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36 Vintage Wedding Car Decorations Ideas


Photo 4-6: Wedding Car Decorations With Balloons

Source: Ashleigh Jayne Photography, The Amazing Fiat 500 via Instagram, The Amazing Fiat 500 via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Beautiful Wedding Decor For Classic Black Cars

Source: Jose Villa Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Chelsey Boatwright Photography


Photo 10-12: Romantic Decorations For Car With Red Accents

Source: The Life You Love Photography, Boda PlanesThe Life You Love Photography


Photo 13-15: Cute Wedding Decor For Back Of The Car

Source: Ely Fair Photography, Weddingcom via Instagram, Amanda Drost

Photo 16-18: Lovely Car Decorations Ideas For Country Wedding

Source: Larissa Cleveland Photography, Kate Benson, Carrie Patterson


Photo 19-21: Back Of The Wedding Cars Decorated With Greens

Source: Kirill Bordon, Bryce Covey Photography, Dahlia & Finch Photography via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Car Decorations Ideas For Rustic Wedding

Source: Judy Pak Photography, Ruby Style, The Amazing Fiat 500 via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Car Decorations Ideas For Vintage Wedding

Source: Juliet via Instagram, Yu Hsin of Tinydot Photography, Peter Van Beever Photography

Photo 28-30: Dreamy Trip To Sunset On Beautifully Decorated Car

Source: Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography, Amanda Hein Photography, Erich McVey


Photo 31-33: Cute Decor Ideas For Wedding Car

Source: ARRSLA via Instagram, Lorenzo Accardi Photography, Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography

Photo 34-36: Cheerful Decor Ideas For Wedding Car

Source: Kat Braman via Instagram, Lauren Fair via Instagram, Holly Clark Photography