Wedding Car Decorations That Grab Attention

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The excitement that comes with tying the knot is contagious, so milk it! Spread the happy news on your way to the venue and when you’re getting away. How to do that? A “just married’ wedding car decoration is your best bet. As you move, horns will blare for you, hands will wave to you, songs and good wishes will pour in from strangers, people who you may never meet again. How memorable is that?


There are endless creative options to decorate a just married car. Think fancy tins, ribbons, banners, balloons, garlands, flowers, quirky, fun. Etc. The idea is to follow your wedding style, be sure about what you want, and weigh the advantages of your choice. Also, be certain about the car to use, the wedding timeline, and when to decorate. With these considerations in place, let’s inspire you with these wedding car decoration ideas.

How to decorate a wedding car?

The job of wedding car decor is often left to the wedding party, but couples are being hands-on these days. Whatever the case, first ascertain the car model because it’s a major determinant for decor. If it’s rented, confirm decoration restrictions from the rental company and pay the necessary fees. You’ll also need the wedding color palette and theme to ensure cohesion. Incorporate elements and colors associated with the wedding. Lastly, check for the weather forecast so that you’ll assemble a car decor that can withstand it. This is applicable whether you hire a planner or DIY.

Wedding Decor for Car with Balloons

Balloons are pretty and give off a playful vibe perfect for just married car decorating ideas. They come in various sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. There are the dainty, basic, mylar, glam, and more styles. They’re also flexible and work for arches over the car with the use of pipes. You can also write out quotes, the couple’s initials, or create garlands using balloons. However, you should be careful not to cover the car screens with balloons to avoid accidents. Lastly, don’t swamp the car in balloons so that it can be seen.


Classy Wedding Car Kit

A wedding car decoration kit helps you get the job done in record time. You can buy a ready-to-go kit with instruments, drawn ribbons, flowers, and all on places like Etsy and Amazon. Alternatively, you can custom create yours if personalization appeals to you. But before you do any of the above, you must be sure about what you want before choosing. Do you want something extravagant or minimalist, glamorous or demure? Knowing this will help you choose better options. Think Car Decorating Paint, flowers, banners, Temporary paint pens, streamers, led lights, signage, etc.


Romantic DIY Wedding Car Decor

One sure thing to showcase on your big day is the love you share. Express romance with balloons, flowers, and ribbons. One of the best romantic car wedding decor ideas is to make hearts or spell out your love using these decorative materials. Include your initials for personalization.


Simple Wedding Car Decorations

You may want something minimalistic yet elegant? Adorn the hood of your car with a single and colorful huge bouquet. You can also opt for a custom plate number or signage announcing your wedding. They’re assertive but not dominant, creating a level playing field for cars and decor to shine.


Country Wedding Decorated Car

Looking for that earthy laid-ack vibe without losing the essence of romance? Choose a country wedding-decorated car. Adhere a woven basket of flowers to the car, tin cans, or mismatched jars. For the tins, keep them away from asphalt because they could ignite a fire from excessive friction.

Greenery Wedding Car Decor Ideas

For the couple who doesn’t fancy bright colors and flowers, opt for greenery wedding car decorations perfect for nature-inspired weddings. It is subdued and adds a touch of charm without being overwhelming. You can express details by adding tiny pop of colors strategically.


Just Married Sign For a Car

The just married sign for a car is a classic way to announce that you’ve signed the dotted lines with your beloved. It is welcome to forever! Incorporate your unique touch to this timeless decor with wooden just married sign, streamers, cans, and strings for a natural or traditional feel.

Unique Back of Car Wedding Decor

As you leave, make the wedding message remain long after you’ve gone. Decorate the trunk of your car with floral garland or lace fabric for a romantic and vintage look. Try out the gold laser cut sign paired with tassels or eucalyptus garlands for something rustic. Wreaths, bright flowers, and ribbons are playful and leave a whimsical effect on the back of your car.


Cheerful Wedding Car Cans

Lovers of tradition will agree that cans for wedding car decoration are cheerful and iconic. There’s no natural noisemaker greater than cans trailing a can through the streets. The best bet is to tie the cans to your bumper, but make sure they’re empty and without labels. Use ropes that are durable so that they don’t snag or snap during the drive.

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Funny Ideas For Car Decorating

Feel like entertaining everyone with a good laugh? Some funny wedding car decoration ideas include sticking up funny post-it notes in and outside the car. You can get huge bride and groom stuffed toys and Mount them on top of the car. How about artworks of caricature couples with funny quotes and sayings about marriage? If you’re big on drama, pull out the Christmas lights and rig them through the car in summer.

Wedding car decorations are beautiful, fun, and memorable. They are suitable for every wedding style, whether rustic, country, Boho, whimsical, romantic, or nature-inspired. Almost anything can go on a car decor from fabric to balloons, tassels, ribbons, streamers, signs, flowers, etc. To get the best of your decor, know suits your wedding vision best and take inspiration from our car decoration for wedding ideas.