Amazing Rustic Wedding Centerpieces For A Romantic Wedding

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When planning a country or rustic-themed wedding, one of the most important tasks to fix is the table decor. Among other things, rustic wedding centerpieces can tie up the details to perfection. Rustic centerpieces are arguably the jewels of table décor and can impact how much lighting is used in the process.


The cozy rustic wedding reception table centerpieces bring warmth, a relaxed atmosphere, and a solid palette. It employs a ton of neutral tones, nature, wood, succulents, accents, and a truckload of sentiments. As such, if you want to incorporate rustic country wedding centerpieces on your big day, take your pick from this collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to make your own centerpieces?

Yes! Making your centerpieces for a wedding reception will cost you way lesser than when you buy them. All you need do is order your flowers, but the containers and create a perfect assembly.

What do you put under wedding centerpieces?

To create beautiful and interesting wedding rustic centerpieces, the bottoms are as important. Opt for lace dollies, marble tiles, hardback books, wood slabs, scrapbook paper squares, quilt pieces, moss, quilt pieces, frames, and more.


Beautiful Wooden Box Centerpieces

From Instagram to Pinterest rustic wedding centerpieces, the internet is agog with them all. She has made it easy for you to find what suits you best. Repurposed Wooden box centerpieces for a wedding don’t get better than the box with metal handles. They are perfect for holding clustered jars and vases to fit any sized table. Consider rustic fall wedding centerpieces with a wooden box filled with vanilla-scented or votive candles and natural pine branches or succulents for both indoors and outdoors weddings.


Mason Jars Wedding Centerpieces

Mason jars are trendy additions as rustic centerpieces for a wedding table. Some genius ways to incorporate them include painting and filling them with flowers. Attach some twine and install them as suspended centerpieces over the reception table. Consider them on double duty by filing with Florals and attaching escort cards or table numbers. Another beautiful is using them as floating candle holders for a romantic touch. Pull together some wildflowers and place them in lace or burlap-wrapped Mason jars for a forest or enchanted look.


Bottles Wedding Centerpieces

Opt for twine or yarn wrapped bottle rustic centerpieces, a wedding style for a neutral or chic look. Spray paint or use chalk to your bottled canvas, leaving a sweet quote or table number. Make stylish yet simple wedding centerpieces rustic design by slitting the cork of your bottles and fixing fancy custom cards in them. Create a cool ambiance by cutting the bottle in half and set them as candle holders.


Lanterns Rustic Centerpieces

If you’re looking to illuminate your wedding, lanterns make one of the best rustic wedding centerpieces ideas. Perfect for both morning and evening events try blush roses in gold metal lanterns for a vintage look. Go fully rustic by opting for a wooden lantern with candles paired with greenery and tree stump. An ornate lantern design that encloses candles and accommodates pink and white flowers around the base is also perfect.

Centerpieces With Candles

If you’re working with a dark, dinghy space, make simple rustic wedding centerpieces by filling glass vases with water and let the candles float in them. If your floral budget is low, use candles of varying colors, heights, and shapes. For a couture wedding, choose brass candlesticks with glass sleeves that protect the flame of tapered candles. Go with a wooden slice base, cylinder vases, or gold mercury glass votive cups for that sophisticated look.


Centerpiece Ideas With Wooden Branches

To create elegant wood branches wedding centerpieces that can be used all year round, paint them. Add accents and ornaments depending on what time of the year it is. For a winter wedding, wrap the base with burlap and hold it in place with jute thread. Decorate the branches with varying sizes of a pine cone. If you want a brighter look, throw in some rainbow bud and pussy willow. Summertime? Use these branches as tea light candle holders of varying sizes.

Flowers Rustic Centerpieces

Flowers tie together the details of rustic wedding table centerpieces



Baby Breath Wedding Centerpieces

Fill a mason jar with huge bouquets of baby’s breath to nail a pastoral elegance. For aesthetic magnificence, mix the flour with roses, sunflowers, and ranunculus to get a pop of blissful color on the wood slice. For accents, wrap the vases or mason jars with lace or burlap for vintage or barn-style romance.


Roses Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic wedding flowers centerpieces with roses are organic and exceptional. You can go for a monochromatic look with roses in shades of peach and blush. For a vintage feel, surround a silver candelabra or fill a lantern with the varying color of roses. Opt for a minimalist but impactful look by filling roses in a bud vase or wooden box rolled in macramé.



French Lavender Wedding Centerpiece

French lavenders are alluring rustic barn wedding centerpieces for summer. Drop a sprig of lavender on wooden slices to add a pop of color to your table design. French lavender can also be stunning in potted arrangements or sprawling garlands that incorporate greens and other flowers.


Succulents Wedding Centerpiece

Succulents are ideal choices for rustic chic wedding centerpieces because they are no-fuss and easy to maintain. For a fresh vintage look, put them in terrariums surrounded by candles on birch slices. For a contemporary look, pour them in glass with hummus at the base.


Floral Centerpieces With Moss and Greenery

Create rustic elegant wedding centerpieces with pinks and greens in transparent mason jars. A combination of garden roses and greenery are refreshing rustic-themed wedding centerpieces for a cozy ambiance. You can throw in tapered candles and lace materials or burlap or mix with hydrangea and rose pedestal.

Rustic centerpieces incorporate nature into your overall ambiance. They are budget-friendly and perfect for all-year-round weddings. Make your pick from these wedding reception centerpieces for the coziest ambiance.