Latest Wedding Trends Guide for 2023/24

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Doing research when planning a wedding means also finding out what the newest wedding trends are going to be so your wedding will be right on-trend. We have all of the hottest 2023 wedding trends from cake designs to wedding decor to trending wedding dress styles and more to walk you through planning the most perfect wedding day.


Brides Often Ask

What are the 2023 wedding trends?

2023 will witness wedding trends like destination weddings, pearls everywhere, unusual color trends, shorter wedding ceremonies, etc. For more insight on wedding trends, keep reading.

Check out the sneak peek of fresh wedding trends taking a majority of future newlyweds by storm:

Meet the expert – Steven Greitzer, CEO and Founder of Provenance

  • Make custom ceremonies feel less boring: Provenance provides a suite of tools that help customize wedding ceremonies, both culturally reflective and secular. The company guides couples and non-clergy officiants through the ceremony planning process from start to ‘I do’ with a ceremony design tool that helps users construct the flow of a ritual; speech and vow writing support; and a curated library that provides cultural, legal, and logistical inspiration for weddings.
  • Family and friends are in: Now, 55% of American weddings are officiated by a family or friend.
  • Shorter ceremonies: Not taking into consideration the cultural and faithful bounds of traditional ceremonies, Provenance has seen weddings shrink from an average of 60 mins to 15 -30 mins. What’s more, Provenance is seeing an increasing uptick for ceremonies at just 16 minutes long.
  • Creating unity with interfaith/secular ceremonies: The separation of tradition is long gone as faiths are represented in a variety of ways beyond the “norm.”

Before continuing, check out this useful guide on fresh wedding trends! Download it and be in trend.


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There are some wedding trends that aim to make your life easier and brighter. Following these trends can also help you to reduce your stress level during your wedding planning.

Barbie Dream Wedding Trend

Step into a magical realm where your wedding echoes the vibrancy of Barbie’s universe. Envision vivid colors, lively decor, and essence of allure that captures the doll’s timeless elegance.

Styling Tips: Immerse your day in Barbie’s charm through vivid pinks, sophisticated bows, and enchanting shimmer. Craft invitations, cakes, and centerpieces that encapsulate Barbie’s spirit, crafting a celebration that’s both playful and chic.

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Pearls Everywhere

Pearls are one of the wedding decor trends for 2023 that are everywhere at the wedding venue. From the cake to the dress to the decor, etc. Pearls are a great way to add bling to your wedding day without going overboard. They are a classic statement piece and you can wear them with almost any outfit or as an accent on any decoration. A pearl-inspired look is perfect for the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Styling Tips: Add a touch of elegance and make your bridal style unforgettable with personalized bridal pearl-studded denim jacket. This beautiful jacket that can be cherished and worn for years to come, reminding you of the joyous memories of your wedding day.


Rust Wedding Color Palette

Create a retro vibe with a rust wedding that would be the talk of the season. One of the latest wedding trends of 2023, rust weddings are full of earthy colors and a bohemian style. Monochromatic color schemes of blush, orange, or rust are a great choice for a rust wedding. You could also add neutrals like white or black for some contrasts.

Styling Tips: Current wedding trends in rust are all about unconventionality and a hip aesthetic. Flowy gowns with full skirts and puff sleeves with floral elements that depict reckless abandon would go well.

Weekday Weddings

Although the pandemic put a hold on many weddings, it certainly hasn’t stopped the influx of engagements! Because of this, the industry has become inundated with postponed weddings, and as a result, venues’ very limited weekend availability is causing couples to accept weekday weddings. Does this snowball into an inconvenience for guests (requesting time off to attend)? Sure, but there are benefits that couples will reap, including lower rates and more venue & vendor variety to choose from! Plus, for couples struggling to narrow down their guest list, this can help.

Carissa – Founder & CEO of Carissa Corsi Events, LLC

Specialty Vendors

Couples are looking to entertain with elegance. Of course, any wedding day needs a staple dream team (venue, planner, photographer/videographer, caterer, florist, DJ/band), but couples are starting to seek more, especially when it comes to guest entertainment. We predict that specialty vendors, like live painters, performers, and food trucks, will be a huge hit in 2023!

Carissa – Founder & CEO of Carissa Corsi Events, LLC

Current wedding trends are always evolving and emerging and this season is no different. From hosting small intimate weddings to the sustainability we are seeing some major newest wedding trends on the horizon.


Intimate Weddings

Good For: Rustic, industrial-chic, country and whimsical wedding ceremony trends are intimate and cozy. These wedding styles are a blend of nature and modern, leaving an intimate vibe.

Styling Tips: Guests can join such intimate weddings online via zoom, Facebook, Google hangout, or YouTube live stream. Go all the way by sending paperless invites to your guests. Include your program for the day and any ritual that may happen. Guests can take part in it by getting sand, candles, or any other item. Have your wedding event recorded and sent to guests after the wedding. This will allow non-attending guests to witness your wedding.

Expert Prediction
Intimate guest lists- now more than ever before brides are scaling up designs and scaling back guest lists. This means more opportunities to go full out on personalization behind each wedding detail.

Intimate weddings also offer perhaps some fun food options that could not be possible when hosting a larger event. Food trucks, pizza stations, appetizers only, or picnic style dining are all great options when hosting an intimate wedding.

Destination Elopements

How do we involve our loved ones if we are eloping?

For those couples who have chosen to host an initiate elopement, you can celebrate in style afterward with a party or a celebration of marriage on your 1st wedding anniversary. If a party isn’t what you want, be honest with your family and friends so that they are involved in your plans. It is still your wedding day, you have just chosen to elope rather than enjoy a traditional celebration and that’s ok and most families and friends will support your decision.

Can I elope and party later?

It’s your wedding, you can do whatever you want to do! A lot of couples choose to elope and celebrate with a fabulous party afterwards.

Planned For Perfection

Another one of the more fun current wedding trends is focused on efficiency and experience. Rather than gathering dozens – or even hundreds – of friends and family members, couples are skipping straight to the honeymoon.

Many modern brides and grooms don’t have the ability to save and spend like their parents did. Rather than blowing it all on a party for everyone else, every penny goes into the honeymoon experience. This starts with a modest ceremony abroad and then complete indulgence in relaxation and tourist activities.

Styling Tips: Bring your venues to life with props, quirky decor, and signage. Get creative with your color palette for a cohesive look.

Choose unconventional lighting, florals, and textiles for maximum effect. Make your venue and decor as intimate as possible.

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Eco-luxe – think potted plants replacing traditional aisle ends, locally sourced florals and dinners, a trend we are 100% behind in the South of France where we have incredible vendors located right here and many following this green mindset already.

Rhiann Janak Gouabeche – Lead Wedding Planner & Wedding Designer

Sustainable wedding trends are becoming more popular, and you should consider them when planning your big day. These sustainable trends are eco-friendly practices, and there are many ways to incorporate sustainability into your wedding without making any noticeable changes to your venue.

Styling Tips: Opt for invitations made from recycled paper or cardboard. They will be more eco-friendly and cost less. Also, consider serving food on plates rather than plastic ware. And if you have an outdoor ceremony or reception, be sure there are no plastic cups or disposable plates used during the event.

Planning Tip
If you are looking for ways to create your own eco-friendly wedding you should start by finding a venue that offers outdoor space which will help to cut down on energy costs and you can most likely use the beauty of the surroundings to cut down on the amount of decor and florals you need.

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Guerrilla-Style Wedding

Guerrilla weddings are becoming popular, especially among couples who are spontaneous and do not like to play by the rules. They hold this impromptu intimate ceremony with a tiny circle of friends and family, most often without making proper reservations for the wedding venue. Couples can host this budget-friendly wedding style at home, in gardens, or in parks.

Styling Tips: The most important thing to remember when planning a guerrilla wedding is to be spontaneous while also keeping things simple. It is an intimate wedding style, so opt for a romantic theme for your pictures and be sure your outfits are top-notch.

Wedding Color Trends 2023

Creating a wedding color palette is part of making sure your wedding day all comes together. More now than ever brides and couples are crafting amazingly unique color combinations and themes to bring their wedding day to life.

Pink Color Palette

Pink is often associated with romance, so it is perfect for weddings. It is one of those wedding color schemes that most brides love. If you are looking for something bright and cheery during your big day, pink is a good choice. Also, you can incorporate this color in the cake, dresses, or venue decor.

Styling Tips: You can add sparkle by using pink sequins or glitter on your cakes, dress, or shoes. Or by adding a pop of pink to your bouquet or boutonniere.


Blue Wedding Color Palette

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Whether you are going for something formal or casual, blue is one of the preferred wedding color schemes and it always looks great. Blue creates an airy feeling that is perfect for summer weddings but makes also a perfect choice for winter weddings.

Styling Tips: You can make your venue pop with blue colors by adding bursts of coral or turquoise to accent walls. Afterward, decorate with cool-weather flowers (think hydrangeas) or lanterns.

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Dark Color Palette

We predict lots of boldness on the rise. With muted tones leading the charge for years, we’re finding that it’s definitely time to switch it up! In an attempt to host a standout wedding, we’re starting to see couples choose maximal design over minimal. When discussing design with our couples, we always suggest that they choose a theme that fits THEM, whether that be intense vibrant, neutrals, or even pops of color added to a neutral palette.

Carissa Corsi – wedding planner.

Once only described as moody wedding color palettes the rise of dark colors is taking over Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds everywhere. These color themes are on the rise not because couples want to shadow their big day but because they are rich and complex making it the perfect look for couples who want to plan a fall and winter wedding without going with the traditional hues.


Unique Color Palette

Choose a color palette that works with your wedding theme and decor. Also, avoid using shades that look too much like Christmas decorations or holiday colors, unless you are having a winter wedding. Try a color palette that includes reds, blues, whites, and gold instead of bright greens and pinks.

Styling Tips: If you are getting married in a tropical location or want to incorporate traditional elements like a chuppah or altar, it will be best to use a warm tone of white or cream. If you are getting married during fall and wintertime, use rich jewel tones like burgundy, maroon, and navy blue.

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Wedding Colors – 2023 Guide – Popular Palettes & Trends

Fashion plays a major role in a wedding. From the bridal gown to the bridesmaid dresses, we are seeing new wedding fashions emerge each season. From suits to unique gowns and black bridesmaids dresses, we are seeing fashion take a front seat at weddings in the 2023/24 season.

2023/24 Wedding Dresses Trends

Today’s wedding themes are inspired by the past and powered by social themes. They also contrast components like simple and exotic or soft and strong.

  • Non-white Wedding Dresses
    Non-white wedding dresses are part of the predicted 2023 wedding dress trends. Pink, yellow, and black is popular colors for wedding dresses. They can be short or long and they come in a variety of silhouettes. You can also go for dresses with lace details or small flowers on them. These colors go well with many different skin tones, while still having a unique style that stands out from the rest.
  • Orange Dress Outfit Wedding
    An orange wedding dress is a bold and unique option that adds excitement to any wedding. Its trendiness comes from standing out from traditional white and ivory gowns while also complementing a variety of skin tones. One option is to pair the dress with metallic gold or silver jewelry for a touch of elegance. Another idea is to add a statement piece such as a chunky necklace or bold earrings to make a statement.
  • 80s Wedding Dress
    Princess Diana’s iconic puffy wedding dress may come to mind when thinking about the resurgence of the 80s, but fear not, as the 80s have undergone a serious transformation. Puff sleeve wedding dresses took over the catwalks at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, with searches for the term growing by 39%¹ in the UK. According to Anna-Marie DeSouza, Editor of Bridal Buyer, while 90s styling remains popular, the previous decade has set the stage for some truly attention-grabbing bridal styles in Barcelona.
  • Bow Accent
    The resurgence of 80s drama has brought back the bow as a trendy bridal accessory. According to Anna-Marie, larger bows have been spotted on the bridal runways, along with long, puff, and bishop-inspired sleeves reminiscent of the 80s. Designers like Nicole Milano, Pronovias, and Viktor & Rolf showcased stunning bows in their collections, ranging from over-the-top to delicate veils with bows on top. In 2023, brides have various options to incorporate bows into their bridal look, from extravagant statement pieces to simple and elegant additions.
  • Bridal Suit
    Style is the new trend, and brides want to look trendy and classy, which is where bridal suit design comes in. It is one of the unusual, sleek, and stylish wedding dress trends for the bride who wants to make an appearance. Bridal suits do not need many accessories and embellishments, which makes them more classy and elegant. Adorn your bridal suit with simple accessories and sparkly short heel shoes.
  • Shimmery Dress
    Shimmery wedding dresses are becoming more popular as they add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the bride’s look. They’re made with fabrics that shine in the light, creating a magical effect. There are many variations of this trend, from delicate shimmer to bold glitter, making it easy to find a dress that fits the wedding theme. Brides can add a touch of glamour without going overboard with this trend.
  • Ethereal Wedding Dress
    Unveil captivating enchantment with our ethereal wedding dress. Seamlessly fusing timeless elegance and contemporary trends, this gown showcases delicate lace embellishments gracing the bodice, flowing gracefully into an airy skirt. Realize your wedding dreams as you embody ethereal allure, harmonizing seamlessly with the latest fashion trends on your special day.

2023/24 Bridesmaid Dresses Trends

2023/24 will be the year that we see bridalwear breaking even further from tradition, including guests and bridesmaids. You can expect fewer dresses in favor of pant suites, and livelier, more colorful textured prints.

  • Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
    Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are trendy wedding dress fashions and a great way to add some fun to your wedding day. Mix up the colors so that everyone looks unique on your big day. Another great idea is to have each bridesmaid wear different dress lengths or colored shoes.
  • Black Bridesmaid Dresses
    Black bridesmaid dresses are sophisticated yet look modern. Bridesmaids can wear their black dress with simple accessories like floral headbands, jewelry, and sparkly pairs of shoes to make a subtle statement. Also, be sure they opt for a black dress that is more fitted or has some structure.
  • Jumpsuits
    Everyone is excited to be outside in large groups again, so expect a lot of outdoor spring and summer weddings. Bridesmaids plan to take advantage of the atmosphere with lively jumpsuits, combining energetic prints and flowing fabrics.

What fashion trends are going out of style?
With the rise of new trends, we are seeing some other trends going out of style. A few wedding fashions making their way out are short reception gowns and the sweater trend for the bride and bridesmaids have been replaced with jean jackets.

Groom Attire Trends

The groom attire trends are also changing every year so make sure you are comfortable with whatever attire you choose. If you are confused about what to wear, try going for something comfortable and classic. Here are some ideas below.

  • Blue Suit
    The blue suit is a classic look for weddings. It is also one of the predicted wedding trends of 2023 that goes with everything and adds the right amount of masculinity to your groom’s attire. The color is versatile enough to work with any other color in your wedding palette. Grooms can pair their blue suits with either white turtle neck shirts in the winter or casual T-shirts for summer weddings. They should also wear subtle accessories to match their groom’s wear.
  • Classic Tuxedo
    The groom’s tuxedo is another staple in many trends in wedding outfit today. You can get away with wearing it on its own or paired with a vest or bow tie if you want to add some flair to it. You can even wear it with a different shirt underneath to create contrast between the two pieces of clothing. If you want something more casual, try wearing sneakers instead of shoes.
  • Linen
    Linen is a popular fabric choice for wedding outfits and this trend will continue in wedding trends in 2023. It is easy to care for and looks great with any skin tone, so we can expect linen to be one of the hottest trends in fashion over the next year. Linen is versatile, classic, and easy to care for. You can use it in many ways, from traditional wedding outfits to casual weekend wear. Pair your linen fabric with natural colors and a few accessories for an elegant look.

Groomsmen Attire Trends

  • Classic Suits
    The classic suit is a timeless piece that will never go out of style. The main difference between this suit design and others is that it has less padding than other suits. The modern version of this classic outfit consists of three parts: a jacket, trousers, and a shirt. Many variations are on this theme, but your groomsmen can stick with one color scheme when they wear this suit. Also, they can add a bow tie or cufflinks to dress up their look even further.
  • Gray Suits
    This gray suit’s wedding color trends complement any other shade of wedding dress or color palette. It makes it a no-brainer choice for groomsmen who want to stand out from the crowd without being too flashy at a wedding ceremony. Groomsmen can match their gray suits with either patterned shirts or blue or pink colored shirts. Afterward, wear burgundy or brown shoes to match their gray suit.
  • Sand Colored Suits
    The sand-colored suit is a good choice for your groomsmen. It is simple, yet stylish and elegant. This outfit consists of a shirt and pants in a shade of sand or cream. The shoes should be black or at least, neutral colors like brown, nude, or gray. Make sure this wedding dress fashion is simple and the accessories are not too flashy so that it does not make your groomsmen’s outfit look childish.

Meet the expert – Amber Melendez, co-founder of Blingadvisor

Custom Engagement Rings

Photo by:


Custom engagement rings have been the standard for celebrities for decades now but celebrities like Simone Biles and Romee Strijd’s custom-designed engagement rings really stood out this year. While many consumers have seen companies offer what some consider to be “custom engagement rings” by offering a ring builder where you’re able to pick a diamond and pre-existing setting, a few online companies like Bling Advisor custom engagement rings are offering clients a completely custom experience.

This means you’re able to design your ring entirely from scratch and if you have 4, 5, or more engagement ring inspiration pictures saved in Pinterest that you love you can incorporate aspects from each picture into your ring and design your ring entirely to your specifications with a very personalized experience. Designing a completely custom engagement ring instead of buying a pre-made ring off the shelf has been exploding in popularity in recent years and will continue to do so into 2023.

Fancy-Cut Diamonds

Photo by:


Lana Condor, Jodie Sweetin, Avril Lavigne, and Sofia Richie are a few of the celebrities that chose fancy-cut diamonds for their engagement rings this year. We are seeing a lot of ovals, pears and emerald-cut diamonds in the custom engagement rings clients are designing this year as well as seeing rings like our oval diamond hidden halo peekaboo engagement ring flying out of our online shop.

Green Gemstone Engagement Rings

Photo by:


Green is going to be one of the top gemstone colors consumers choose in 2023 for their alternative engagement rings including emeralds, tsavorite garnets, and tourmalines. Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest celebrities this year that started the trend with her 8.5ct natural green diamond engagement ring. Tsavorite garnet and diamond engagement ring has been very popular with clients this year.


No wedding day look is complete without the perfect makeup and hair to go with it. Makeup trends have shifted for brides and now include a few new details like dramatic eyeliner and a natural face look, and hair trends have moved to unique headpieces, and glamour curls. Brides everywhere are spending equal amounts of time planning their wedding hair and makeup as they are for the dress and shoes.


Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Hair fashion is following the big picture wedding trends this year. Old ideas are being reimagined to create new artistry and statements. Here are a few examples.

  • Statement Headpieces
    Brides love their tiaras. But, this year’s brides want something bigger and better, and a little more unique. Statement headpieces like golden halos, oversized ‘vintage’ hairpins, and bespoke crowns are finding homes at boho, vintage, and rustic weddings all over the country.
  • Hollywood Curls
    You can opt for long soft curls and pair them with mild hair accessories in silver shades. Or go with elegant short curls that add a better finish to your wedding attire.
  • Braids
    Braids are popping up everywhere as a hair trend that women can not live without. Brides are embracing this boho-chic look and adding a simple braid to the back of their hairstyle, creating a headband style braid look or a relaxed fishtail braid.

Wedding Makeup

Makeup is an important part of the overall wedding day look and brides want to make sure they have the perfect makeup to match the perfect hair and perfect dress.

  • Bold & Dramatic Red Lip Color
    A bride wants to stand out and it seems one way they are achieving this is to go with a bold red lipstick. Making a bold choice with a red lip can help create a glamorous look and bring some drama to the otherwise colorless wedding day look.
  • Eyeliner Makeup
    Eyeliner is a popular makeup that has been around for years, but it will still be one of the wedding trends for 2023. You can style your eyeliner straight across the top of your eyelashes, arched slightly at the outer corners, along the lower lash line, or anywhere between. Be creative.
  • Nude Makeup
    It is key to keep things clean, simple, and natural looking by using natural tones such as beige or nude eyeshadow. You can also use neutral lip liners and neutral tones on your face like a porcelain powder foundation. Afterward, add blush underneath your cheekbones to give a soft pop of color, while still keeping things smooth and simple.

What fashion and makeup trends are going out of style?
When something is in, something else is out so in makeup we are seeing a shift away from a super smokey eye and the overdone full makeup look seems to be taking a backseat to a more subtle makeup style.

Wedding decor is a big part of pulling off the wedding you want since so much of the decor will bring together the look and feel of your special day. Brides are making choices to add in dramatic color palettes, create an industrial look with a metal elements, and using potted plants to stand out.


The Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Brides are even finding a way to re-imagine flowers in today’s wedding trends. Aside from non-traditional muted hues, brides are much more aware of what is local and in-season in an effort to harmonize with mother nature.

  • Seasonal Wildflower
    Many seasonal wildflowers have a long blooming season and will last throughout the year, so you do not need to worry about purchasing them again. If you want something different, add color and texture by pairing wildflowers with greenery. Also, you can use them as accent pieces on tables, capes, and centerpieces. If you want a spring or summer wedding, consider using larkspur, daisies, sunflowers, and zinnias. Use them to create a whimsical bouquet or table decoration.
  • Flowers down the Aisle
    If you are having a white wedding, white hydrangeas would be appropriate while yellow roses would be better suited to a gold wedding theme. If you want something more modern, red roses would be perfect. Afterward, use the flowers to decorate the aisle.
  • Potted Plants
    This might have been viewed as perhaps not elegant enough for a wedding but that is changing and quickly. Couples are using the more sustainable option of potted plants to create centerpieces and floral arrangements at their ceremony. By getting creative with the pots, couples can really make this decor reflect their style.

Metallic Wedding

Metal wedding decorations have taken over Pinterest boards everywhere with their cool and yet slightly edge elegance. Couples are working in the metallic decor to centerpieces, table decor, and even barware.

There are no rules when it comes to what type of metallic decorations you can have at your wedding so take a moment to research bronze, silver, rose gold, and black metallics. The easiest way to incorporate this look to your wedding decor is by adding metallic candle holders, metallic plate chargers, and centerpiece items that share all the metallic elements. Couples are getting creative with their wedding rentals and working in metallic serving ware like bronze cups, gold place settings, and metallic table runners.

Good for: The wedding decoration 2023 trend incorporates metallic into the color palette. Your wedding is the best time to adopt a full glam and shimmer look or sprinkles of shine. Metallics are great for woodland, ballroom, industrial-chic, coastal, modern, country, and rustic weddings.

Styling tips: For the ceremony, decorate your venue with a mercury glass lantern for a vintage vibe. Use metallic for your stationery and signage. Create eclectic centerpieces with metallic vases or opt for sequined tablecloths for the wedding reception. Mix faux leaves, metallic painted leaves, or accents with floral arrangements. Introduce sparkly bow ties and shoes to your attire.


Trendy Unique Wedding Arches

Wedding arches have gained popularity due to the fact that more couples are having their ceremony at unique locations. So when planning a barn wedding, outdoor wedding, museum wedding or any other fun location couples need to provide a backdrop and focal point for the ceremony and they are doing that by adding a unique wedding arch.

  • Boho Wedding Arch
    You can decorate the arch with elements like flower crowns, feathers, or even sparkly shoes. Whether you cover all the edges of the arch with florals or do a subtle floral design on the arch, it all balls down to your taste and the theme for your big day.
  • Tropical Flowers Decor
    If your wedding has a tropical theme, try using lanterns as part of your decorating scheme. They are one of the predicted wedding trends in 2023 and are easy to make and inexpensive. String them up around the room with a fishing line or monofilament fishing line, or use flower garlands instead.
  • Wedding Arch Banner
    The wedding arch banner is a unique way to decorate your wedding venue and add more personality to your wedding day. It is a good idea for couples who want something different than traditional wedding décor or if you want something that will last long after your big day has passed by. You can make this arch banner from wood or metal and customize it with wording or images to represent favorite quotes.

Trendy Wedding Lighting Ideas

Nothing adds drama to a wedding like good lighting. It was not that long ago that we saw the rise of the string light phenomenon take over and since then major moves forward wedding trendy wedding light ideas have been happening.

  • Curtain String Lights
    Perhaps the best way to add a backdrop behind your ceremony or head table is by adding a curtain of string lights. Creating a waterfall look makes this trend seem like it will be around for years to come. They are good for indoor and outdoor venues in winter. They activate the holiday vibes and romance a fairy tale, garden-inspired, whimsical, and wonderland weddings.
  • Chandeliers Decor
    If you are looking for 2023 wedding decor trends or something more modern, opt for chrome or glass chandeliers with bright LED light bulbs. You can also use strings of pearls or crystals on them. If you have chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, make sure they sparkle. The glitterier they are, the better they will look in photos.
  • Neon Signs
    Making its way to millennial weddings everywhere the addition of fun neon signs has been spotted at weddings from coast to coast. Couples are having fun saying such as “‘till death do us part” or “Mr. & Mrs.” or a personalized sign with their last name hanging at the wedding venue adding a new twist to the old “bar sign”. Keep your colors minimal and metallic. You don’t want the guests to go blind from so much bling. Activate the hip-vibe by placing neon signs at the bar, entrance, and altar.


Celestial Wedding Theme

Wedding trends for 2023 will see the celestial wedding theme outdoors on hazy summers. Choosing this palette means working with a dark moody palette to bring this magical motif to life. A lot of string lights will also go overhead to mimic the beautiful constellations, and much more. See other creative ideas below.

At first, you might not see how this could be a super elegant wedding theme but when you give the images of a celestial wedding theme a look you see it actually is very elegant. This theme works great if hosting an outdoor wedding since you can bring in the natural surroundings and create a heavenly feeling at your venue. Some of our favorite items to mix to your celestial wedding theme are hanging star lights, midnight blue color decorations, and moon backdrops.

Styling Tips:

  • Invites: Opt for a lunar style invitation suite with your zodiac signs or speckled galaxy on them. If you can afford it, incorporate a crystal per invite, and your guests will never forget the wedding.
  • Unconventional venues: If you and your spouse love astronomy or stargazing, an observatory is your ideal venue. Decorate it to the nines with a dreamy galaxy-inspired backdrop of swirling blue and gold hues.
  • Photo booth: Choose a moon style photo booth backdrop for a whimsical, and fairytale romantic weddings. This brings on the complete planetary vibe.
  • Decor: Decorate the venue with hanging star pendants and crescent moons. Name the tables after star constellations for a unique feel. Use cute shaped vases as centerpieces keep floral arrangements dreamy. Add on some mirror stars on dark table linens to leave the guests starry-eyed. Finish with some geode accents leaving a mystical touch.

Planning Tip
We are excited about all the new decor trends that are coming up but there are a few that seem to be falling out of favor with couples. It seems like 2023 is the year we might be saying goodbye to the overly monogrammed trend along with the DIY everything decor trend.

Couples Photos Decor

The couple’s photo decoration ideas are wedding trends for 2023 that will add fun and excitement to your wedding reception. Couples can display these pictures on the walls as decor or on the dance floor. The key here is not to overdo it. Let your creativity take over.

Styling Tips: Couples can add some personal touches to their wedding pictures. You can use photos of your engagement party or a picture of you and your partner holding hands while looking at each other. You could also get some professional help with creative styling.

Boho Wedding Theme

The boho wedding trend has grown in popularity over the past few years and is part of the predicted wedding trends in 2023. It is an eclectic look that combines elements from different cultures and eras. It can include everything from the traditional to the modern.

Styling Tips: The boho look is all about relaxed, natural, earthy, and organic elements adding a touch of whimsy to any space. Use lots of natural wood furniture such as tables, chairs, benches, vases, etc.


Clear Acrylic Wedding Decor

Planning the ultra-trendy event? Clear acrylic elements will add style. These pieces of design look ultra sleek. You would be surprised to find out that they are also more durable than traditional glass. These decorations and elements are light and may look fragile, but they are virtually impossible to break.

Good For: Modern rustic, contemporary chic, minimalist, and glam weddings best fit the acrylic decor style. Acrylic is best used indoors or in intimate spaces. They’re classic and serve as better options for paper, signage, and lots more.

Styling Tips:

  • Craft an interesting indie meets modern look framing acrylic signage in pampas grass.
  • You can also give your elegant indoor space a fresh feel by setting acrylic chairs hooked with minimalist garlands.
  • Say your vows before acrylic floral stands with your initials as toppers.
  • For the reception, you can put them at the entrance.
  • Go full whimsical by creating a backdrop combo of floral, grids, and acrylics.

Hanging Flowers Decor

Planning a boho or a country wedding? Hanging flower decor can turn every location into a fairy tale forest, be it a backyard, a simple tent, or a barn. Wisteria flowers, hanging low from the ceiling, various flower arrangements, and even small potted plants – what can be more festive? Make your wedding guests feel the power of nature!

Good For: Hanging flowers connote luxury and detail to themed indoor and outdoor tented weddings. Think about the backyard, garden, whimsical, boho, and modern weddings and the hype that hanging flowers give them. Accents like pom-poms, chandeliers, wooden boxes or branches, and other elements complement the. See some inspiring ideas below.

Styling Tips: Create a statement look with overhead tulips floating candles in clear candle holders. Combine an overhead wooden board, purple roses, and greenery to give a rustic look.

Go bold and chic with a floral chandelier of pink roses and neutral tulips. You can also create floating centerpieces by merging your wedding blooms with matching runners.

It is easy to understand why people say they always remember if the food at a wedding was good or not! There are some tasty wedding food trends that are rolling up to a venue near you to both keep your wedding trendy and yummy.


Wedding Cake Trends In 2023

Wedding cakes are a big showstopper at weddings now and couples are getting very creative when it comes to their desserts. From unique black cakes to mini cakes we are seeing super delicious ideas for 2023/24.

  • Retro Cake
    The kitsch retro cake trend is taking the wedding industry by storm, bringing a playful and nostalgic vibe to couples’ special days. Inspired by the vibrant colors and whimsical designs of the past, these cakes feature bold patterns, funky geometric shapes, and nostalgic elements like cassette tapes, Rubik’s cubes, or neon signs.


  • Delicate Wedding Cakes
    Delicate wedding cakes are predicted wedding trends in 2023 and you can make them out of only the finest ingredients. These types of cakes are perfect for all wedding themes. It is best not to use too many colors for a delicate cake because it might distract from the main focus. Use neutrals such as white or cream, blue, and pink. You can also use intricate details, florals, or metallic accents for your cake design.
  • Black Wedding Cake
    The black wedding cake is perfect for any bride with sophisticated taste in fashion. It is versatile enough to work with many different color palettes, whether you want a more traditional or modern look. And you can go for any flavor with a rich taste. You can decorate the cake with bright wedding color trends or leave it black, simple, and lovely.
  • Mini Cakes
    Whether you are looking to have just one small wedding cake because you are serving a variety of desserts or you want to have several mini cakes with different flavors and styles you are right on trend with the mini cake idea!

Trendy Wedding Menu Ideas

Wedding menu ideas are taking over the wedding planning process as couples are getting more and more creative with what and how they serve their guests.

  • Monoportions
    A highly productive wedding trend is more attention to food quality. The monoportion movement replaces the buffet and treats guests to thoughtful and adventurous single servings. Not only does this enhance the presentation of the meal, it makes guests feel like each bite was specifically designed with them in mind.
  • Pre-ceremony Cocktails
    Starting the festivities by offering guests a pre-ceremony cocktail is a great way to kick start the fun. Guests will appreciate a glass of champagne or a signature cocktail before the ceremony starts. If you are hosting your wedding at a unique venue or an outdoor location you can work with your catering company to set up a bar close to the ceremony location and welcome guests in style.

What menu trends are going out of style?
Some of the menu trends heading out of style are large oversized buffets, fast-food style menu items like burgers and fries and mini appetizers like soup in a shot glass and mini hot dogs are all on their way out making room for new and exciting food trends.

Wedding trends for 2023/24 will lean towards the organic, natural, and uber-creative. For whichever season, couples will infuse personality to bring their wedding dreams to life. From winter to autumn, there are tons of inspiration from the current wedding trends.

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The months of winter are cold and dry, but the show must go on. Discover function and aesthetic winter wedding trends 2023 to try out.


Warm Winter Cocktails

Warm winter cocktails are among the wedding trends for 2023 and are also a great way to keep guests warm during the winter months, especially when it is cold outside.

Styling Tips: You can make warm winter cocktails with several flavors, but the most popular ones include mulled wine, spiced cider, and hot buttered rum. These drinks have a festive feel which makes them great for weddings.


Nothing is more calming, charming, and welcoming than the warm glow of candle lights on cold days. See how to incorporate this 2023 wedding trend for winter.

Good for: Candles are great for both indoor and outdoor weddings. From the grand ballroom to industrial lofts, farms, halls, restaurants, open parks, and more, candles are a hit. It all depends on your theme, which can range from rustic to bohemian, vintage, romantic, or chic.

Styling tips: Set the mood for a vintage gathering by curating Nordic-influenced centerpieces made of vignettes lit from the inside with tea lights. Put these beauties in the middle of dried moss and greenery. Present a lively mood by setting candles on mirrors to maximize the glow. Make use of mercury glass votive holders to help the lights bounce off. You can also introduce tapers to match your wedding color palette.

For a romantic ambiance, line the aisle with candles in glass containers or hurricane lanterns to glow/warm-up space.

Options for a cozy ambiance include fixing flameless candles on bare branches to guide guests and burn throughout the event. You may also mount an overhead faux chandelier made out of greenery and wire plus wreath style centerpieces.


Black & White Formal Wedding

With every wedding trend comes an opposing opinion. Brides who see the shirking of traditional values and expectations are going over the top to keep it. Black and white formal weddings are exactly what they sound like, and we love them! Black bow ties, tuxedos, and traditional A-frame gowns with a focus on values and decorum.

The changing beautiful color of the leaves and cooler weather make autumn a beautiful time to wed. See some fall wedding trends to help you make a statement.

Texture and Details on Cake

From formal weddings to casual and laid back, there’s a cake for you. Incorporate seasonal elements from your environment for memorable cakes.

Good for: Cakes textures in the fall are great for boho, chic, and glam weddings. Most of them lean towards a leveled up avant-garde style. Others are chic, glitzy, and opulent, suited for rustic, vintage, woodland, and whimsical weddings. Couples are also embracing fall shades and customization to make their cakes personalized.

Styling tips: To set an intimate mood for a small ceremony, opt for a fall bundt cake. For a rustic vibe, introduce the season with a sliced apple cake topper. You can also choose cake alternatives by baking fall-friendly desserts like wedding pie cake. Bake these pies and stack them with flavors like berries and pomegranates. Finish with some roses and greenery.

If you’re going for a somber fall mood, choose a naked chocolate cake dressed with seasonal fruits. Incorporate figs, pears, and berries to impress the deeper shades of fall. Choose deer antlers as a topper. To make a glam and elegant statement, replace fruits with gold pears and berries accents. You can also opt for an autumnal upgrade by decorating your tiered cake with blooming dahlias.


Dry and Bleached Flowers

One of the newest wedding trends is the switching of fresh flowers for plants and greenery. This makes dry and bleached flowers the toast of weddings as we’ll see.

Good for: Dried and bleached flowers are subtle, with great texture and color. They are uniquely styled and bring a touch of elegance. These alternative flowers are perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. The themes that they best suit include boho, rustic, modern, glam, whimsical, garden, and minimalist. Check out sun-bleached flower options like hanging Amaranthus, Cardo Palustre, Marcela, Lunaria, Phalaris, Ruscus Aculeatus, and more.

Styling tips: Incorporate these flowers into your wedding as wreaths. They are ultra-classic for the autumn season. Using bleached and subtle flowers, create elegant monochromatic wreaths for the tables, chairs, pews, and arch. You won’t need other accents or ornaments because they stand out.

Commandeer the flowers into centerpieces by creating asymmetrical designs with them. Their shapes and textures make it possible. You can also make them into stunning hanging floral arrangements over tables, arches, entrances, and lounges for a sophisticated ambiance. Add more glamour to rustic and modern weddings with bleached and dried bouquets. Choose textures and hues that match your color palette.

Monochromatic Wedding

Monochromatic weddings are the preferred choice for couples who find picking out colors stressful. This wedding style helps them pick only one base color that their designers will include in everything that makes up the entire wedding decor. To create a simple and lasting impression, this is the go-to wedding theme.

Styling Tips: A monochromatic color scheme is not complete without the right shades and undertones to complement it. For the perfect monochromatic color blend, incorporate a lighter or a darker extended color tone of your bold base color, to make the entire color scheme look elegant.

Garden-Inspired Venues

Gardens are a romantic inspiration with a fairytale backdrop, whether indoors or outdoors. Check out unique ways to work your green thumbs into wedding details from place cards to decor.

Good for: With garden weddings, it’s easy to switch greenery for rustic, modern, whimsical, or desert-inspired maneuvers. Garden venues give the perfect theme to transform your space into a magical world. Everything looks organic and wild, yet with some intimacy.

Styling tips: Begin with your entrance signage which the guests will see first. Adorn the signage with flowers and succulents. Opt for a refreshing way to displace place cards by tying them on your flowers, branches, trees, or leaves. Like fruits, guests will pick them up as they arrive. Surround your natural arch with woods and cedar. Cover up your arch in wild greenery and flowing drapes to match the romantic and bucolic ambiance.

Bring charm to the aisle by running through it with petals matching your wedding color palette. You can also transform an industrial-chic venue into a garden introducing a copper arch with dusty blue and pink flowers. Match theses with succulent-filled rose-gold terrariums and flameless candles to lend credence to the wall of desert greenery textural backdrop.


Floral Seating Assignments

Photo by:


One of the 2023 wedding trends is floral seating assignments. Floral arrangements are a wonderful way to add focal points to your wedding reception tables, while also creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Styling Tips: You can choose from several floral arrangements such as boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets. The possibilities are endless when choosing the right flowers for each table setting.

Embracing Elegance with Black Colors

Captivating and bold, black accents elevate fall weddings with a sense of opulence and sophistication. This trend commands attention, weaving its impact through clothing and embellishments, infusing a layer of depth and a touch of modern flair into the tapestry of the season.

Good for: A modern and mystifying aura envelops black accents, perfect for contemporary and upscale celebrations. They effortlessly elevate modern, industrial, and grand themes, exuding an alluring air of fascination.

Styling Insights: Weave black into the narrative using expressive elements like invitations, bridesmaids’ attire, and groomsmen’s ensembles. Enrich the allure with gleaming metallic notes such as gold or silver. Illuminate the ambiance with ebony candles, table runners, and floral arrangements, creating a captivating contrast against autumn’s warmth. Fuse with softer shades for a harmonious symphony that encapsulates fall’s essence.

The summer months are pretty hot, so the aim is to look smashing and comfortable at the same time. To this effect, we’ll see the following summer wedding trends 2023 in full force.


Backyard Weddings

Expert Prediction
Backyard weddings have become quite popular given the state of the world and limited venue availability. Some perks we’ve heard from couples are that this approach saves them money, they can choose any date their heart desires, they can incorporate their own safety measures, and it feels more personal. Regardless of the space, there’s so much that can be done to custom the venue & make it look like the wedding they’ve always imagined.

Backyard venues are convenient, intimate, and budget-friendly for summer weddings. Check out how to transform your backyard.

Good for: Backyard wedding is great for rustic, woodland, boho, minimalist-chic, elegant, and whimsical themes.

Styling tips: Merge your decor with the surrounding by taking advantage of the summer’s natural beauty. Infuse your decor into the landscape and backdrops. Try eco-friendly bare wood, sans tablecloths, vases, and pots of lush shrubbery like pampas grass, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, or foliage. Express the Italian rustic vibe by including leafy branches and wooden accents. If you want to preserve the American heritage, switch gelato for ice cream. This interactive station will impress your guests.

Merge glided shades of lush shrubbery with airy wicker accents to create a chill lounge area. This look elevates cocktail receptions to create an elegant summer vibe. For a more eclectic take, mismatch the couches. For a magical forest vibe, bring trees into your tents to pair with foliage and gold candlesticks on reception tables. Finish this sophisticated look with potted trees and topiaries outside the tent for a grand entrance. You can also opt for pulled back draped entryway held by foliage, and accented with candles and topiaries.

Champagne Tower

The champagne tower is a perfect way to serve your guests in small glasses. It is also a great way to make your 2023 wedding decor trends look elegant and sophisticated. You can even use it as a centerpiece on the tables, especially if you have a large table or bar area.

Styling Tips: The key to making this look good is to keep it simple and elegant, with one or two colors used for each bottle of champagne. If you want to go all out with the design, add some fine details and use gold or silver foil around each bottle.

Near The Water Venue

True romantics will never skip the chance to say their vows near the water. The peace and tranquility of the water can never be overemphasized.
Near water, venues are what wonderlands are made of. The blissful feeling of being in your own world surrounded by the skies and water is everything. Couples who are keen on simplicity and style will love a barefoot sandy beach wedding. There’s nothing more blissful than digging your feet in the sand and declaring your promises.

Styling tips: For a more sophisticated and statement-making wedding, go nautical. A cruise wedding is ever shade of class and luxury. Cocoon yourself and the guests in the comfort of a ship as you swear to forever.

A more intimate and minimalist wedding will be best on a boat. There’s nothing more romantic than just the two of you on a boat, saying you do. If you want a whimsical vibe to your wedding, take your vows near a waterfall. This makes a stunning backdrop better than any floral arrangement. Waterfalls are intimate, calm, and powerful, yet consistent. That’s the ambiance you need at your wedding. Lean towards a lakeside wedding for a rustic, laid back or bohemian wedding.


Just because things are going out of style doesn’t mean you should shy away from them. If it’s something you truly enjoy, go for it! Trends are simply the popular opinion of other people. However, if your goal is to surprise and entertain, you should steer clear of these trends that will fade away in 2023.

Guest Book:

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Guest books are no longer essential at weddings as the world has digitally evolved, and everything is now online. These days, you can opt for audio messages or video booths at weddings.

Buffet Dinners:

For obvious reasons, people no longer feel that eating out of communal serving trays is an attractive option. Catered, single-serving dishes are now the leading dinner format.

Big Wedding Party:

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The covid pandemic opened our eyes to discoveries and one of them is that big parties are a waste of resources. Many couples now opt for destination weddings or small parties for their big day. We also love that the era of big wedding parties is almost behind us because this will pave the way for budget-friendly weddings.

Over Decorating:

Over-decorating was a thing in previous years, but simple wedding decors are the new trend. Couples prefer to stick to one palette, mild colors, simple accessories, etc.

Mason Jars:

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Champagne glass decor is now the new replacement for mason jars. They look more elegant and trendy. You can also use mason jars if you will switch up the decors to meet the new wedding styles.

Wedding trends are about to switch up a bit, to give your wedding the class it deserves. We hope our wedding trend list will guide you to make the right for your big day. Remember, simple and classy weddings are the real deal. Congratulations!