couples can really make this decor reflect their style.
  • Floral Moon Gates
    A one of the new wedding reception trends that started in 2019 and seems to just be picking up steam is the floral moon gate. This twist on a wedding arch makes for the prettiest flower trend we have seen in a while and perhaps is the perfect backdrop for any ceremony location. Florists can create full or half-moon gates and can be done using a variety of flowers.
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Metallic Wedding


Metal wedding decorations have taken over Pinterest boards everywhere with their cool and yet slightly edge elegance. Couples are working in the metallic decor to centrepieces, table decor and even barware.

There are no rules when it comes to what type of metallic decorations you can have at your wedding so take a moment to research bronze, silver, rose gold and black metallics. The easiest way to incorporate this look to your wedding decor is by adding metallic candle holders, metallic plate chargers and centerpiece items that share all the metallic elements. Couples are getting creative with their wedding rentals and working in metallic serving ware like bronze cups, gold place settings and metallic table runners.

Trendy Unique Wedding Arches


Wedding arches have gained popularity due to the fact that more couples are having their ceremony at unique locations. So when planning a barn wedding, outdoor wedding, museum wedding or any other fun location couples need to provide a backdrop and focal point for the ceremony and they are doing that by adding a unique wedding arch.

  • Metal Arches
    Perfect for the trendy bride and groom, the metal arch idea has taken over Instagram feeds everywhere with its simple elegance and minimalist sensibility.
  • Birch Arches
    Ideal for the rustic or country bride who wants to play up a woodland wedding look and feel but also wants an elegant ceremony. Birch arches can be dressed up with drapery and flowers or stripped down to just simple birch.
  • Hexagon Wooden Arches
    A favorite of boho brides this look is now getting a slight makeover and making its way to more mainstream wedding venues. The modern look of the hexagon shape while mixed with the natural wood is perfect for any contemporary wedding.

Trendy Wedding Lighting Ideas


Nothing adds drama to a wedding like good lighting. It was not that long ago that we saw the rise of the string light phenomenon take over and since then major moves forward wedding trendy wedding light ideas have been happening.

  • Curtain String Lights
    Perhaps the best way to add a backdrop behind your ceremony or head table is by adding a curtain of string lights. Creating a waterfall look makes this trend seem like it will be around for years to come.
  • Rain Shower Lights
    Creating an elegant touch to your outdoor wedding can be achieved by adding rain shower lights to trees at your venue. Perfect for the rustic wedding that wants to add a little elegance or the garden wedding that wants to add some drama.
  • Neon Signs
    Making its way to millennial weddings everywhere the addition of fun neon signs have been spotted at weddings from coast to coast. Couples are having fun saying such as “‘till death do us part” or “Mr. & Mrs.” or a personalized sign with their last name hanging at the wedding venue adding a new twist to the old “bar sign”.

Celestial Wedding Theme


The celestial wedding theme is well out of this world and it seems couples are very excited to make this a huge wedding theme in 2020. Adding a little stargazing fun to your wedding can be accomplished by mixing in celestial wedding details like moon themed invitations, constellation motifs, and mixing in star details everywhere.

At first, you might not see how this could be a super elegant wedding theme but when you give the images of a celestial wedding theme a look you see it actually is very elegant. This theme works great if hosting an outdoor wedding since you can bring in the natural surroundings and create a heavenly feeling at your venue. Some of our favorite items to mix to your celestial wedding theme are hanging star lights, midnight blue color decorations, and moon backdrops.

We are excited about all the new decor trends that are coming up but there are a few that seem to be falling out of favor with couples. It seems like 2020 is the year we might be saying goodbye to the overly monogrammed trend along with the DIY everything decor trend and the brightly colored whimsical decor.
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White And Greenery Minimalism


Minimalistic design and eco-friendliness are among the top trends in 2020. So it comes as no surprise, that the combination of these two trends by using wedding greenery in wedding decorations remains as popular as ever. A combination of egg-shell or alabaster white, and forest or fern green is especially popular. It adds style and elegance to your perfect wedding.

Wedding Balloon Decorations Ideas


Balloons are typically associated with birthdays – but they make amazing wedding decorations! This is one of the newest and craziest trends. Before you disagree, take one look at these gorgeous examples of wedding balloon decorations! Aren’t they amazing?
You can intertwine balloons with flowers, or order balloons-only decorations. It is a great solution if you or your guests are allergic to flowers!

Clear Acrylic Wedding Decor


Planning the ultra-trendy event? Clear acrylic elements will add style. These pieces of design look ultra sleek. You would be surprised to find out that they are also more durable than traditional glass. These decorations and elements are light and may look fragile, but they are virtually impossible to break.

Hanging Flowers Decor


Planning a boho or a country wedding? Hanging flowers decor can turn every location into a fairy tale forest, be it a backyard, a simple tent or a barn. Wisteria flowers, hanging low from the ceiling, various flower arrangements, and even small potted plants – what can be more festive? Make your wedding guests feel the power of nature!

It is easy to understand why people say they always remember if the food at a wedding was good or not! There are some tasty wedding food trends that are rolling up to a venue near you to both keep your wedding trendy and yummy.


Wedding Cake Trends In 2020


Wedding cakes are a big showstopper at weddings now and couples are getting very creative when it comes to their desserts. From drip cakes to metallic cakes to the mini cake we are seeing super delicious ideas for 2020.

  • Drip Cakes
    These beautiful cakes are the new favorite of couples who want something unique. A playful twist on a traditional cake these desserts have dripping icing which can be found in a variety of colors, flavors, and designs. Some cake designers are mixing two trends together by having a cake with metallic drips making it for a slam dunk.
  • Metallic Cakes
    Adding to the metallic wedding theme we can now see silver, gold, and bronze wedding cakes taking over. From full metallic paint to light metallic flowers this trend is only to get bigger in the years to come.
  • Mini Cakes
    Whether you are looking to have just one small wedding cake because you are serving a variety of desserts or you want to have several mini cakes with different flavors and styles you are right on trend with the mini cake idea!

Trendy Wedding Menu Ideas


Wedding menu ideas are taking over the wedding planning process as couples are getting more and more creative with what and how they serve their guests.

  • Dessert Tables
    Allowing guests to serve themselves at a dessert table makes for a fun and interactive experience for guests. There are endless possibilities of what to serve at your dessert table but a few favorites are a donut wall, cookie bar, cupcake buffet, candy display, and as’ more station.
  • Food trucks
    Food trucks have taken over much of society so it is only natural that they would make their way to weddings near you. We love the idea of having a specialty food truck (or a few) cater to your wedding. Pizza, taco, and bbq trucks are just the start of the many different types of food trucks you can hire. If you are working with an outdoor venue or planning a rustic or country wedding you should absolutely consider booking some food trucks for your day!
  • Pre-ceremony Cocktails
    Starting the festivities by offering guests a pre-ceremony cocktail is a great way to kick start the fun. Guests will appreciate a glass of champagne or a signature cocktail before the ceremony starts. If you are hosting your wedding at a unique venue or an outdoor location you can work with your catering company to set up a bar close to the ceremony location and welcome guests in style.

What menu trends are going out of style?
Some of the menu trends heading out of style are large oversized buffets, fast-food style menu items like burgers and fries and mini appetizers like soup in a shot glass and mini hot dogs are all on their way out making room for new and exciting food trends.

As we move from 2019 to a big 2020 and 2021 wedding season we want to highlight some of our favorite modern wedding trends that popped up in 2019! Many of these 2019 wedding trends won’t exactly be going away. You might find some that work for your wedding!

  • Painted Wedding Cakes
    Cakes have become the new showstopper at weddings and with the rise of the painted cake, it seemed like couples wanted their wedding dessert to resemble a piece of art.
  • Epic Veils
    Thanks to a few celebrities who had epically long veils this trend took over weddings everywhere and brought a piece of Hollywood glamour to everyday weddings.
  • Color Wedding Gowns
    Designers everywhere started making wedding gowns that either showcased pops of color or were full-on covered in color and brides really seemed to dig it.
  • Unique Lighting
    Hanging stars, small fairy lights, and large lanterns are just a few of the lighting trends we loved seeing 2019.
  • Velvet Fabrics
    seemed from bridesmaids to grooms jackets to table linens velvet became a trend that we might be seeing again soon.

Wedding trends are always changing and it is fun to see where they are going next. We know for 2020 we have some current wedding trends to watch. There are so many great 2020 wedding trends. But a few we can’t wait to see grow are the new trending wedding themes, trends in bridesmaid dresses, and wedding color trends.


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