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36 Vintage Wedding Car Decorations Ideas


Although the decorations of a car are not at the top of your appearance totally triumphant, it will make an unforgettable impression on your guests and will help to take chic photos. Look through wedding car decorations ideas in our gallery, get inspired for creating the most exciting trip to the sunset.


Photo 1-3: Wedding Decor For Back Of The Car

Source: Sarah Joelle Photography, Gracie via Instagram, Caroline Yoon Fine Art Photography


Photo 4-6: Wedding Car Decorations With Balloons

Source: Ashleigh Jayne Photography, The Amazing Fiat 500 via Instagram, The Amazing Fiat 500 via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Beautiful Wedding Decor For Classic Black Cars

Source: Jose Villa Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Chelsey Boatwright Photography


Photo 10-12: Romantic Decorations For Car With Red Accents

Source: The Life You Love Photography, Boda PlanesThe Life You Love Photography


Photo 13-15: Cute Wedding Decor For Back Of The Car

Source: Ely Fair Photography, Weddingcom via Instagram, Amanda Drost

Photo 16-18: Lovely Car Decorations Ideas For Country Wedding

Source: Larissa Cleveland Photography, Kate Benson, Carrie Patterson


Photo 19-21: Back Of The Wedding Cars Decorated With Greens

Source: Kirill Bordon, Bryce Covey Photography, Dahlia & Finch Photography via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Car Decorations Ideas For Rustic Wedding

Source: Judy Pak Photography, Ruby Style, The Amazing Fiat 500 via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Car Decorations Ideas For Vintage Wedding

Source: Juliet via Instagram, Yu Hsin of Tinydot Photography, Peter Van Beever Photography

Photo 28-30: Dreamy Trip To Sunset On Beautifully Decorated Car

Source: Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography, Amanda Hein Photography, Erich McVey


Photo 31-33: Cute Decor Ideas For Wedding Car

Source: ARRSLA via Instagram, Lorenzo Accardi Photography, Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography

Photo 34-36: Cheerful Decor Ideas For Wedding Car

Source: Kat Braman via Instagram, Lauren Fair via Instagram, Holly Clark Photography