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15 Luxury Wedding Cakes


Luxury wedding cakes are now forcing everyone to open their mouths with surprise and admiration, they attract attention. That is why young couples for their celebration want to order a truly amazing cake. Gold, pearls, rhinestones and flowers are the best helpers in the decoration of the pastry work of art.


Photo 1-3: Luxury Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Source: Carasco Wedding via instagram, Jen’s Cakery Photography via instagramNek Vardikos Photographia via instagram


Photo 4-6: Ideas Gold Elements

Source: Tamdelore Cakes via instagramPepper Nix via instagramAfridi Photography via instagram


Photo 7-9: Wonderful Big Cakes

Source: Louie Donovan Photographer via instagram, Weddings & Events by Carousel via instagram, Halaa lCakes Photography via instagram


Photo 10-12: Sparkle Wedding Cake

Source: Camilla Lucinda Photography via instagram, Freya Raby Photography via instagram, Kat’s Cakes via instagram


Photo 13-15: Pearls In Cake Decor

Source: Rachel Clark via instagram, Elaine Murzello Photography via instagram  Juniper Cakery via instagram